Silicon rectifiers for synchronous motor excitation of KGLA(F)11、12 type、GLA、GLF series

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Silicon rectifiers for synchronous motor excitation of KGLA(F)1112 typeGLAGLF series

Silicon rectifiers for synchronous motorexcitation of KGLA (F) 11, 12 types, GLA, GLF series are suitable for DC excitation power supply for large andmedium type synchronous motor of drag no-load or light load start. It can be appliedwith synchronous motor with capacity range of 220-6300 kW.

KGLF typeproduct is a equipment with full voltage or step-downstart and constant excitation, which is mainly used in excitation power supplyof synchronous motor for drag mining ball mill, metallurgical blower,fertilizer plants joint compressor, HV compressor and circulating compressor,cold storage ammonia compressor, oil field compressor for refinery, aircompressor for oxyhydrogen station, tube mill for cement, large water pumps andetc.

The product of KGLF12 type automaticallyadjusts all the time according to load, primarily as excitation power for synchronousmotor of drag impulse load (such as rolling machine).

Silicon rectifiers forsynchronous motor excitation of KGLA (F) 11, 12 type, GLA, GLF series all adopt three-phase full-controlledbridge type rectification, and are equipped with multi-protective devices of over-current,short circuit, alarm and etc. The products have advanced design, reasonablestructure, safe and reliable operation, it can keep the inherent startcharacteristics for synchronous motor, the products are designed andmanufactured according to the GB12667 Standard.

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Q:The basic requirements of the rectifier
Increased input power The rectifier / charger should have an initial power requirement of 20% of the rated load and gradually increase the input power to 100% of the rated capacity over a 10 second time interval. In redundant UPS systems, the input power of each rectifier / charger should be delayed by 5 to 300 seconds to reduce the impact on the generator
Q:What is the difference between the regulator and the rectifier?
The rectifier converts the alternating current of the generator into direct current. The regulator is used in the voltage of the whole, such as the voltage stabilized at 12V or 24V or so. Is two different devices.
Q:Characteristics of Electronic Rectifier and Ordinary Rectifier
After the above static measurement, check the fault components, the circuit recovery, carefully check the circuit board on the solder joints and components with or without short circuit, touch, loose, broken place. After correcting the correct power, in most cases, the fluorescent can return to normal work, but may also occur the following transformer neutral point voltage failure, should be ruled out one by one.
Q:Where can the rectifier be used?
There are many forms of rectifier, the general internal electrical appliances will be used rectifier. The simplest 1, 2 or 4 diodes can form a rectifier.
Q:Electronic ballasts and inductive ballasts have several output lines?
Fluorescent tube electronic ballast output is four lines, the wiring diagram attached to the ballast shell, the corresponding two groups were connected to each end of the tube.
Q:Full-wave regulator rectifier and half-wave regulator rectifier! Where is the difference?
The full-wave rectifier circuit flows through a rectifier device (such as a crystal diode) for half a cycle and the current flows through the second rectifier in the other half of the cycle and the connection of the two rectifier devices Of the current in the same direction (DC) through the load.
Q:Ups the role of the filter and rectifier
This filter is simple and economical, widely used by manufacturers in high-power UPS, the suppression of current harmonic components in the range of 5% to 6%, the power grid is more or less affected, if the precision Instrument, it is possible to measure the work of instability, there *, the reading is not allowed to wait for such phenomena.
Q:Can the rectifier change the voltage?
The correct call is "fluorescent lamp ballast", not the rectifier. The role of the ballast is: 1, fluorescent lamp start, the starter contact in the moment off, the ballast inductor electromotive force and power supply voltage superposition, the lamp mercury gas breakdown, to stimulate the fluorescent light. 2, the fluorescent light is lit, the ballast to play the role of impedance, limiting the current through the light.
Q:What is the difference between a car voltage regulator and a rectifier?
The role of the voltage regulator is to adjust the output voltage of the generator, not to make the engine speed is high when the voltage is too high burned electrical appliances, the role of rectifier is the generator voltage is alternating current, and batteries and other electrical appliances need to be direct current
Q:Can the generator install the rectifier?
General car engine around the limited space, and then installed 48v generator I am afraid there is no space, say there is no power out of the equipment, if there is space, and then have power out of equipment, you can install another set of power generation equipment. But he and the car generator power supply system is completely unrelated to another set of power generation equipment. Such as power generation is too large, will affect the engine power.

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