Silicon rectifier of GCA、GCF、KGCA、KGCF for charging

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Silicon rectifier of GCAGCFKGCAKGCF for charging

Thisseries of products are mainly used for automobiles, tractors, battery cart,forklifts, and miner’s lamps and other industries as battery charging DC powersupply, also can be used for electro coating; polishing and other needs for DCpower supply, the products meet the GB3859 standard.

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Q:Solid state relays are different from rectifiers
Relays and rectifiers can not replace each other, usually ordinary relay is composed of coils, iron core, contacts and other components, many types of relays, such as voltage relays, current relay pressure relays, thermal relays, speed relays, gas relays, weak magnetic relays, liquid Bit relay, phase sequence relays, etc. according to different needs as a circuit control and protection.
Q:The basic requirements of the rectifier
Battery charge voltage temperature compensation When using the remote temperature detector, the rectifier / charger should automatically adjust the battery float voltage (generally press -5mv / only / ℃). Usually the battery float voltage is 2.25V / only, the termination voltage is 1.67V / only,
Q:What is the difference between the regulator and the rectifier?
The regulator is used in voltage regulation. Rectifier is the exchange of electricity into a DC different equipment.
Q:Motorcycle rectifier performance is good or bad
Judge the rectifier is the most simple and the way is that with the increase in speed, the voltage does not change to normal, that is, whether you are driving, or the gap, as long as the speed up, the voltage is not high and high
Q:Where can the rectifier be used?
There are many forms of rectifier, the general internal electrical appliances will be used rectifier. The simplest 1, 2 or 4 diodes can form a rectifier.
Q:Is the car electronic regulator and the motorcycle rectifier the same?
Automotive electronic regulator: is by adjusting the size of the motor generator excitation current, the stability of the generator output voltage control device; regulator all work in the DC state, not the main circuit charge work, belonging to the control auxiliary circuit;
Q:Full-wave regulator rectifier and half-wave regulator rectifier! Where is the difference?
Half-wave rectifier circuit is a rectifier components (such as diodes) one-way conduction characteristics to rectify the common circuit, remove the half-week, the remaining half of the rectification method, called half-wave rectifier.
Q:How does the rectifier turn AC into DC?
It can be in a certain range to control the output of the DC value. Typically, the on-load tap changer is used in conjunction with a saturable reactor connected in series in the rectifier output circuit.
Q:The difference between rectifiers and transformers
Ordinary ballasts and transformers are the same principle, are made using electromagnetic induction principle, but the function is different, one used to limit the current, one is used to change the voltage size.
Q:What is the difference between a rectifier and a DC / DC converter?
Rectifier is the converter current properties, DC-DC converter is adjusted to change the DC voltage

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