ATM Used Cash Register POS Thermal Paper

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Product Description:

Product Description

Our company is specialized in thermal paper, thermal paper roll, NCR paper roll, printing paper and copy paper, computer printing paper, POS/ATM paper rolls, thermal fax paper, cash register paper, printing paper, bond paper, adhensive thermal label and so on.

1. Weight: 48GSM, 50GSM, 52GSM, 55GSM, 58GSM, 60GSM, 65GSM etc.
2. All size is available; 37mmx50mm, 37mmx70mm, 44mmx50mm, 44x70mm, 44x76mm, 57mmx50mm, 57mmx57mm, 57mmx76mm, 76mmx70mm, 76mmx76mm, 80mmx60mm, 80mmx70mm, 80mmx80mm, etc;
3. All core is available: Cardboard core, plastic core;
4. Packing: 50-100rolls per carton or as your request.
5. High brightness, good in toughness and seamless, deep thermal image;
6. Neat end surface, good in tightness, convenient and practical;
7. Worldwide universal core, handsome and practical;
8. Various specifications of thermal rolls available, can be made as per customers' requests.

If you are interested in our products, please don't hesitate to contact us. Please kindly inform us of the size, weight quantity and other requirements. We hope to make a long-time and good business relationship with you!

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Q:What's the advantage of paper barbecue?
The benefits of paper grilling are hygiene. Barbecue paper is disposable, in line with today's consumer attitudes; non stick, not paste and baked things, bright colors, suck fingers; Korean paper barbecue is not greasy. The main barbecue, are mainly to greasy, healthy diet does not conform to the modern concept of paper, barbecue, no oil and not sticky, is the meat itself out of oil, the barbecue stove and an oil outlet, less oil, ensure that the meat is delicious taste; the paper is that the benefits of many kinds of barbecue. The ordinary paper barbecue barbecue can't fish onto the table, baked meat quality is delicious, golden color, flavor and color.
Q:In winter, the front of the car sink the wind down the cardboard
No, it'll only reduce the temperature of the engine room. You can change the temperature at a temperature
Q:What kind of paper is the paper that releases the newspaper?
Newspapers are printed on newsprint. What you are talking about is just a little better news. Here is a little bit of paper classification knowledge.A wide variety of paper, generally in terms of its use and quality characteristics, can be divided into cultural paper, industrial paper, packaging paper, household paper, information paper and special paper, such as six categories.
Q:How much is the A4 size (unit mm)?
According to the basic area of the paper format, the format specification is divided into A series, B series and C series, format specifications for A0 size is 841mm * 1189mm, surface area of 1 square meters; the B0 size is 1000mm * 1414mm, surface area of 2.5 square meters; the C0 size is 917mm * 1279mm area, area of 2.25 square meters;
Q:At what temperature and humidity does the cardboard mould easily and in which case can the cartons be kept longer?.
25 degrees or so, air humidity is greater than 70%, it is easy to mildew, this temperature and humidity is just suitable for the growth of mold conditions. Cartons can be kept longer under dry, high temperature conditions.
Q:What kind of paper does the printed paper and the copy paper belong to?
Yes, it's an offset paper (plain printed paper)According to the length and width of different classification, A4 specifications: 21*29.7 cm B4 specifications: 25*35.4, B5 specifications: 18.2*25.7The specification of paper refers to the paper made, after trimming, trimming, cut into a certain size. In the past, how many "open" (such as 8 open or 16 open, etc.) to represent the size of the paper, and now I use international standards, the provisions of A0, A1, A2, B1, B2, and other marks to indicate the format of the paper specifications. The standard specifies the width of the paper (expressed in X) and the length (expressed in Y) as the ratio of X:Y=1:n.According to the basic area of the paper format, the format specification is divided into A series, B series and C series, format specifications for A0 size is 841mm * 1189mm, surface area of 1 square meters; the B0 size is 1000mm * 1414mm, surface area of 2.5 square meters; the C0 size is 917mm * 1279mm area, area of 2.25 square meters; the format specifications of copy paper by A and B series. If the A0 along the length of paper into two parts, will become the A1 specification, the A1 paper along the length direction of, will become the A2 specifications, so to open to the A8 specification; B8 paper also according to the method of opening to B8 specifications. The sizes of A0 ~ A8 and B0 to B8 are listed in the following table. Among them, A3, A4, A5, A6 and B4, B5, B6 and other 7 format specifications for copy paper commonly used specifications.
Q:Is there any difference between the non-woven wallpaper and the PVC wallpaper?
PVC wallpaper concept: YISHION paper, non-woven fabrics, spinning cloth and so on as the base material, spraying PVC paste resin on the surface of the base material, and then processed by printing, embossing and other processes. This kind of wallpaper after foaming treatment can produce three-dimensional sense of strong, and can be made into a variety of realistic texture effect, such as imitation wood, imitation brocade, imitation tiles, a strong texture and good air permeability, can effectively resist the erosion of oil and moisture, available in the kitchen and bathroom, suitable for in almost all Home Furnishing places.
Q:Carton and carton price calculation
The composition of corrugated cardboardCorrugated cardboard is mainly divided into three layers of corrugated cardboard, five ply corrugated cardboard and seven ply corrugated cardboard.The three ply corrugated carton is mainly used for packing the inner packing with lighter weight, and the three ply corrugated carton is also called a single corrugated carton. The structure is made of a corrugated paper and two sides of each paper.Five layers of corrugated box is mainly used for the package of lightweight and easily broken contents; five layers of corrugated boxes called double corrugated carton, referred to as the past two watt shjn. The structure of five layers of corrugated box is made of paper, paper, paper and corrugated paper two Zhang Xin two bonding, combination type of commonly used type AB (Chongqing pharmaceutical packaging to most type), AC type, BC type, AE type or BE type.Seven ply corrugated boxes consist of the following cardboard, three ply corrugated cardboard (mainly used for packing heavy goods, such as motorcycles, etc.);Composition: it is made of facial tissue, corrugated paper, core paper, corrugated paper, core paper, corrugated paper and paper. The combination of corrugated frames usually adopts BAB, BAA, CAC or BAC
Q:What are the differences between double and coated paper? What are the different models?
Coated paper is also called coated printing paper. It is called "powder paper" in areas such as Hongkong. It is an advanced printing paper made of base paper coated with white paint. Mainly used for printing books cover and illustrations, senior color pictures, a variety of exquisite product advertising, packaging, trademarks, sample.
Q:What's the difference between a double adhesive tape and a white cardboard?
The main purpose of white cardboard, printing name card, certificate, invitation, cover, month calendar and postcards etc..

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