GB A/F、KGB A/F series silicon rectifier for common industry

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GB A/FKGB A/F series silicon rectifier for common industry

GB A/FKGB A/F series silicon rectifiers for common industry are mainly used in general DC power supply for metallurgy,chemical industry, power plants and other industries, the products have strong commonalityand meet the GB3859 standard.

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Q:Characteristics of Electronic Rectifier and Ordinary Rectifier
The ballast is composed of electronic components, light weight, high efficiency, more energy than the inductive energy, with the lamp The racks are easy to install together.
Q:Can the generator install the rectifier?
General car engine around the limited space, and then installed 48v generator I am afraid there is no space, say there is no power out of the equipment, if there is space, and then have power out of equipment, you can install another set of power generation equipment. But he and the car generator power supply system is completely unrelated to another set of power generation equipment. Such as power generation is too large, will affect the engine power.
Q:Electronic ballasts and inductive ballasts have several output lines?
Electronic ballast according to the different lamp and the number of output lines are also different, usually 6 lines, 2 connected to the power supply, the other four for each of the two groups of light on both ends of the lamp. But if it is a ring lamp, there are 2 lights and 4 foot of the foot, 2 lights of the lamp with the electronic ballast only four output lines.
Q:Solid state relays are different from rectifiers
Solid state relays are used as switches, while rectifiers are used as power supplies
Q:Is the car electronic regulator and the motorcycle rectifier the same?
Automotive electronic regulator: is by adjusting the size of the motor generator excitation current, the stability of the generator output voltage control device; regulator all work in the DC state, not the main circuit charge work, belonging to the control auxiliary circuit;
Q:What is the difference between a car voltage regulator and a rectifier?
Its role is to convert AC into direct current, known as rectifier. The specific wiring is the rectifier has generally been connected inside the generator, the regulator is a power supply is a, a ground wire, F then the generator excitation winding. Regulator models more specific circumstances specific treatment
Q:The difference between the rectifier and the inverter
Although the output of the transformer at this time is the exchange but the frequency is too high is generally dozens of KHZ although there is a higher voltage AC but many electronic components can not work at such a high frequency is very easy to damage so also rectifier filter into high voltage DC and then By the late-stage circuit into 50HZ low-frequency AC power supply to use
Q:Ups the role of the filter and rectifier
In the UPS input to install passive filter and active filter is mainly to prevent *, inhibit the input current harmonic components. Commonly used passive filter is generally composed of R, L, C frequency selection of the selected network, it can selectively attenuate the input signal does not need the frequency components, effectively play a filtering role, the grid also play a filter effect
Q:Full-wave regulator rectifier and half-wave regulator rectifier! Where is the difference?
The full-wave rectification before and after the waveform and half-wave rectifier is different from the full-wave rectifier in the use of two half-wave, which improves the efficiency of the rectifier, and the entire current is easy to smooth. Therefore, in the rectifier widely used full-wave rectifier, half-wave rectifier is only used in less demanding circuits.
Q:What is the difference between a rectifier and a DC / DC converter?
In the spare UPS only need to charge the battery, do not need to load the power supply, so only the charger. In the double-conversion UPS, this device is both for the inverter power supply, but also to the battery charge, so called rectifier / charger.

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