Jumbo Roll Thermal Paper /ATM Paper/A quality

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10000 pc
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10000000 pc/month

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Product Description:

Product Description

1. All size is available;
37mmx50mm, 37mmx70mm, 44mmx50mm, 44X70mm, 44X76mm, 57mmx50mm, 57mmx57mm, 57mmx76mm, 76mmx70mm, 76mmx76mm, 80mmx60mm, 80mmx70mm, 80mmx80mm, etc;
2. Packing: 50-100rolls per carton or as your request.
3. All core is available: Cardboard core, plastic core;
4. High brightness, good in toughness and seamless, deep thermal image;
5. Neat end surface, good in tightness, convenient and practical;

6. Various specifications of thermal rolls available, can be made as per customers' requests
7. Worldwide universal core, handsome and practical;
8 Made of 100% wood pulp, topping quality
9 Including two kinds of thermal paper, thermal fax paper for facsimile and thermal receipt paper for cash register and ATM


80mm×150mm,80mmx155mm, 80mmx180mm, 80mmx185mm, 80mmx200mm, 80mmx220mm etc.


48gsm, 50gsm, 52gsm, 55gsm, 58gsm, 60gsm, 65gsm etc.

Core size

careboard core, plastic core: 13×17mm, 18×25mm, 26×34mm (7/16'') (1/2'' core)


1000 rolls


Sample lead time: 2 days

Payment Terms

30% T/T as deposit, the rest should be finished before shippment

Delivery time

about 15 days after the receipt of deposit.


OEM Packing, nutural packing, shrink-wrapping, Black/blue/white bag packing; Golden/Silver glossy paper packing

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Q:At what temperature and humidity does the cardboard mould easily and in which case can the cartons be kept longer?.
25 degrees or so, air humidity is greater than 70%, it is easy to mildew, this temperature and humidity is just suitable for the growth of mold conditions. Cartons can be kept longer under dry, high temperature conditions.
Q:What if the printer doesn't feed?
Reasons for non feed and solutions. 1, print paper placed too much. Check that the print paper is up to standard, such as whether the position has exceeded the printer's left rail arrow mark. If you exceed it, you must reduce the print paper. 2. Foreign body blockage. See if any foreign matter is blocked inside the printer. For example, if the paper is jammed in the printer, it will cause the phenomenon of no paper feeding. If there is a foreign body, it must be removed, must be removed when the printer power off, and then carefully remove the foreign body. If you take out the paper, you must pull out the paper slowly along the direction of the paper, take out the paper, and check to see if there are any residual paper, and make sure the paper is clean. 3, print paper moisture. If the printed paper is kept for too long and the surface is wet, there may be a phenomenon of no paper feeding. At this point, what we need to do is to dry the printing paper. 4 、 have the ink been used up?. If you use an inkjet printer, the black cartridge or the color cartridge flashes or blinks, indicating that the ink is about to run out. If the cartridge is empty, the printer will not be able to send the paper.
Q:Insulation board of transformer
The insulating pressboard is used for making the oil gap block of the transformer coil, the iron yoke insulation of the transformer, the iron yoke pad and the pressing plate at the end of the coil, so as to ensure that the coil has a stable axial dimension
Q:The printer has a paper problem
The panel has a "designated" original size, there is a button next to it (an arrow below the button), press this button for about 5 seconds, like, then you will find the original size lights above, then you find "," do you want to specify the original size what size to choose what type, and then click on the "start" button (or copy), which is set up, and finally click "remove the whole machine (the yellow button)" button.
Q:What does the thickness of the paper G mean?
The white cardboard case, general 200g, 300g, 400g, said here is the grams of weight, which is a square meters this paper how many grams, in other words, 200g is a white, the white one square meters (about a full size) 200g.
Q:Excuse me, how to calculate the weight of honeycomb paperboard, I have a formula but not sure, thank!
The core paper area consumed by honeycomb paperboard per unit area is S=1.9*t/c. (t is honeycomb panel thickness, C is honeycomb side length). Taking area multiplied by core paper weight is core paper weight
Q:What do you mean by "AA KK TK" in the carton?
A=A "=" refers to five layers of corrugated cardboard (or double corrugated cardboard), facial tissue and interior paper with A paper, and two corrugated and medium paper are commonly used corrugated base paper.
Q:What is the tiny paper
It is mainly used as corrugated core layer (middle layer) of corrugated paperboard, and plays an important role in the shockproof performance of corrugated paperboard. It can also be used as a wrapping paper for fragile things alone
Q:When the paperboard tilts, does the incoming light not attach the cardboard to the mirror?
First of all, the cardboard is the vertical surface of the table, the vertical light to the cardboard appeared a light, indicating that at this time is affixed to the paper, that is, the incident light is affixed to the cardboard mirror
Q:What are the commonly used paper in life?
1, culture, printing paper: newsprint, offset paper, writing paper, art paper, dictionary paper, stamp paper, security paper2, packing: kraft paper, kraft paper, corrugated paper, cement bag paper, paper bag paper, white paper (white, grey paper), greaseproof paper, cellophane paper, aluminum foil paper, white cardboard, parchment, translucent paper3. Industrial technology paper: drawing paper, release paper, carbon paper, pressboard paper, insulating board, discipline paper, drawing paper, filter paper and photographic base paper,Thermal paper, paper, paper, coordinate measurement of carbonless copy paper, capacitor paper, wallpaper, impregnated paper, sea map drawings, copy paper, tipping paper

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