Geomembrane Thickness 2.5MM for Architectural Engineering

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$0.43 - 5.12 / m²
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8000 m²
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100000 m²/month

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Product Description:

Geomembrane  for Architectural Engineering

Description Of Geomembrane  for Architectural Engineering

Geomembrane,  as water-proof plate, is made from polymer materials like polyethylene, through blow molding.

Main Features of Geomembrane  for Architectural Engineering

By its raw materials - molecular structure, Polyethylene (PE) geomembrane is divided into low-density polyethylene (LDPE) geomembrane, linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) geomembrane

Applications of Geomembrane for Architectural Engineering

1. HDPE geomembrane is applicable to environmental protection and sanitation: such as landfill, sewage treatment plant, power plant adjustive pool, industrial, hospital solid waste;
2. HDPE geomembrane is applicable to hydraulic engineering: such as seepage control, plugging, reinforcement for rivers, lakes and reservoirs and dams, drainage seepage control, vertical core wall, slope protection, etc.
3. LDPE geomembrane's applications in municipal engineering: subway, underground works of the building, planting roof, roof garden, sewage pipe seepage control;
4. Polyethylene impermeable membrane is applicable to the garden: artificial lake, river, reservoir, golf course pond bottom, slope, green lawn waterproofing and damp-proofing;
5. High density polyethylene geomembrane is applicable to petrochemical industry: chemical plant, oil refinery, storage tank seepage control, chemical reaction cell, lining and secondary lining for sedimentation tank, etc.

IMages of Geomembrane  for Architectural Engineering

Geomembrane HDPE for Architectural Engineering

Geomembrane HDPE for Architectural Engineering

Geomembrane HDPE for Architectural Engineering

Geomembrane HDPE for Architectural Engineering



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Q:What are the technical parameters of unidirectional geogrid?
Unidirectional geogrid can be divided into two categories according to material, namely the unidirectional polyethylene geogrid and unidirectional polypropylene geogrid. It can also be divided according to tensile force, namely TGDG30KN, TGDG40KN, TGDG50KN, TGDG60KN, TGDG80KN, TGDG90KN, TGDG100KN, TGDG110KN, TGDG120KN, TGDG150KN, TGDG200KN. At present, there are two standard for geogrid, namely the national standards and industry standard of Ministry of Communications. The former is for the product of integral stretching geogrid. The latter is for the product of various kinds of geogrid. You can check the two standards.
Q:What are the specifications of plastic film
According to the different plastic film manufacturing method, it can be divided into pressure Ting film, blown film; according to some special properties of plastic film , respectively, it has seedling film, no drop film, colored film, thin covering film, film width, packaging films etc. According to the different thickness and width of plastic film, there are different kinds of specifications. Hips 476l injection molding grade Yangzi BASF hips 466f injection molding grade Yangzi BASF hips 495F injection molding grade Yangzi BASF GPPS pg33 injection molding grade Taiwan Chimei GPPS 666d general level of Yanshan Petrochemical
Q:What are the benefits of the water film floor?
Benefits: hard wear anti dust and anti weathering corrosion resistance good curing light environmental protection? Can make concrete whole life longer, quality assurance 25 years: mixed pores of earth surfaces do carefully sealed, can prevent the invasion of oil pollution, and can prevent adhesion of tire India: surface dust more easily removed, with a stop the water penetration, alkalization, dustproof, advantages of weathering and erosion, and more convenient to use, no harm to the environment. Because of the permeability, so it can effectively maintain and develop concrete ground natural and soft and simple and convenient construction, after the construction of the ground without waxing, only water or occasionally mopping the floor with soap and water, will save a lot of repair and maintenance costs, a choice of permanent use
Q:What are the features of the protective film of floor in decoration?
1, protection film for floor is a protective material used in the decoration industry which can protect the floor, walls, staircase and elevator rooms. It can be used to protect finished products in home decoration and the interior decoration of villa hotel. Company name, phone number and corporate identity of the decoration corporation can be printed on the protective film to promote the company. 2, the finishing protective film can be divided into three types. The first one is PE foam type. It is light and easy to operate, but it is also easy to be damaged, thus can not play the role of protection.
Q:How to stick membrane on the cabinet?
First of all, clean the surface of the cabinet. The 75%vol medicinal alcohol is recommended because it is easy to clean and dries rapidly. Then measure the size of the area where you want to stick membrane and tailor the membrane you bought according to the size. To avoid waste, a draft is recommended. Finally, stick the membrane from up to down gradually and check at all times to prevent the membrane from being slantways stuck. It is really a great trouble to deal with the membrane slantways stuck.
Q:What is the soft membrane?
Soft membrane ceiling, known as flexible ceiling, tensile membrane ceiling and punt ceiling, is produced in France and is a high-grade green decoration material. Variety of texture and color provide you with elegant design inspiration, making it a special indoor decorative spotlight. Weighing about 180-320 grams per square meter. Because of its good flexibility and can be freely designed for a variety of modeling and used for winding corridor, open viewing space and various occasions, all without exception. Soft membrane ceiling has become the preferred material for suspended ceiling materials. Soft membrane is made of special polyvinyl chloride ethylene material, 0.18 - 0.2 mm,weigning 180 ~ 320 g per square meter, and its fire prevention level is B1 level. Soft membrane is shaped by one or more cutting and finished by high frequency welding. Soft membrane is made in the factory after measuring the size of ceiling. Stability of membrane size is similar to soft rolls at - 15 degrees to 45 degrees, looks good in three-dimensional effect, but more difficult to take care of, what'r more, the cost is relatively high. Advantages of soft membrane ceiling: Casual style with a variety of colors, mould proof, bacteria resistance, anti aging; good insulation and waterproof function; sound and heat insulation, save energy costs for cooling and heating ; free from dust and smoke; non-toxic, tasteless, environmental safety, convenient installation and disassembly. Disadvantages: Difficult to clean up. Soft membrane ceiling has different prices, but it depends on the style and craftsmanship, some cost hundres and some cost dozens RMB.
Q:Which one is better, oil heater or electrothermal film?
The oil heater is heated slowly and will take up the space. The electrothermal film is heated quickly and its heat range is large. The biggest advantage of it is that it does not take up any interior space as it is laid directly under the floor. It a good chioce for getting warm in winter. Meanwhile, the far-infrared carbon fiber of the electrothermal film can as can effectively promote blood circulation. It is healthy and environmentally friendly!
Q:European electrothermal film is good
European electrothermal film is radiant electric heating, it is ok if the room is small, but, I suggest you choose the type of entrance natural convection. .
Q:What is the household colourful film
Color film is a new decorative material, changing the disadvantages of traditional renovation and decoration, such as serious pollution, time-consuming, high cost and multi effects. It has the advantages of clean construction, seamless splicing, that is attached to the housing, monotonous color changed in the twinkling of an eye, you can have a happy mood every day. It has ultra cost performance with high quality and low price, it can save money beyond imagination! Surface stains can be rubbed immediately with non destructive effect. It has 6 years long warranty period and 30 years long service life.
Q:Anti seepage coefficient of PE geomembrane
Less than 10^-10cm/s

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