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Product Description:

Product Description

Bond Paper
Virgin Woo Pulp
High Whiteness Color, Roll or Sheets
Fast Delivery And Competitive price

HENGLIAN PAPER Provides Bond Paper with High Brighness, Optimal Opacity and Outstanding Suitability for Processing. HENGLIAN Bond Paper is a flexible multi-use paper.

Bond Paper GSM and Size:
Regular Grammage: 60gsm, 70gsm, 75gsm, 80gsm, 90gsm, 100gsm, 120gsm
Special Grammage like: 58gsm, 65gsm, 68gsm, 85gsm, 104gsm, 110gsm can be customized
Regular Sheet Size: 700*1000mm, 640*900mm, 650*900mm, 600*900mm, 622*914mm, 900*900mm, 750*750mm, etc.
Regular Roll size: 787mm, 889mm, 840mm, 846mm, 880mm, 760mm, 1050mm etc.

Customized Roll or Sheet Size Range:
Roll width: 420mm(Min. ) to 2500MM(Max. )
Sheet size: 420*530MM (Min. ) to 1420*1420MMMM(Max. )

Furnish: Hardwood and softwood sulpate pulp
Pulp Type: Virgin
Grammage tolreance: +-2GSM
Brightness D65(ISO 2470-2): 102+-2%
CIE Whiteness: 155-158
Smoothness: >=30S
Roughness (ISO 2470-2)9ML/MIN)250
Suitable for double sided printing, good smoothness, opacity and printability
And for more technical spec. Pls contact us for it.

Sheet: 250sheets/pack, or 500sheets/pack, Strong moisture proof pilyethylene Kraft Paper each ream, Pallet Loading.
Roll: Strong moisture proof pilyethylene Kraft Paper.

Note: FSC and PEFC on request but subject to availability

We can make free charge for your own brand package and label if quantity matched requirements.
Otherise, you are welcome to send your customized quality samples or specility requirements, our technicist will arrange testing and analyzation to approve a formal report to you.




Excellent color fastness

Environmental protection

Anti-high temperature(Max): 210°C


Light tight


Normal Packing: Reel packing and Flat packing

Reel packing: width 190-2200mm, diameter 500-900mm

Flat packing: 787X1092mm, 787X1220mm, 889X1194mm

We can do it according to client's requirement.

Min. order




Delivery time

Within 20 days

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Q:Is there any difference between offset paper and copy paper?
The so-called "offset paper" refers to the process of paper in the glue coated on both sides of the paper to improve its surface properties of paper, also known as double gummed paper. The average amount of double tape is between 60 grams and 250 grams.
Q:Does wallpaper have formaldehyde?
But in the process of building wallpaper, the coated gum contains high amounts of formaldehyde and other harmful substances.
Q:How to distinguish the material of special paper?
Special general name card are all types of paper are many exquisite patterns and various color materials there is PVC 0.38 the thickness of a transparent and matte black name card offset printing is a lithographic printing, very simple means of speaking that is offset rubber (Pib) will be transferred to the plate substrate printing mode is the existence of Pib, named after the printing mode. The blanket has played an irreplaceable role in the printing process, such as: it can make up for a good substrate surface is not flat, so that the full transfer of ink, it can reduce the plate of water (see water in the role in printing) to the substrate transfer etc..
Q:How does the triple printer paper set the printer paper specifications; the printer is (EPSON LQ-635K)
If you use a computer system that is WindowsXP:In the lower left corner of the computer please click on the "start" - > "printer and fax machine" - > "file - > server properties, select the" create a new format, enter a name for the custom size in the "table" (1234), according to the actual size of the paper are input "width" and the "height" (with hole continuous paper height = continuous paper hole number *0.5*63.5px). The printer zone margins do not need to be modified. Click Save format to complete the paper customizations.
Q:What is the difference with the white paper board, is that they are the same paper?
White is a kind of white cardboard with 2-3 Hanging noodles layer structure, is a relatively high-level cardboard packaging, mainly used for packaging, carton box, made of all kinds of color printing, plays a promotional role to protect the goods, decoration decoration of the goods, can also be used for making tags, lining and plastic packaging edition the master board. Also known as Manila paper, printed board for children's education pictures and stationery, cosmetics, medicine trademark. Ration is 200 grams / square meter to 400 grams / square meter. The thickness, lint free, off powder, toughness, not easy to break. When folded paperboard is composed of a surface layer and a core plate and the bottom layer. The surface layer and the bottom layer using the bleached pulp production board, core layer for mechanical pulp, two fiber pulp or some other unbleached pulp bleaching products and semi. From 3 to 6 layers, or more layers. The general surface bleaching The pulp requires a certain degree of sizing and printability
Q:What do you mean by the edge strength and the bursting strength of the board?
Side pressure strength (GB/T 6546) samples of certain width, the unit length can withstand the pressure of called side pressure strength, unit refers to the national standard N/m. side strength refers to the vertical compressive strength, namely the corrugated cardboard corrugated direction parallel to the pressure bearing capacity.
Q:SCX-3401 printer printing paper, half of the wave will fold, how to solve?
Check foreign bodies1. take out all the paper in the paper tray or carton and check if it is jammed.2. check the inside of the carton and the machine whether there are paper scraps.Four. Nonstandard size paper (recycled paper, photographic paper, label)Use a soft single paper or recycled paper, transparent film, photo paper, labels, envelopes, paperThe above paper belongs to non-standard paper, and must be placed in manual feeding position when using. Each time you place one, print manual feed bin position is different, the manual shall prevail.
Q:What is paper moisture meter?
It's an instrument for measuring moisture in paper
Q:What material is the paper made of?
There are two kinds of raw materials in papermaking: plant fiber and non plant fiber (inorganic fiber, chemical fiber, metal fiber).
Q:What's the price of recycled paper, recycled copy paper and plain paper?
Now the market generally ordinary copy paper sales price in 22-24 yuan / bag, a good Indian, Piovan, blue flagship brand, Gaopinle paper pulp, and the market of low price products are divided into two types: straw or reed pulp 1, mixed with high proportion, and straw or reed pulp is a kind of pulp pollution and the biggest waste of energy mentioned above; 2, packaging standard from the original 500 sheets per pack to reduce 400-450 each packet to reduce the cost, this is because many customers do not pay attention to each package less 100-50 Zhang, no one would really go to count how many pieces of paper package, so some manufacturers cut corners.

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