Polyester Non Woven needle felt used for dust filtration

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material: polyester

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Ployester High tensile non woven needle felt


Polyester needle punched felt is made from polyester fiber. The material has better anti-abrasion and higher porosity, good twist resistance. It is a kind of widely applied normal temperature filter material.we suggests the normal application must be 15-20 above the dew point 


Polyester non-woven is most widely used in the temperature between 130 centigrade and 150 centigrade. Compared with other non woven fabric,it also has higher tensile strength. They are excellent used in industrial fume deducting and dust collection.

Application: steel, cement, chemical industry, food processing, etc.



100%   Polyester



Air   Perm


Warp   Tensile Strength


Weft   Tensile Strength


Warp   Elongation

<35%< span="">

Weft   Elongation

<45%< span="">

Continuous   Temperature


Surge   Temperature


Moist   Temperature



Singed,   smooth, stabilization

Chemical   Resistance:

Acid   Fair

Alkalis  Fair

Oxidising   Agents  Good


Polyester Non Woven needle felt used for dust filtration

Polyester Non Woven needle felt used for dust filtration

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