Flower Shape Hand Tufted Polyester Shaggy Rug

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Product Description:

Hand Tufted Polyester Shaggy Carpet

Specification of Hand Tufted Polyester Shaggy Carpet :

- 100% Polyester  (1200D Viscose or 150D Viscose)

- Pile weight: 1400-1800G/SQM

- Pile height: 2.5 -7.5cm;

- Grey cottong backing, matching background, grey cotton border;

- 1x20'GP = 1800SQM for various size loading;

- H.S.: 5703300000

Feature of Hand Tufted Polyester Shaggy Carpet :

-  Long pile of 5.5cm brings thick & reliable touch feeling;
-  Luxury & high quality product;

-  Durable & non-shedding;
-  Popular in South American market;
-  Special quality acceptable: different pile length, weight, color etc, make your product different from others & more competetive.

-  OEM is welcome;

Pictures of Hand Tufted Polyester Shaggy Carpet :

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Q:Best high traffic carpet cleaner?
If you want something that's more for a specific spot on the rug and that''s quick and easy - try the 409 carpet cleaner (you can get it at the grocery store or walmart) - it's foam that you spray on the rug and then vacuum it up. A good thing about this stuff - I use it on my dry clean only blazers between trips to the dry cleaner - it's great for getting stains around the cuff and any make-up stains on the lapels! Foam it on, rub it in and then use the upholstery attachment on your vacuum to suck it off of the fabric!
Q:Anything good for brightening carpets?
If your carpet is just dull from the years of wear (dirt accumulation) you might want to have it professionally cleaned. The machines they use are a LOT more powerful at removing set in dirt than any rental or home use machine could be, but if your carpet is faded from sun exposure there's nothing really you can do. When the color is gone, it's gone and you might want to look into replacing the carpet.
Q:how to get a dirty rug clean?
Here is a site that I would highly recommend. They have very high quality stain removal techniques. I would suggest repeating the process after the first application, and rinsing the rug out with cool water in between applications. Best of luck!
Q:How can I stop my area rug from buckling up?
Buy some sticky velcro, works great!
Q:how to tell when or when not to put a rug on?
Well when she is not clipped only put it on if you are positive she needs it. When in doubt go without. When she is clipped it depends on what short of clip if it's summer just get a lightweight cotton rug if it's winter get a good heavy rug. Remember though for when she is not clipped her hair acts like a heater and an aircon Remember for when she is not clipped When In Doubt Go Without Feeling the bottom of her ears is also a good indication of weather she is cold or hot.
Q:I have a rug that appears to be shedding.What do I do?
many rugs shed initially certain hand made rugs are more prone to this particularly Indian and Tibetan rugs one can expect this for about the first year depending on foot traffic
Q:Can you put an area rug on burber carpet?
Absolutely, one of the most cost effective ways to enhance your space on a small budget. Do's: Your accent rug must be totally different in color, but must have adequate tones that match your burber to a T. Area rug colors should match 2 of the following 3: - walls - furniture - drapes Our Den = light beige burber, and a Home Depot 5 x 7 rug that sits under the coffee table infront of the Sofa. Its a moss green outline, with light beige, rust, and black in it. It looks phenominal. Hint: Take your Credit card, and buy 6-10 rugs from Home depot / walmart, or wherever, and return the ones you don't like. The more rugs you bring home at once, the higher the odds are you'll find one that transforms your entire room.
Q:I'm looking for an area rug - where can I find one at a decent price and what size should I get?
I'm not sure what you consider a decent price but I have a 9x12 persian in a 12x17 space that was around $1800. If you're dogs are hard on rugs, you might want to look at Frontgate or Grandinroad catalogs or online. They offer indoor/outdoor polypropolene rugs that look like designer rugs, are soft, and to clean they just need to be hosed down. I picked up a 9 x 12 Acanthus style for $325 for a high traffic area space.
Q:How to take bleach outta carpet.?
It's beyond repair. It would need re-dyeing back to the original color. Bleach was the worst thing she coulda used.
Q:Cleaning an old carpet?
I was cleaning with a can of carpet cleaner. It did not work very well. Go rent the steam Cleaner. You will be glad that you did it. I got a green machine for my carpets. I do them whenever I want. I do a room at a time. My carpets are so clean now. I am not only one that does this trick. A lot of people uses these green machines for that, cleaning room size carpets. It takes about 1/2 hour or so. You get your exercise and clean carpets.

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