CFB 55GSM NCR Paper/ Carbonless Paper with Blue Image

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Product Description:

Product Description

1. Manufacturer
3. All the colors
4. ECT. 787*1092mm, 889*1194mm, 700*1000mm
5. Resonable price

Carbonless paper, 45-52gsm, 787*1092mm, 889*1194mm, 700*1000mm, suit for cutting into small size like 281mm and 381mm width, for computer typing machine. Good quality, good price.

Carbonless Paper

Products description:
1. ) Carbonless Paper for vouchers printing & computer continous form converting purpose with more than 6 years export experiences of Carbonless Paper.
2. ) Substance: 48-80gsm
3. ) Image colours: Blue, Black, Red, Purple
4. ) Size: In sheets or reels available
5. ) Coating: CB, CFB, CF
6. ) Colours: White, pink, yellow, blue, green, orange

1) Width(mm): 57, 70, 75, 80, 114 (other size are avaliable according to the customers' requirements)
2) Diameter(mm)45, 50, 60, 80, 100, 160 (other size are avaliable according to the customers' requirements)
3) Core Diameter: 12, 7mm(1/2"), 19mm(3/4"), 25.4mm(1" ), (other size are avaliable according to the customers' requirements
4) 2-ply white/yellow, preprinting on the back are available. 3-ply, 4-ply, 5-ply aare avaliable
5) Used in ATM machine, supermarkets, banks, and some offices.
Sheet size: Any size can be supplied according to your need. Such as 787x1092mm, 889x1194mm, 880x615mm, 880x1230mm etc.
Grammage: 40-80gsm

Color: Paper color with white, blue, red, pink, yellow, green or others you need.
Image color: Blue, black
CB colors 40-50gsm. CFB colors 50-55gsm. CF colors 47-55gsmProviding after-service and technical support for you.
Environment Fiendly. No pollution. Reuse and recycle to making paper pulp.
Being suitable for all kinds of office or commercial using environment. Such as Tax, Goveronment, Finance, Post service, Business, Banks and many other trades or industries.

Products features:
1. ) Professional quality control system
2. ) Super smoothness surface and whiteness
3. ) Excellent colourful offset printability
4. ) SGS certificated
5. ) Well-known brand with attractive packing
6. ) Clearly imaged writing copy up to 7 pages
7. ) Minimum 4-5 years self life guarantee
8. ) More than 6 years Carbonless Paper exporting experiences

Phisical TestUnit50
Thickness        (no less than)μm62
Density          (no less than)g/c30.69
Moisture         (no more than)%7.5
Contact Angle     (no less than)TOPg/m225
Curling          (no more than)mm10
Copy Intensity    (no less than)BLUE2nd0.9

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Q:What's the raw material in the carton factory?
Raw material carton factory is the use of pulp (reed, straw and wood materials such as cutting into the sheet (for the production of chemical pulp) or wood off (for production pulp) and small pieces of material into the digester with chemical liquid, cooking with steam, the boiled pulp of raw materials).
Q:What are the conditions for the production of cardboard?
Pit box material, facial tissue, usually with card box like material, that is, can do card box material can be used as pit box of facial tissue material, facial tissue is mainly used for printing graphic material. The pit is not used for printing paper, it is a non printing surface on the cardboard, glue and cardboard glued together. The function of pit paper is to improve the physical properties of the color box, such as explosion protection, collision avoidance and impact resistance, so as to protect the product and prevent the product from being damaged during the course of transportation and storage. The pit paper is divided into coarse pits and fine pits according to the thickness of the pits. According to the color of the pit paper, it is also divided into white, yellow and color, with corresponding numbers or letters indicating different pits, thickness, quality grade or color. For example, W9 stands for white fine pits, and A3 stands for yellow pits. The production process of facial tissue is nothing different from that of the card box. The difference between the pit and the paper box and the card is that the pit paper and the surface paper are mounted together. That is to say, more than one laminating process.
Q:What is the difference between light coated paper and coated art paper?
Grohal, also called the full paper, English called Light Weight Coated Paper. it refers to a Kerr like heavy lower coated paper, usually in 40-90g/m2.
Q:How about painting material? What is paper mirror heart and silk face mirror heart?
Mirror heart, one of the mounting style of traditional Chinese painting. In a picture, four sides of a material, not on the rod, do not turn the edge of the film". Generally put the film in the frame, so also known as "mirror heart."". The pictures around the silk, painting is also according to the size of the decision, the basic form is: the total vertical plate, to the world (day six to four), the upper and lower horizontal piece as wide as two column as big, but compared to the wide side column.
Q:What is the principle of thermal paper?
When the heat sensitive paper is placed in the environment above 70 degrees Celsius, the thermal sensitive coating starts to change color. The reasons for its discoloration are also discussed in terms of its constituents.There are two kinds of heat sensitive components in thermal paper coating: one is colorless or implicit color, and the other is color developing agent. This type of thermal sensitive paper is also known as "double differentiation" type thermal recording paper.
Q:How does the triple printer paper set the printer paper specifications; the printer is (EPSON LQ-635K)
If you use a computer system that is Windows7:In the lower left corner of the computer please click on the "start" - > "devices and printers", using the left mouse button click on the printer icon, select the server properties in the top menu bar, select "create new form", "form" to enter a custom size name (such as: 1234), according to the the actual size of the paper are input to the width and height (height = continuous continuous paper with hole hole number *0.5*63.5px). The printer zone margins do not need to be modified. Click Save format to complete the paper customizations
Q:Which side of the watercolor paper should I use?
The general paintings have stripes over there, and this kind of stripes is specially made to show the effect of watercolor.
Q:How many sheets of paper can a tree produce?
Besides, the size and volume of trees determine the content of fiber, too. Trees, trees, American blouses, and age of trees vary..So how many pieces of paper a particular tree can make is determined by trees and paper.
Q:What's the difference between printed paper and office copy paper?
General copy of paper can be used to print, only the quality difference, i.e. paper thickness, color, ink is easy to open; size at A4, B4, A3, B3 etc., and usually only basic for printing the printing paper to have a width of 120 rows and 80 columns. Three and two length segmentation, segmentation, multilayer carbonless copying, etc., for the use of this kind of continuous printing, printing paper for copying paper, there may be a problem.
Q:Why can the paper pot boil water?What is the principle of it?
The paper pot can boil water is a physical phenomenon, the paper filled with water, so between the paper and the water will produce heat transfer, while the highest boiling water temperature was 100 degrees, but this has not reached the paper burns, that no matter how paper can reach 100 degrees. So the paper can boil water pot

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