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Product Description:

Product Description

Bond Paper
Virgin Woo Pulp
High Whiteness Color, Roll or Sheets
Fast Delivery And Competitive price

HENGLIAN PAPER Provides Bond Paper with High Brighness, Optimal Opacity and Outstanding Suitability for Processing. HENGLIAN Bond Paper is a flexible multi-use paper.

Bond Paper GSM and Size:
Regular Grammage: 60gsm, 70gsm, 75gsm, 80gsm, 90gsm, 100gsm, 120gsm
Special Grammage like: 58gsm, 65gsm, 68gsm, 85gsm, 104gsm, 110gsm can be customized
Regular Sheet Size: 700*1000mm, 640*900mm, 650*900mm, 600*900mm, 622*914mm, 900*900mm, 750*750mm, etc.
Regular Roll size: 787mm, 889mm, 840mm, 846mm, 880mm, 760mm, 1050mm etc.

Customized Roll or Sheet Size Range:
Roll width: 420mm(Min. ) to 2500MM(Max. )
Sheet size: 420*530MM (Min. ) to 1420*1420MMMM(Max. )

Furnish: Hardwood and softwood sulpate pulp
Pulp Type: Virgin
Grammage tolreance: +-2GSM
Brightness D65(ISO 2470-2): 102+-2%
CIE Whiteness: 155-158
Smoothness: >=30S
Roughness (ISO 2470-2)9ML/MIN)250
Suitable for double sided printing, good smoothness, opacity and printability
And for more technical spec. Pls contact us for it.

Sheet: 250sheets/pack, or 500sheets/pack, Strong moisture proof pilyethylene Kraft Paper each ream, Pallet Loading.
Roll: Strong moisture proof pilyethylene Kraft Paper.

Note: FSC and PEFC on request but subject to availability

We can make free charge for your own brand package and label if quantity matched requirements.
Otherise, you are welcome to send your customized quality samples or specility requirements, our technicist will arrange testing and analyzation to approve a formal report to you.




Excellent color fastness

Environmental protection

Anti-high temperature(Max): 210°C


Light tight


Normal Packing: Reel packing and Flat packing

Reel packing: width 190-2200mm, diameter 500-900mm

Flat packing: 787X1092mm, 787X1220mm, 889X1194mm

We can do it according to client's requirement.

Min. order




Delivery time

Within 20 days

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Q:What about pouring a cardboard cup over?
In cardboard, the cardboard falls and the water pours out of the glass.
Q:How big is the 16K paper?
1. according to China's current standards, the 16K paper is 297mm * 210mm.2., China's original 16K paper amplitude is 186mm * 273mm.
Q:What can replace corrugated cardboard and is cheaper than that?!
High strength. Honeycomb core because of its unique mechanical structure, has a strong compressive and flexural properties. Tests have shown that the paper is honeycombed, with an elevation of 100 times the strength of the other orientations. Paper honeycomb can withstand the weight of 1 grams of 800 grams of pressure deformation. 10mm thick honeycomb core composite board compressive strength is 5 - 18.9t / m2, is five - ply corrugated cardboard 20 - 75.6 times, and its bending deflection is five - ply corrugated cardboard crosswise 2 times, vertical 59.3 times.
Q:If the paper is core, how can I draw out the layer of hard paper in the middle?
Press the roll of paper hard, and try to press the ellipse a little bit (ie approximately the ellipse), then you can easily draw out the hard paper,If the roll out of shape, it can be a flag.It worked pretty well.
Q:Is cardboard a conductor?
Not good at conducting objects is called insulators. (not conductive objects called conductors, not conductive objects called insulator, this is generally a common mistake in life), the wet state paper is different, have different electrical properties. But the conductive is true, so the paper is not a conductor.
Q:What kind of paper is the poster?
There are special regulations, 700*1000, and so on, a lot of specifications, as long as the basic specifications and width of the paper machine can be produced. If you print the poster you say, usually on the opening of 889 or 880 pairs, the dosage will not be large, so the chance of special regulation is very small.
Q:Carton carton k535k is different from K=K?
K=k stands for corrugated cartons, and paper is required to be produced in K grade paper, = = 6 mm (-) indicating 3 mm!
Q:How do I fold the corrugated paper in the middle of the flat cardboard? What machine can I use to make this kind of cardboard? Do you have a small machine?
In the production process was pressed into corrugated shape, later made of corrugated cardboard cardboard, it will provide the elastic compressive strength, and vertical compression strength performance impact. Corrugated paper, smooth paper, the thickness should be consistent, not wrinkle, split and hole paper disease, or increase production process in the fault, affecting the quality of products. Corrugated cardboard through die cutting, indentation, nail box or sticky box made of corrugated cardboard boxes. Corrugated box is one of the most widely used packaging products, and the quantity has been the first of all kinds of packaging products. Including calcium plastic corrugated carton.
Q:What is paper moisture meter?
Paper moisture analyzer product features, the use of advanced sensors, the use of high frequency principle, accurate measurement of cardboard, paper, corrugated boxes, wood and other moisture. It can be measured on a reel machine or on paper stacks.
Q:What brand of advertising board, KT board, card board?
The first is: raw material is foam plate core PS particles, but because of the cold plate are single core board, so to double the first foam, foam thickness is about 3.5mm, for half a month, then second times the core equipment in the foam, foam to the left and right 5.0-5.2mm, second may direct foaming after laminating glue.Then paste dough dough: the substrate is PVC, usually 0.08m-0.1mm, 0.9 x 2.4 "is mostly used 0.08-0.1mm 1.2 * 2.4 pieces of dough plate 0.16mm is generally used to strengthen the stiffness of the plate, because the surface is PVC, PS is the core material, so the choice must be neutral in the dough and glue, glue at the same time, each plate core glue paste, paste to the plate hydraulic machine (ten tons) extrusion, 24 hours can be taken out cutting edge trimming and packaging and shipment.Bubble: the wrapper and the plate core foaming, cause analysis1, the core ripening period is too short; 2, neutral glue problems or glue is wrong; 3, after the board has direct sunlight or ultraviolet light irradiation. The common bubble is due the dough is too thin, the sun after foaming, photo frame and dough little bubble, from the theoretical analysis of very easy blistering.

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