Silicon rectifier of GCA、GCF、KGCA、KGCF for charging

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Silicon rectifier of GCAGCFKGCAKGCF for charging

Thisseries of products are mainly used for automobiles, tractors, battery cart,forklifts, and miner’s lamps and other industries as battery charging DC powersupply, also can be used for electro coating; polishing and other needs for DCpower supply, the products meet the GB3859 standard.

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Q:Where can the rectifier be used?
In the circuit board often see four relatively large diodes and side by side, it is likely to be rectifier. It is also possible that the rectifier is made of bridge heap, and the bridge heap has various shapes, but it can be seen that there are four feet leading. So according to the use of occasions, the circuit design, the required power size. The rectifier can exist in a variety of styles. There is a separate, but also welded on the circuit board.
Q:Electronic ballasts and electromagnetic ballasts are different
Modern fluorescent lamp more and more use of electronic ballasts, lightweight and compact, and even electronic ballasts and tubes can be integrated together, while electronic ballasts can usually both starter function, so it can save Go to a separate starter.
Q:How does the rectifier turn AC into DC?
By controlling the voltage drop across the reactor, the output value can be controlled over a relatively narrow range. Thyristor rectifiers are designed to be very close to the diode rectifier of the thyristor rectifier. Because the thyristor rectifier electrical parameters are controllable, so do not need to carry pumping ...
Q:Differences between electronic transformers and electronic ballasts
The ballast and it is not a thing at all, the ballast is the gas discharge lamp drive device, common is the fluorescent lamp ballast, there are inductive and electronic type, when the lamp starts to produce a momentary high voltage The gas is ionized in the lamp and then the lamp current is controlled to stabilize it. The electronic ballast is structurally similar to a half-bridge inverter circuit.
Q:What is the difference between a car voltage regulator and a rectifier?
The voltage regulator is a generator that regulates the current. The rectifier is made by alternating current
Q:Ups the role of the filter and rectifier
In the UPS input to install passive filter and active filter is mainly to prevent *, inhibit the input current harmonic components. Commonly used passive filter is generally composed of R, L, C frequency selection of the selected network, it can selectively attenuate the input signal does not need the frequency components, effectively play a filtering role, the grid also play a filter effect
Q:The difference between the rectifier and the inverter
Although the output of the transformer at this time is the exchange but the frequency is too high is generally dozens of KHZ although there is a higher voltage AC but many electronic components can not work at such a high frequency is very easy to damage so also rectifier filter into high voltage DC and then By the late-stage circuit into 50HZ low-frequency AC power supply to use
Q:The difference between rectifiers and transformers
Ordinary ballasts and transformers are the same principle, are made using electromagnetic induction principle, but the function is different, one used to limit the current, one is used to change the voltage size.
Q:Characteristics of Electronic Rectifier and Ordinary Rectifier
The ballast is composed of electronic components, light weight, high efficiency, more energy than the inductive energy, with the lamp The racks are easy to install together.
Q:Electronic ballasts and inductive ballasts have several output lines?
Electronic ballast according to the different lamp and the number of output lines are also different, usually 6 lines, 2 connected to the power supply, the other four for each of the two groups of light on both ends of the lamp. But if it is a ring lamp, there are 2 lights and 4 foot of the foot, 2 lights of the lamp with the electronic ballast only four output lines.

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