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Product Description:

1. Structure of Gate Valve Description

1. Selected materials, in line with domestic and international standards, high overall quality of the material.
2. In line with the requirements of domestic and foreign advanced standards, reliable sealing, excellent performance, attractive appearance.
3. Sealing pair advanced and reasonable, gate and seat sealing surface with different hardness Stellite (Stellite) cobalt-based alloy cladding made, reliable sealing, high hardness, wear resistance, high temperature, corrosion good anti-abrasion performance, long life.
4. Stem quenched and nitride surface treatment, has good corrosion resistance, scratch resistance and abrasion resistance.
5. The use of flexible wedge gate structure, medium and large caliber set thrust bearings, friction force is small, and with a striking manually open and close with ease.

2. Main Features of the Gate Valve:

Working medium: water, non-corrosive liquid, saturated vapor (≤ 0.6MPa)
Operating temperature: -20 °C ≤ t ≤ 135 °C
Stem: non-rising stem
Body material:Brass/Stainless Steel

3. Images of the Gate Valve:

4. Specification of the Gate Valve: 

1) Product information: the gate valves supplied are mainly used for adjusting water, steam, oil, gas, and natural gas in chemical industries

2) Standards: AWWA, DIN3352 F4/F5, BS5163, BS5150

3) Connection type: flanged type, push-on type, mechanical joint type, plain ends type

4) Design and Manufacture:API602,BS5352,ANSI B16.34

5) Connection Ends:

  1)Socket Welded Dimension:ANSI B16.11,JB/T1751

  2)Screw Ends Dimension:ANSI B1.20,JB/T7306

  3)Butt Welded:ANSI B16.25

  4)Flanged Ends:ANSI B16.5,JB79

6) Test and Inspection:API598,GB/T13927,JB/T9092


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A:Yes, We can change the form of the packaging and transportation according to your request, but you have to bear their own costs incurred during this period and the spreads.

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A: Yes, you can send us your drawing and we can make your logo, but you have to bear

their own the cost.

4. Can you produce the products according to my own drawings?

A:Yes,we can produce the products according to your drawings that will be most satisfy you.

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Q:Can anyone explain me the basic differences between a gate valve and a globe valve?
Well, we're all around it. I like the answer the gate valve is like a garage door. That is about right. A globe valve the flow through the valve is forced through two 90 degree turns and the valve shuts off like a lid coming down in between the two turns. Not sure why the fire requirements are that way.
Q:Bent Valve!!!!!!!?
Never paid for so I dont know, BUT You will have to replace that new timing belt again. OR make sure they install it right. Seen one case where a timing belt came loose due to the tensioner not being replaced with the belt. Quiz your mechanic and see is he even knows about the belt and tensioner. If it jumps, you can bend all valves. Makes me curious how just one valve out of 16 got bent. Replacing the head is a tough job and a few issues can arise. BUT You should recondition if you are pulling it for one valve.
Q:The tricuspid valve is closed?
The tricuspid valve is the connection between the right atrium and the right ventricle, so when blood is rapidly flowing from the RA to the RV, the tricuspid must be open, so it's not A. The tricuspid and the mitral valve open simultaneously so it's not B. As the RV contracts to eject the blood from its chamber to the pulmonary artery, the pressure created within the chamber closes the tricuspid valve to prevent the blood from flowing back to the R Atrium, so the answer is C.
Q:Tubeless Tire Valve Stem Pulls Out By Hand?
Are you talking about the whole valve stem? You need a new one, tire has to be dismounted to install it. Are you talking about the insides, the valve core? There is a tool to thread it in, used to be right on the valve caps that came on bicycles, is available in any auto parts store. Why that would pop out I don't know, unless somebody deliberately loosened it. Or perhaps you have ended up with some of the millions of low-quality counterfeit ones that came out of China a couple of years agol
Q:stuck engine valve???
its only really dangerous to the engine , but possibly you if it quits at a dangerous location this sounds more like something else than a ''stuck'' valve . and personally i would not trust it until you take a further look into the engine and remove a valve cover to see what is causing the problem .
Q:Controlling a double solenoid valve?
Cheaper and more reliable to use simple coils...You probably need to add a large transistor between PLC and coil, with a bypass diode, unless your PLC output can sink a LOT of current.
Q:how to replace relief valve on hot water tank?
Turn red dial to pilot.Shut the cold water feed off. There is a drain located at the very bottom of the tank youll need to hook a hose or hold a bucket and drain some water out of that. It doesnt need to be much a few buckets or a couple mins of hose will be fine. Then simply un-screw the old one. Put teflon tape and pipe dope if you have it around the new one and tighten in securely. open hot water at your sinks and turn cold water to tank back on slowly and let the sinks run until all air bleeds out and then shut them off. Re- light pilot. Done.
Q:Hoe do you install a sprinkler valve?
Most valves are either 3/4 or 1 with female connections. Use the same size male adaptors with teflon tape wraped around the threads and screw it into the valves. Take a photo before you start to refer to when rewiring.
Q:i want to know the detailed reason for pressure drops in expansion valve?
THERMOSTATIC EXPANSION VALVE A temperature-regulated valve that controls the amount of restriction to refrigerant flow between the receiver/drier and evaporator. Like the Fixed Orifice Tube, the Expansion Valve is the boundary between the High and Low sides of the refrigerant system. Unlike the Fixed Orifice, the Expansion Valve can regulate the flow of liquid refrigerant to the evaporator to either increase or decrease evaporator cooling based on the temperature of the refrigerant tube at the evaporator outlet. In vapour compression ref. cycle,The condensed liquid refrigerant, in the thermodynamic state known as a saturated liquid, is next routed through an expansion valve where it undergoes an abrupt reduction in pressure. That pressure reduction results in the adiabatic flash evaporation of a part of the liquid refrigerant. The auto-refrigeration effect of the adiabatic flash evaporation lowers the temperature of the liquid and vapor refrigerant mixture to where it is colder than the temperature of the enclosed space to be refrigerated.
Q:My grandfather? Valve replacement??

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