Silicon rectifier of GCA、GCF、KGCA、KGCF for charging

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Silicon rectifier of GCAGCFKGCAKGCF for charging

Thisseries of products are mainly used for automobiles, tractors, battery cart,forklifts, and miner’s lamps and other industries as battery charging DC powersupply, also can be used for electro coating; polishing and other needs for DCpower supply, the products meet the GB3859 standard.

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Q:Where can the rectifier be used?
In the circuit board often see four relatively large diodes and side by side, it is likely to be rectifier. It is also possible that the rectifier is made of bridge heap, and the bridge heap has various shapes, but it can be seen that there are four feet leading. So according to the use of occasions, the circuit design, the required power size. The rectifier can exist in a variety of styles. There is a separate, but also welded on the circuit board.
Q:Solid state relays are different from rectifiers
Relays and rectifiers can not replace each other, usually ordinary relay is composed of coils, iron core, contacts and other components, many types of relays, such as voltage relays, current relay pressure relays, thermal relays, speed relays, gas relays, weak magnetic relays, liquid Bit relay, phase sequence relays, etc. according to different needs as a circuit control and protection.
Q:Differences between electronic transformers and electronic ballasts
Electronic ballasts can be simply modified into electronic transformers, the output of high-frequency voltage can also be converted through the Xiaoji Diode rectifier DC. There is no voltage regulator circuit, the output voltage will change with the power of the load, so this circuit is called the electronic transformer instead of switching power supply.
Q:What is the difference between rectifiers and regulators?
Regulator: a power supply circuit or power supply device that can automatically adjust the output voltage. Its function is to stabilize the power supply voltage required by the large or unbalanced electrical equipment and stabilize it within the set value range.
Q:What is the difference between the regulator and the rectifier?
The regulator is used in voltage regulation. Rectifier is the exchange of electricity into a DC different equipment.
Q:What is the difference between a five-wire rectifier and a four-wire rectifier?
Five lines of function are as follows: black line for the feedback line, responsible for the lock after the power supply voltage collector back to the regulator. To analyze and compare, and then determine the best time to short-circuit regulator, and will not be too high voltage and charge the battery. Other line color function and the same as the four lines so, four more advanced, the price will be high. And will save some fuel
Q:Motorcycle rectifier performance is good or bad
I have seen the maximum power of the motor rectifier is 220w crazy 300w, the use of button-type switch pipe. Another kind of shunt-absorbing pure fuel-consuming king in the high-speed operation to the extra power consumption in addition to increase the heat, increase the engine load no other advantages, but more than 250 displacement motorcycle, mostly use this type.
Q:Characteristics of Electronic Rectifier and Ordinary Rectifier
The most failure of the fluorescent lamp is the lamp does not light, turn on the lights without any reaction. First, measure whether R0 is blown. RO itself is the role of insurance, once the overcurrent will be blown, so as not to damage more yuan led chip. Some of the electronic rectifier in the RO at the connection is 0. 5A fuse. If RO is blown, there must be overcurrent fault.
Q:Electronic ballasts and inductive ballasts have several output lines?
Electronic ballast according to the different lamp and the number of output lines are also different, usually 6 lines, 2 connected to the power supply, the other four for each of the two groups of light on both ends of the lamp. But if it is a ring lamp, there are 2 lights and 4 foot of the foot, 2 lights of the lamp with the electronic ballast only four output lines.
Q:What is the difference between a rectifier and a DC / DC converter?
DC / DC converters are complex. If it is high DC into a low DC, then it is relatively simple, (low power) with a regulator or resistance can be achieved, such as 7815 and so on. When the voltage difference is large, you can use SCR and so on.

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