Silicon rectifier of GKA series for switching closing

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Siliconrectifier of GKA series for switching closing

Siliconrectifier of GKA series for switching closing is designed according to GB2859standard, mainly used for high-voltage switching closing power supply in powerplants, substations, power stations and industrial and mining enterprises,which is controlled   electromagnetically, DC power supply forprotection. The product adopts screen-type structure three-phase bridgerectifier circuit with capacitor energy storage, insulation monitoring, lackphase, over voltage, over current, power supply automatic cut off and other protectiondevices. Product allows the impact of 10 times under rated output DC current(short-term value) , the duration not less than 1S and not more than 3S, theimpact of time interval is 2S. Product is generally multiple type, also can bemade in single type upon customer’s request.

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Q:Where can the rectifier be used?
In the circuit board often see four relatively large diodes and side by side, it is likely to be rectifier. It is also possible that the rectifier is made of bridge heap, and the bridge heap has various shapes, but it can be seen that there are four feet leading. So according to the use of occasions, the circuit design, the required power size. The rectifier can exist in a variety of styles. There is a separate, but also welded on the circuit board.
Q:How does the rectifier turn AC into DC?
It can be in a certain range to control the output of the DC value. Typically, the on-load tap changer is used in conjunction with a saturable reactor connected in series in the rectifier output circuit.
Q:Why is the battery connected to a rectifier
The purpose is to filter and reduce the impact on the battery, filter, reduce electrical equipment interference, so that sound more pure sound, power cleaner, reduce the impact of many devices are large power users on the battery instantaneous demand will make the battery Aging, early retirement, if there is a rectifier will have some power, electricity will not directly use the battery power, which play a protective battery, these rectifiers are basically large capacity inside the capacitor, the Internet has its own DIY.
Q:What is the difference between rectifiers and regulators?
The performance of the rectifier is to convert the alternating current into direct current
Q:What is the difference between the regulator and the rectifier?
The rectifier converts the alternating current of the generator into direct current. The regulator is used in the voltage of the whole, such as the voltage stabilized at 12V or 24V or so. Is two different devices.
Q:Can the rectifier change the voltage?
Day off the light of the lighting voltage of more than 400 V, 220V how to start it, in fact, rely on the starter this thing, by the starter to produce a self-inductance electromotive force to light the lamp.
Q:Is the car electronic regulator and the motorcycle rectifier the same?
Regulator is more complex: electromagnetic, electronic, composite; transistor, integrated circuit, embedded, directly installed in the generators within the integrated, and so on;
Q:The difference between rectifiers and transformers
Ordinary ballasts and transformers are the same principle, are made using electromagnetic induction principle, but the function is different, one used to limit the current, one is used to change the voltage size.
Q:Characteristics of Electronic Rectifier and Ordinary Rectifier
After the above static measurement, check the fault components, the circuit recovery, carefully check the circuit board on the solder joints and components with or without short circuit, touch, loose, broken place. After correcting the correct power, in most cases, the fluorescent can return to normal work, but may also occur the following transformer neutral point voltage failure, should be ruled out one by one.
Q:Full-wave regulator rectifier and half-wave regulator rectifier! Where is the difference?
The function of the regulator rectifier is both rectified and regulated. The difference between the full-wave regulator rectifier and the half-wave regulator rectifier is that the rectification effect of the AC waveform is different.

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