Fiber Cement board for villas,high building-005

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The fiber cement board includes two series:  solid fiber cement board(S series) and hollow fiber cement board (K series)


Fiber cement board is one new type wall board which is both functional and decorative, with idea of high- tech and innovation, the products combine the traditional and modern science and technology, which provide a brand  new green wall decoration material to the exterior wall field.


K series

3000 * 300* 15mm

3000* 450* 18mm

3000*600* 26mm


K series—Streak board






The colors are based on customer’s choice.


Fiber cement board: exterior wall decoration system

This system is widely used in public building and high end residential and other kinds of civil construction of exterior wall decoration. In existing buildings exterior wall decoration, the fiber cement board can be directly mounted to the exterior wall by keel, and not need to remove the original façade decoration materials. This system could give the construction quick speed, low transformation cost and good decorative effect.


Fiber cement board: exterior wall heat preservation system.

This system can meet different design requirements for energy- saving. The system has excellent heat preservation and heat insulation performance, meanwhile, the mass production and quality control of the products overcomes the crack problem occurred in other external insulation system. The system are mainly used in energy saving renovation to existing building or the external wall thermal insulation of new construction.


Fiber cement board composite wall system has good heat preservation, heat insulation and sound insulation performance, which make the system become an high and energy saving wall retaining system. The system could be applicable to the façade of steel or wood frame villa, and non bearing exterior wall for structural frame work or other frame structure.





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Q:breaking cement blocks?
So whats your question?
Q:I have laid ed cement board down but I did not stagnate the boards.Will this affect the ceramic tile.?
If there is a good sub surface then the fact you did not stagger the boards should not affect the tile. If the boards move then you will have cracks in the grout and the tiles may come up.
Q:What is the easiest way to put down cement backer board prior to laying ceramic floor tile?
If you want it to last you should thin set AND screw the cement board down. Cement board is not just used in wet areas. It is a dimensionally stable product and properly installed it will keep your tile and grout from cracking and/or coming loose. If you try to scimp on the prep then you will be wasting your time and money. Some installers do nail it down but bare in mind that this will void any warranty. Don't forget to tape the joints too. If the vinyl tiles are down tight and height room to room is not an issue then leave it in place and go over top.
Q:What are the drill bits for the cement board?
With the impact of the drill bit, but also to use the impact drill.
Q:Can tiles be attached to gypsum board?
The use of tiles is generally in the kitchen, bathroom wall, ground, is to moisture. But the gypsum board itself can not be moisture, it is recommended not to use gypsum board tiles to achieve the purpose of waterproof moisture.
Q:Outdoor doors of the aluminum-plastic plate can be directly in the waterproof cement board paste it?
Aluminum-plastic plate material in the construction process, there is a paste this. But there are still requirements for the substrate. Such as upstairs said flame retardant plywood, plywood, etc. are common substrate.
Q:Aluminum-plastic board Aite board lighting board are used in what place
Etter board is generally used for ceiling and partition, aluminum-plastic panels used to do facade decoration, signs, etc., the use of lighting is not very wide.
Q:Is there anything you can add to cement which will increase insulating power?
thickness...the thicker the concrete, the better it will insulate
Q:do i need to tape the seams on cement board when i am installing one of those plastic shower surrounds?
No need to tape the seams with a shower surround. in fact, I would just use green board instead of cement board. Cement board is mostly used for tile and the joints are sealed with a fiberglass mesh tape and tile mortar.
Q:What is the use of fiber cement board
Widely used in the building: inside and outside the wall, ceiling, curtain wall lining, steel structure loft, fire doors, external wall insulation panels, grouting wall panels, light steel villas, fiber cement board, reinforced fiber cement board , FC board, FC perforated sound-absorbing cement board, wood fiber cement board, steel structure LOFT sandwich panel, light steel structure house board, anti-static floor substrate cement board, fiber reinforced calcium silicate board, water color decorative cement board, Cement pressure board, external wall insulation special cement board, industrial asbestos fiber cement board, medium density cement board, fiber reinforced cement insulation overhead bench, fiber reinforced silicate fire board [forming fire resistance 2,3,4 hours fire Partition wall fire duct flue]

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