A4 Copy Paper 70GSM. 75GSM. 80GSM, office paper

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10000000 pc/month

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Product Description:

Product Description


1. A4 copy paper 80gsm different gs:
80g 98 to 103% brightness
75g 98 to 103% brightness
70g 98 to 103% brightness
For example

2. A4 copy paper 80gsm different Standard:

International standard
A4: 210 x 297mm
A3: 420x 297mm

America standard:
8.5 x 11-inch (216 x 279mm)
8.5 x 13-inch (216 x 330mm)

Other technical data:
A4 size: 8.5 x 11-inch (216 x 279mm)
3. A4 copy paper 80gsm Packing and delivery:

500 Sheets per Ream
5 Reams per Box
1560 Boxes per 20ft container( With Pallet)
1600 Boxes Per 20ft container( Without Pallet)
7800 Reams Total in one 20FCL( With Pallet)
8000 Reams Total in one 20FCL( Without Pallet)

2>. DELIVERY: 10-15days after deposite.

Packing can as your request.

4. A4 Copy paper 80gsm How to store:
1). Store in a dry, cool dark place, avoid exposing to the place of high temperature, high humidity and sunlight or light irradiate directly;
2). Do not store with chemicals;
3). Avoid the strong extrusion, friction and scratching;
4). This product is a one-time use only and destroyed after use;

5. After-sale service:

We promise that if there were something wrong with the quality of goods and it were our responsibility, we would accept the request of returning of the goods and refund the money back to our clients. We dare to make this promise, because we can assure you we provide great quality of goods with competitive price.

Quality(The proportion of wood pulp)
Imported wood pulp 50%
Domestic wood pulp 50%

Imported wood pulp 70%
Domestic wood pulp 30%
Imported wood pulp 100%

Whiteness (%) is greater than

Coefficient of Opacity (%) is greater than

Opacity (%) is greater than
wire side20wire side20wire side20

size resistance(mm)is greater than

Ash content(%)

Moisture content(%)

Density (g/cm3) less than the
Surface strength (m / s) is greater than1.01.01.0

Dust degree (a / m2) is less than
(0.2_1.5)mm2 50(0.2_1.5)mm2 50(0.2_1.5)mm2 50
greater than1.5mm20greater than1.5mm20greater than1.5mm20

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Q:What's the difference between coated paper and offset paper?
The old saying "offset paper paper", mainly for offset (offset) using a printing press or other printing machine higher-level color printing, suitable for printing monochrome or multicolor covers of books, text and pictorial, inserts, maps, posters, color trademarks and a variety of packaging products.
Q:What is the tiny paper
Have a certain loose thickness. It has high stiffness, ring crush strength and water absorption, and has excellent joint adaptability. With the natural hardwood chemical pulp, semi cold alkali pulp or natural soda straw or with waste paper pulp, the free beating, send into the round net and multi cylinder paper machine is made.
Q:Needle printer does not suck paper. What's the reason?
The first reason solution: print on right hand side with a paper control rod, into a single sheet of paper should be put in a single page position, into the continuous paper should be put in the continuous paper position, if the position is not a paper control rod, it may cause cannot feed. It could also be progressive paper, you've done the next paper.
Q:What kind of paper do you use for color laser printer?
If the photographic system is used, the coating on the surface will melt and damage the fuser when it passes high temperature. So never use photo paper. For prints, use glossy or glossy art paper. The price of A4 is half the price at 3 corners.
Q:How big is the four paper opening?
The size of 787 * 1092 mm flat base paper is the main size of our current cultural paper. Most of the existing paper making and printing machinery in our country are producing and applying the paper of this size. At present, countries in Southeast Asia use this size of paper, and other areas have rarely used it. 850 x 1168 mm in size is 787 x 1092 mm 25 on the basis of the need to adapt to the larger format of production, this paper size is mainly used for large format, this paper called 32 books is used. 880 * 1230 mm paper is larger than other sizes, so the utilization ratio of paper is higher, and the pattern is more beautiful and elegant. It is a standard in the world. Therefore, according to the choice of size of the base paper, it is big 16 open, positive 16 open and so on
Q:What harm does it work in a cardboard factory?
Mainly some cardboard plants use formaldehyde excessive adhesive for production, long-term exposure to formaldehyde, as in the new decoration of the house life, the harm is not small.
Q:What do you mean by single and double holes in the carton?
That is, five ply corrugated cardboard. Corrugated carton can not say what is the best material, but to see whether it is applicable
Q:What's the price of recycled paper, recycled copy paper and plain paper?
Low price is a characteristic of recycled paper. Due to the high technical content, the cost of recycled paper than wood pulp with high cost, the main aim is to make it as soon as possible to understand and accept this new thing to bring down the sales of recycled paper manufacturers profit, even at the risk of loss on sale. I think the embarrassment will be solved soon. After all, the survival of enterprises is fundamental benefit, if it is always in order to change people's understanding of recycled paper and cheap sales, can only lead to the closure of enterprises.
Q:What photographic paper does laser printer use?
Laser printers prohibit the use of any paper, film and paper on the surface of the paper. Can only use high quality glossy paper, laser printing photos dedicated, can also use coated paper, copy paper, paper weight generally 100 grams, ~120 grams or so.
Q:What is the difference between the A4 paper and sketch
The second is material, the sketch paper paper is more suitable for the pencil and charcoal left traces of paint, ink and A4 paper is more suitable for writing and printing dye.

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