Jumbo Roll Thermal Paper /ATM Paper/A quality

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10000 pc
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10000000 pc/month

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Product Description:

Product Description

1. All size is available;
37mmx50mm, 37mmx70mm, 44mmx50mm, 44X70mm, 44X76mm, 57mmx50mm, 57mmx57mm, 57mmx76mm, 76mmx70mm, 76mmx76mm, 80mmx60mm, 80mmx70mm, 80mmx80mm, etc;
2. Packing: 50-100rolls per carton or as your request.
3. All core is available: Cardboard core, plastic core;
4. High brightness, good in toughness and seamless, deep thermal image;
5. Neat end surface, good in tightness, convenient and practical;

6. Various specifications of thermal rolls available, can be made as per customers' requests
7. Worldwide universal core, handsome and practical;
8 Made of 100% wood pulp, topping quality
9 Including two kinds of thermal paper, thermal fax paper for facsimile and thermal receipt paper for cash register and ATM


80mm×150mm,80mmx155mm, 80mmx180mm, 80mmx185mm, 80mmx200mm, 80mmx220mm etc.


48gsm, 50gsm, 52gsm, 55gsm, 58gsm, 60gsm, 65gsm etc.

Core size

careboard core, plastic core: 13×17mm, 18×25mm, 26×34mm (7/16'') (1/2'' core)


1000 rolls


Sample lead time: 2 days

Payment Terms

30% T/T as deposit, the rest should be finished before shippment

Delivery time

about 15 days after the receipt of deposit.


OEM Packing, nutural packing, shrink-wrapping, Black/blue/white bag packing; Golden/Silver glossy paper packing

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Q:How do you convert paper units lbs and GSM?
In addition, Europe and the United States used to use LB (pounds) to indicate the weight of paper, converted to paper weight (GSM) method is: multiplied by the number of pounds 1.6275, or 1gsm=1.6275LBS. Paper weight is expressed as GSM or g / m2, both grma, per, square and meter grams per square meter.
Q:Classification and specifications of industrial paperboard
Types of paper and paperboardA quantity of less than 225g / m2 is considered paper, and a quantity of 225g / m2 or more is considered to be cardboard. This shows that cardboard is a generic term for some paper with higher stiffness. There are many ways to classify paper and cardboard.According to the choice of raw materials to be divided into: plant fiber, mineral fiber, animal fiber, chemical fiber or other fibers produced paper or paperboard. Among them, plant fiber, paper and cardboard based.According to mode of production can be divided into: handmade paper and paper. This book deals only with the latter.According to the use of divided into: cultural paper, industrial and agricultural technology, paper, packaging paper and living paper four major categories. Paperboard can be broadly divided into four categories: paperboard for packaging, industrial technology for paperboard, building board for printing and decorative paperboard for use.
Q:What's the paper of the newspaper?
Newspapers are printed on newsprint. What you are talking about is just a little better news. Here is a little bit of paper classification knowledge.A wide variety of paper, generally in terms of its use and quality characteristics, can be divided into cultural paper, industrial paper, packaging paper, household paper, information paper and special paper, such as six categories.
Q:What's the difference between gray cardboard, gray paperboard, white cardboard and white board paper?
What is the difference between the white cardboard and the white board?:1, white cardboard has a higher stiffness, breaking resistance and smoothness (but excluding imprint patterned white cardboard), smooth paper, neat appearance, no marks, spots and other paper, nor warpage phenomenon. Suitable for printing and packaging of products. Used for business cards, invitations, certificates, menus, monthly calendars, postal postcards or similar products.2. White board is a kind of cardboard with white and glossy facade and gray backing on the back. This kind of cardboard is mainly used for printing in one side color printing. It is also used for packaging or for design and handwork.
Q:Does the mattress underneath the mattress affect breathability?
This is why there are a variety of spring mattress, latex mattress, palm mattress, there are a variety of combinations, is to provide a flexible and sufficient support, people can have a comfortable sleep, so I do not recommend the mattress pad to cardboard.
Q:8K or A4 paper?
8 paper size: eight opening 389mmx273mm, generous 444mmx297mm. 8 paper opening is a Chinese custom paper, not an international paper.
Q:With what glue can you stick plastic paper and paper together?
AB is a nickname for the two liquid mixed hardening glue, the glue is a liquid, a liquid hardener, two feed to hardening, is not required by the temperature should be hard ripening, so it is a kind of adhesive curing at room temperature, the model is sometimes used to do. Generally used in industry.
Q:How much time to foil fish
Fish need to foil and bake for 15 minutespracticeIn the spring onion, garlic maw, first with salt rub the fish, then use soy sauce, cooking wine, ginger, pepper, white sugar marinated fish.Sprinkle ginger, red chilli, star anise and cumin on the fish.Wrapped with aluminum foil, the foil poke a few holes, and then placed in the microwave oven, 200 degrees preheating, fish inside, bake for 15 minutes.
Q:How to choose the right silicone oil paper?
Silicone paper costs: although domestic and imported silicone paper are very different, and silicone oil domestic beer is not very good, but domestic silicone paper has the advantage of being cheap than imported silicone paper, considering the scope of use, the use of commodity areas, product profit conditions to choose what kind of silicone oil the.
Q:Sketch paper is A3 paper
NoDrawing paper is generally 8 open, 4 open, 2 open, 1 open size,Four open positive, 389*546 generous 420mm*570mm,Eight open positive, 389*273 generous 444mm*297mm,297mmx420 mm A3 paper.

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