GHF, GHS, KGHF, KGHS series silicon rectifier for electrolysis, electrochemical devices

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Product Description:

GHF,GHS, KGHF, KGHS series silicon rectifier for electrolysis, electro chemica ldevices

1.     Application

GHF, GHS, KGHF, KGHS series silicon rectifier for electrolysis, electrochemical devices meets the national standards of GB3859 and JB/T8740, is widely used in non-ferrous metals, chemicals, water electrolysis, and other industries, especially in   brine electrolysis, water electrolysis hydrogen production, hydrogen production, , electrolytic aluminum, copper, zinc and nickel and graphitefurnace applications.

2.     Structure

The products is frame structure for facilitating maintenance,  as steel or aluminum alloy glass doors, taking high power rectifying element and double holes cold water copper busbar as

radiating and conducting bar, the product has the advantages of high efficiency,  simple structure, low noise, easy to maintenance, large output capacity, high reliability and anti-erosion.

The complete set of the product includes: on load tap changing transformer,rectifier transformer self-saturation reactor, rectifier cabinet, controlcabinet, measuring control panel (total control), metering panel, large currentmeasurement unit, and we also can provide water treatment device, large currentbusbar switch and intelligent instrument for our customers.

Rectifier mode: three phasebridge rectifier or three phase bridge same phase opposite shunt rectifier.

Voltage regulation range:

0-100% forInduction voltage regulator

60-100%for On-load regulator rectifier transformer

50-105%for On-load regulator rectifier transformer and rectifier transformer:

10-108%for On-load regulator rectifier transformer and rectifier transformer andself-saturation reactor

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Q:What is the difference between the regulator and the rectifier?
The regulator is used in voltage regulation. Rectifier is the exchange of electricity into a DC different equipment.
Q:Where can the rectifier be used?
Rectifier generally exchange into DC, so the place to use DC generally have rectifiers, such as DC motor in front of the inverter inside, and some places are DC transmission, substation which also has a rectifier, low voltage weak electrical control circuit board generally used To 5v DC, the front of the circuit board also has a rectifier. Hope to adopt.
Q:Is the car electronic regulator and the motorcycle rectifier the same?
It is not easy to say that the general principles of motorcycles and cars are almost the same but there are differences in the car I do not understand the motorcycle is a lot of kind of AC charging DC charging but also points (series) such as the old start Motorcycles are AC charging and now most of the motorcycle is a 6-class coil corresponding to the general-purpose wireless charger also has 8 11 level 12 16 level 18 should be corresponding to the series of the charger is not charged or burn the coil or charger
Q:Is the rectifier pulse the better?
Rectifier: Turn AC (or pulse) into DC. Out of the DC more stable the better.
Q:Electronic ballasts and inductive ballasts have several output lines?
Electronic ballast according to the different lamp and the number of output lines are also different, usually 6 lines, 2 connected to the power supply, the other four for each of the two groups of light on both ends of the lamp. But if it is a ring lamp, there are 2 lights and 4 foot of the foot, 2 lights of the lamp with the electronic ballast only four output lines.
Q:Full-wave regulator rectifier and half-wave regulator rectifier! Where is the difference?
The full-wave rectification before and after the waveform and half-wave rectifier is different from the full-wave rectifier in the use of two half-wave, which improves the efficiency of the rectifier, and the entire current is easy to smooth. Therefore, in the rectifier widely used full-wave rectifier, half-wave rectifier is only used in less demanding circuits.
Q:Ups the role of the filter and rectifier
This filter is simple and economical, widely used by manufacturers in high-power UPS, the suppression of current harmonic components in the range of 5% to 6%, the power grid is more or less affected, if the precision Instrument, it is possible to measure the work of instability, there *, the reading is not allowed to wait for such phenomena.
Q:How does the rectifier turn AC into DC?
By controlling the voltage drop across the reactor, the output value can be controlled over a relatively narrow range. Thyristor rectifiers are designed to be very close to the diode rectifier of the thyristor rectifier. Because the thyristor rectifier electrical parameters are controllable, so do not need to carry pumping ...
Q:Differences between electronic transformers and electronic ballasts
Electronic ballasts can be simply modified into electronic transformers, the output of high-frequency voltage can also be converted through the Xiaoji Diode rectifier DC. There is no voltage regulator circuit, the output voltage will change with the power of the load, so this circuit is called the electronic transformer instead of switching power supply.
Q:Why is the battery connected to a rectifier
Charging current limiting function Currently access network site is almost all use of VRLA batteries, due to the tight assembly of the battery structure, in the high current charging, will cause the battery drums even heat out of control phenomenon, it must have a battery charge current limit Stream function. Battery over discharge protection function of the battery over discharge will have a great impact on the battery life, a depth of over-discharge may reduce the battery life of 1 to 2 years, and even cause the battery scrapped. Therefore, the rectifier over-discharge protection function is also an important indicator.

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