Silicon rectifiers for synchronous motor excitation of KGLA(F)11、12 type、GLA、GLF series

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Silicon rectifiers for synchronous motor excitation of KGLA(F)1112 typeGLAGLF series

Silicon rectifiers for synchronous motorexcitation of KGLA (F) 11, 12 types, GLA, GLF series are suitable for DC excitation power supply for large andmedium type synchronous motor of drag no-load or light load start. It can be appliedwith synchronous motor with capacity range of 220-6300 kW.

KGLF typeproduct is a equipment with full voltage or step-downstart and constant excitation, which is mainly used in excitation power supplyof synchronous motor for drag mining ball mill, metallurgical blower,fertilizer plants joint compressor, HV compressor and circulating compressor,cold storage ammonia compressor, oil field compressor for refinery, aircompressor for oxyhydrogen station, tube mill for cement, large water pumps andetc.

The product of KGLF12 type automaticallyadjusts all the time according to load, primarily as excitation power for synchronousmotor of drag impulse load (such as rolling machine).

Silicon rectifiers forsynchronous motor excitation of KGLA (F) 11, 12 type, GLA, GLF series all adopt three-phase full-controlledbridge type rectification, and are equipped with multi-protective devices of over-current,short circuit, alarm and etc. The products have advanced design, reasonablestructure, safe and reliable operation, it can keep the inherent startcharacteristics for synchronous motor, the products are designed andmanufactured according to the GB12667 Standard.

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Q:Differences between electronic transformers and electronic ballasts
Electronic transformer and electronic ballast in front of the self-oscillation circuit is basically the same, but behind the output of the circuit is different from the electronic ballast self-oscillation after the high-frequency voltage connected to an inductor, used to store light fluorescent, Transformer shock after the high-frequency voltage connected to a high-frequency transformer, used to 300V or so high-frequency voltage into 12V or so high-frequency AC, and then used to light 12v halogen bulb.
Q:Can the rectifier change the voltage?
220V to form a loop and a current, lamp filament is heated to light to prepare (see the lamp red hair). After the two contacts of the starter, the neon ionization stops, the temperature drops, and the low temperature activates the contact, so that the two contacts are disconnected. At the moment of disconnection, the ballast produces a self-inductance voltage because of the "self-inductance". The self-inductance voltage 220V adds up to several hundred volts, and the mercury in the lamp is ionized at hundreds of volts Conduction, ionization of mercury emitted by radiation, according to the tube is the fluorescent material, the fluorescent material to send light.
Q:Why is the battery connected to a rectifier
The rectifier should have an automatic float management program. When the AC power is restored and the power supply is resumed or the continuous float is running for about 3 months, the battery pack is automatically charged to reduce the charging time, eliminate the battery behind the battery and prevent the passivation of the battery active material.
Q:Electronic ballasts and inductive ballasts have several output lines?
Inductance ballast (inductance ballast) is a core inductor coil, the inductor is the nature of the coil when the current changes, the coil will cause changes in the magnetic flux, resulting in induced electromotive force, its direction and current changes In the opposite direction, thus hindering the current change. Used in fluorescent lamps
Q:Is the car electronic regulator and the motorcycle rectifier the same?
Automotive electronic regulator and motorcycle rectifier is not the same
Q:What is the difference between a car voltage regulator and a rectifier?
Its role is to convert AC into direct current, known as rectifier. The specific wiring is the rectifier has generally been connected inside the generator, the regulator is a power supply is a, a ground wire, F then the generator excitation winding. Regulator models more specific circumstances specific treatment
Q:The difference between the rectifier and the inverter
Although the output of the transformer at this time is the exchange but the frequency is too high is generally dozens of KHZ although there is a higher voltage AC but many electronic components can not work at such a high frequency is very easy to damage so also rectifier filter into high voltage DC and then By the late-stage circuit into 50HZ low-frequency AC power supply to use
Q:Motorcycle rectifier performance is good or bad
I have seen the maximum power of the motor rectifier is 220w crazy 300w, the use of button-type switch pipe. Another kind of shunt-absorbing pure fuel-consuming king in the high-speed operation to the extra power consumption in addition to increase the heat, increase the engine load no other advantages, but more than 250 displacement motorcycle, mostly use this type.
Q:What is the difference between a rectifier and a DC / DC converter?
Rectifier and DC / DC converter difference: rectifier is a rectifier device, simply that is the exchange (AC) into DC (DC) device. DC / DC conversion is a fixed DC voltage into a variable DC voltage, also known as DC chopping.
Q:Electronic ballasts and electromagnetic ballasts are different
Modern fluorescent lamp more and more use of electronic ballasts, lightweight and compact, and even electronic ballasts and tubes can be integrated together, while electronic ballasts can usually both starter function, so it can save Go to a separate starter.

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