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Product Description

C1S Coated Ivory Board/ FBB/ Bristol Paper
1. Grammage: 190-400gsm
2. Excellent folding strength, brightness, smoothness
1. Excellent folding strength, good ply bond that can resist cracking and delamination during folding process. All raw materials are imported wood pulp without domestic supply and de-inking pulp.

2. Good surface smoothness and high whiteness, result in high quality printing and more realistic images.


End Uses:
Premium magazine and book covers, cards, tags, graphical prints and packaging

ItemHigh Quality White Ivory Paper
SizeNormal size, according customer's requirements.
Minimum order1*20GP
Delivery time10~15days after get deposit
FOB portTianjin
 UsePrinting and packing


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Q:What do you mean by "GSM" on the printing paper?
Weight means 70 grams per square meter. It is the unit of paper and, to some extent, the quality of paper.
Q:How do you tell the right sides of the sketch?
The rough side is more adhesive to lead and is easier to draw than the smooth side, so the average professional will choose this oneThe rough side tends to have textures that increase the texture of the pictureSo for the painter, the side of the sketch paper is the rough side
Q:What is the difference between light coated paper and coated art paper?
Coated paper is an advanced printing paper made of base paper coated with white paint. Mainly used for printing books cover and illustrations, senior color pictures, a variety of exquisite product advertising, packaging, trademarks, sample.
Q:With what glue can you stick plastic paper and paper together?
502, AB can be, but better ab.
Q:When the paperboard tilts, does the incoming light not attach the cardboard to the mirror?
There is an infinite line across a line, just like the surface spun out of an axis. A plane is made up of numerous straight lines. The two rays reflected must be coplanar, but not necessarily on the cardboard. For example, the cardboard is rotated slightly and a straight line is missing
Q:What's the difference between corrugated boxes of A Watt, B Watt, C Watt, D Watt, E watt?
B type B type and A type Leng Leng Leng opposite number in the unit length of the corrugated corrugated and its performance is the lowest, and A type corrugated corrugated type B is used instead, made of corrugated box for packaging heavy and hard goods, used for canned and bottled goods such as packaging.In addition, there is a tendency to make use of B type hard and hard to break features, after punching cut into a complex shape of the combination box
Q:What kind of material is the paper made of?
Then, with plenty of water for washing the pulp, and through the screening and purification of the crude slurry in the film, knots, stones and sand removal etc..
Q:What's the difference between white paper and unbleached paper?
It's all the same. Don't think it's harmful to add some bleachNatural color paper does not need to think of the United StatesThey just cater to your tasteIs unbleached paper made of wood paddle paper? Obviously notHow could there be no other colors for the recycling of waste paper?Where are the colorful papers, including packaging consumables?
Q:What brand of advertising board, KT board, card board?
The first is: raw material is foam plate core PS particles, but because of the cold plate are single core board, so to double the first foam, foam thickness is about 3.5mm, for half a month, then second times the core equipment in the foam, foam to the left and right 5.0-5.2mm, second may direct foaming after laminating glue.Then paste dough dough: the substrate is PVC, usually 0.08m-0.1mm, 0.9 x 2.4 "is mostly used 0.08-0.1mm 1.2 * 2.4 pieces of dough plate 0.16mm is generally used to strengthen the stiffness of the plate, because the surface is PVC, PS is the core material, so the choice must be neutral in the dough and glue, glue at the same time, each plate core glue paste, paste to the plate hydraulic machine (ten tons) extrusion, 24 hours can be taken out cutting edge trimming and packaging and shipment.Bubble: the wrapper and the plate core foaming, cause analysis1, the core ripening period is too short; 2, neutral glue problems or glue is wrong; 3, after the board has direct sunlight or ultraviolet light irradiation. The common bubble is due the dough is too thin, the sun after foaming, photo frame and dough little bubble, from the theoretical analysis of very easy blistering.
Q:What is the difference between the printing effect of dumb powder paper and coated art paper?
Coated paper is similar to dumb powder paper, but it is dumb powder, and the two sides of paper do not glisten. The propaganda paper made of dumb powder paper, without coated paper, is bright and bright in color. But the dumb powder paper is opposite to the copperplate paper, the printed propaganda article is more exquisite, and also can enhance its grade. In addition, dumb powder paper made propaganda products are relatively hard, not prone to deformation. But most printing in daily life is made of coated paper, because the dull powder paper is relatively expensive. Gold green printing

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