Silicon rectifier of GKA series for switching closing

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Siliconrectifier of GKA series for switching closing

Siliconrectifier of GKA series for switching closing is designed according to GB2859standard, mainly used for high-voltage switching closing power supply in powerplants, substations, power stations and industrial and mining enterprises,which is controlled   electromagnetically, DC power supply forprotection. The product adopts screen-type structure three-phase bridgerectifier circuit with capacitor energy storage, insulation monitoring, lackphase, over voltage, over current, power supply automatic cut off and other protectiondevices. Product allows the impact of 10 times under rated output DC current(short-term value) , the duration not less than 1S and not more than 3S, theimpact of time interval is 2S. Product is generally multiple type, also can bemade in single type upon customer’s request.

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Q:Can the rectifier change the voltage?
220V to form a loop and a current, lamp filament is heated to light to prepare (see the lamp red hair). After the two contacts of the starter, the neon ionization stops, the temperature drops, and the low temperature activates the contact, so that the two contacts are disconnected. At the moment of disconnection, the ballast produces a self-inductance voltage because of the "self-inductance". The self-inductance voltage 220V adds up to several hundred volts, and the mercury in the lamp is ionized at hundreds of volts Conduction, ionization of mercury emitted by radiation, according to the tube is the fluorescent material, the fluorescent material to send light.
Q:The difference between rectifiers and transformers
Rectifier (English: rectifier) is the exchange of alternating current into direct current devices, can be used for power supply devices and detect radio signals. The rectifier can be made of a vacuum tube, a pilot tube, a solid-state silicon diode, a mercury arc, or the like. In contrast, a set of devices that convert DC into alternating current is called an "inverter".
Q:How does the rectifier turn AC into DC?
Rectifier principle In the two basic types of rectifiers based on high-power diodes or thyristors, the high-voltage AC power of the grid is converted to DC power through the transformer. Other types of rectifiers that refer to the future (near or far away): chopper, chopper DC / DC converters or current source inverter active rectifiers based on unprotected diode frontier products.
Q:Can the generator install the rectifier?
First 12 volts AC into 48 volts AC, which is easier. And then the rectifier will be 48 volts AC into DC. As for the power, I believe the user can master. Because even a 12-volt power supply, there is also a power problem.
Q:Electronic ballasts and inductive ballasts have several output lines?
Fluorescent tube electronic ballast output is four lines, the wiring diagram attached to the ballast shell, the corresponding two groups were connected to each end of the tube.
Q:Solid state relays are different from rectifiers
Solid state relays are used as switches, while rectifiers are used as power supplies
Q:What is the difference between rectifiers and regulators?
The performance of the rectifier is to convert the alternating current into direct current
Q:Motorcycle rectifier performance is good or bad
I have seen the maximum power of the motor rectifier is 220w crazy 300w, the use of button-type switch pipe. Another kind of shunt-absorbing pure fuel-consuming king in the high-speed operation to the extra power consumption in addition to increase the heat, increase the engine load no other advantages, but more than 250 displacement motorcycle, mostly use this type.
Q:Ups the role of the filter and rectifier
This filter is simple and economical, widely used by manufacturers in high-power UPS, the suppression of current harmonic components in the range of 5% to 6%, the power grid is more or less affected, if the precision Instrument, it is possible to measure the work of instability, there *, the reading is not allowed to wait for such phenomena.
Q:What is the difference between the regulator and the rectifier?
The regulator is used in voltage regulation. Rectifier is the exchange of electricity into a DC different equipment.

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