Galvanized Iron Wire with durable quality/welding wire for building materials

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Product Description:

1.Structure of Galvanized Iron Wire Description

Galvanized Iron Wire, also called galvanized steel wire, galvanized iron wire according to the difference zinc coating process, there are electro galvanized iron wire and hot-dipped galvanized iron wire. 

Galvanized Iron Wire in small coil of different sizes at your option. We also produce big coil galvanized wire at your option.Small coil wire finds most use in binding of different materials as binding wire.

Galvanized Iron Wire can be classified into hot-dipped galvanized iron wire and electro galvanized iron wire according to the differences of processing.


2.Main Features of Galvanized Iron Wire:

• Durable

• Shiny silvery color

• Convenient

• Use widely

• Antirust

• Versatile


3. Galvanized Iron Wire Images

Galvanized Iron Wire with durable quality/welding wire for building materials

Galvanized Iron Wire with durable quality/welding wire for building materials

Galvanized Iron Wire with durable quality/welding wire for building materials


4. Galvanized Iron Wire Specification

Galvanized Iron Wire with durable quality/welding wire for building materials



We have organized several common questions for our clientsmay help you sincerely

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We are professional manufacture with many years of experiences, have advanced facilities for production, and most of the products, like Galvanized Iron Wire are welded by automatic machine. We have ISO9001 certificates which can assure the quality of our products. With many years of export experiences, our friendly and professional sales team can offer favorable services, that can give best solution for your projects. We can arrange car pickup or hotel booking whenever you want to visit our factory.


What is the Weaving method of our Black Annealed Iron Wire?

Iron wire rod→Wire Drawing→Wire Annealing→Rust removing→Acid Washing→ Zinc coating→Wire Coiling → packing


How long can we receive the product after purchase?

In the purchase of Black Annealed Iron Wire within three working days, We will arrange the factory delivery as soon as possible. The pacific time of receiving is related to the state and position of customers. Commonly 15 to 20 working days can be served.



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Q:Factors that affect wire?
1) How does the type of wire affect resistance? Wires can be made of different materials , and each material has its own resistance properties, some materials have high resistance and others have low resistance. 2) How does the length of wire affect resistance? Think of it this way , when increasing the length of the wire it will be harder for the electrons to pass through, which means higher resistance it will be. 3) How does the diameter of the wire affect resistance? Small diameter wires have high resistance , because when the diameter of the wire is small it will be hard for the electrons to pass through the wire, unlikely if it has big diameter then it has small resistance because now the electrons can move easy because of its big diameter. 4) How does temperature affect resistance? Temperature also effects wires resistance, when the temperature in the wire increases the resistance will also increase, to understand why imagine your self holding a wire and buring some area in it , what will happen is the heat will melt that section and cut the wire so its like an open circuit which means very high resistance (No electrons will pass through the wire). Good Luck.
Q:Stereo installation 2000 geo prizm, wire colors?
These are the wire colors I have listed for the Prizm; I can't guarantee its accuracy, so it's a very good idea to have a multimeter handy so you can verify the wire functions. Also, if you can look at the speaker wires in the trunk, they should match the wire colors behind the radio. 12v(+) constant: Blue/Yellow 12v(+) key-switched: Gray Ground: Brown or chassis metal Illumination: Green Dimmer: White/Green Speakers: LF+ Pink LF- Violet RF+ Light Green RF- Blue LR+ Black LR- Yellow RR+ Red RR- White Keep in mind that if your factory wires were cut, you may (read, probably) have blown fuses in the vehicle fuse box(es).
Q:magnetic wires Fragile or hard?
Wire is not magnetic unless it is iron wire, which is rare. Any wire, when it is wound in a coil and supplied with current, can become a electo-magnet. edit: it is NOT called magnetic wire, it is called magnet wire. Different. Magnet wire is wire coated with enamel for insulation. .
Q:Do fan motors use magnet wires?
Electric motors, all electric motors, have some form of stator and some form of rotor. The rotor is the section that rotates... duh. The stator is the part that houses the rotor and does not move. AC electric motors, like your fan motors, take advantage of the fact that the phases of current alternate through the wraped wires around both the stator and the rotor. The wire wrappings make the rotor and stator into electro magnets. By careful placement of the rotor and stator wires, the magnetic fluxes that surround both parts can be made to alternately pull and push on the rotor. And that causes the rotor to turn. While most if not all commercial motors have wire wrapped rotors and stators so they are electro magnets, some lab motors may have permanent magnets embedded in their rotors in lieu of the wrapped wires. These are way cheaper, but they are typically way weaker than comparable motors with electro magnetic rotors. So, yes, the coils are electro magnets. As long as there is current alternating through them, there will be corresponding magnetic fields and appropriate forces to turn the rotors.
Q:Is it because of my wire?
Shortening your speaker wire will not cause this problem. In fact, shortening your speaker wires should give you less static since there is less resistance. Most than likely, it's not your speakers causing the static sound, but your amplifier or receiver. You may be looking for a new one soon.
Q:automotive electrical wires?
Are the wires the same color?, if so the best way is to take unit apart,identify the wire that is connected to the shell the bulb screws into, or is fastened to, that wire is the negative. The wire that is connected to the center of the shell is the hot', or positive wire, this wire is connected to the switch. remember to install a fuse of the appropriate size in the circuit. Hope this helps, good luck!
Q:Are WIRES expensive? ........?
Copper wire is probably the most expensive, but you only need 3 feet of it. Best to buy it by the foot and not by the reel. Home Depot has it. Or you can find it online (OKorder for example) as scrap wire but then you've got wait time, shipping, etc. If you know the gauge (thickness) you need, Home Depot will tell you on the phone how much it would be for 3 ft.
Q:what0 gauge power wire?
Q:car stero wiring problem. please help!?
Could you rewrite your question and clear it up some. The red wire should go to the ignition on the existing harness in the dash. You were crossing all of those wires? Look at the diagram that came with the deck to know which wires go where. Typical pairs of wires (white and white w#x2F;black stripe or gray and gray w#x2F; black stripe) are for the speakers, red is for power(ignition) I think green is the signal wire and so forth. I don#x27;t know how your wires just get crossed like that? Did you splice them into the wrong ones in the dash?
Q:Wiring - pink, grey and green wires.?
Power requires two wires, but a third wire called a ground wire is sometimes added. Usually the plug that goes into the wall has two or three prongs. If it has two prongs, no ground wire added. If it has three prongs, the ground wire is added. The ground is usually used when metal frames or cases are used. The purpose is to ground or short out the live (hot) wire should it accidentally come into contact with the metal frame, causing the circuit breaker to trip. If the ground wire was not there, it would allow a person to get shocked should they touch the metal frame.

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