KGVA series silicon rectifier for floating charge

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KGVA series silicon rectifier for floating charge

This series of product ismainly applied to power plants, substations, power supply stations and othersfor battery floating charging and DC power supply for charging, and  also used for other battery floating chargingand power supply for charging, the product meets the standards of GB3859 andJB/T10095.

The product uses threephase full controlled bridge rectifier wire lines, AC input is three phase fourwires, 380V, 50-60Hz.

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Q:Where can the rectifier be used?
In the circuit board often see four relatively large diodes and side by side, it is likely to be rectifier. It is also possible that the rectifier is made of bridge heap, and the bridge heap has various shapes, but it can be seen that there are four feet leading. So according to the use of occasions, the circuit design, the required power size. The rectifier can exist in a variety of styles. There is a separate, but also welded on the circuit board.
Q:Electronic ballasts and electromagnetic ballasts are different
Modern fluorescent lamp more and more use of electronic ballasts, lightweight and compact, and even electronic ballasts and tubes can be integrated together, while electronic ballasts can usually both starter function, so it can save Go to a separate starter.
Q:Solid state relays are different from rectifiers
Solid state relays are used as switches, while rectifiers are used as power supplies
Q:How does the rectifier turn AC into DC?
Rectifier principle In the two basic types of rectifiers based on high-power diodes or thyristors, the high-voltage AC power of the grid is converted to DC power through the transformer. Other types of rectifiers that refer to the future (near or far away): chopper, chopper DC / DC converters or current source inverter active rectifiers based on unprotected diode frontier products.
Q:Is the rectifier pulse the better?
Rectifier: Turn AC (or pulse) into DC. Out of the DC more stable the better.
Q:What is the difference between a car voltage regulator and a rectifier?
The role of the voltage regulator is to adjust the output voltage of the generator, not to make the engine speed is high when the voltage is too high burned electrical appliances, the role of rectifier is the generator voltage is alternating current, and batteries and other electrical appliances need to be direct current
Q:Can the rectifier change the voltage?
The correct call is "fluorescent lamp ballast", not the rectifier. The role of the ballast is: 1, fluorescent lamp start, the starter contact in the moment off, the ballast inductor electromotive force and power supply voltage superposition, the lamp mercury gas breakdown, to stimulate the fluorescent light. 2, the fluorescent light is lit, the ballast to play the role of impedance, limiting the current through the light.
Q:Characteristics of Electronic Rectifier and Ordinary Rectifier
The most failure of the fluorescent lamp is the lamp does not light, turn on the lights without any reaction. First, measure whether R0 is blown. RO itself is the role of insurance, once the overcurrent will be blown, so as not to damage more yuan led chip. Some of the electronic rectifier in the RO at the connection is 0. 5A fuse. If RO is blown, there must be overcurrent fault.
Q:Electronic ballasts and inductive ballasts have several output lines?
Inductance ballast (inductance ballast) is a core inductor coil, the inductor is the nature of the coil when the current changes, the coil will cause changes in the magnetic flux, resulting in induced electromotive force, its direction and current changes In the opposite direction, thus hindering the current change. Used in fluorescent lamps
Q:What is the difference between a rectifier and a DC / DC converter?
DC / DC converters are complex. If it is high DC into a low DC, then it is relatively simple, (low power) with a regulator or resistance can be achieved, such as 7815 and so on. When the voltage difference is large, you can use SCR and so on.

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