Factory direct meium or low voltage armoured xlpe power cable

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Product Description:


Xlpe insulated power cable 
1.Best quality material 
2.Armour avaliabe according to your requirement 
3.xlpe cable various types

                   Factory direct meium or low voltage armoured xlpe power cable 


                                                                                            PE or PVC for Sheath

                                                                                              Armour for option

Description of XLPE insulated power cable:

XLPE insulated power cable performs better than  paper or PVC insulated cable. XLPE power cable has high electric strength, mechanical strength, high-ageing resisting, environmental stress resisting anti-chemical corrosion, and it is simple construction, using convenient and higher operating of long term temperature. It can be laid with no drop restriction.

The flame-retardant and non-flame retardant XLPE cable can be manufactured with three technologies (peroxide, silane and irradiation cross-linking). The flame-retardant cable covers all kinds of low-smoke low-halogen low-smoke halogen free, and non-smoke non-halogenated and three classes of A,B,C.


Features of xlpe insulated power cable:


1. Conductors: copper or aluminum.


2. Both armored and non-armored type power cables are available.


3. Voltage rating: 0.6/1kv 3.6/6kv 6/10kV 8.7/15kV 26/35kV all avaliable


4. PVC or PE for sheath.


5. Number of cable cores: one core(Single core),two cores(Double cores),three cores,


Four cores (Four Equal-section-area cores or three equal-section-area cores and one smaller section area neutral core),


Five cores (Five equal-area cores or three equal-section-area cores and two smaller section area neutral cores).


6. Standards: IEC 60502. IEC, BS, DIN, ASTM, CSA, NFC, AS, GOST etc. Or other special characteristics as customers request.

  High quality and best price 35Kv or lower armoured xlpe power cable


Executive Standard



Working conditions

1.For long-term running,the highest environment tempreture should not beyond 90 degree centigrade .

2.The tempreture reaches 250 degree, shot circuit occour(less than 5 seconds).

3.Tempreture for dixing cable should be more than 0 centigrade.

4.Min bending radium of cable:15 times of outer diameter(3 cores); 20 times for cable of single core .

5.A.C rated voltage U0/U 0.6/1kv~26/35kv.

CoreT(always not indicated)Copper
InsulationYJXLPE insulation
VPVC insulation
SheathVPVC jacket
YPE or polylefin jacket
Armour2Steel tape
3Thin round steel wire
4Thick round steel wire
Jacket2PVC Jacket
3PE Polyolefin Jacket


For example: YJY23 means:copper core,xlpe insulated,steel type armoured and PE jacket Power cable.


Type  Application
TypeItem DescriptionApplication
YJVYJLVXLPE-insulated cable with PVC sheathTo be laid indoors,in the tunnel,cable furrow,pipe or under soft soil.This type can not bear mechanical force or water.Single core cable is not allowed to be placed on magntic enviroment.
YJYYJLYXLPE-insulated cable with PE sheath
YJV22YJLV22XLPE-insulated cable with steel tape armor and PVC sheathTo be laid underground( deeper than 0.7m);Certain mechanical force avaliable,but no great pulling force allowed.
YJV23YJLV23XLPE-insulated cable with steel tape armor and PE sheath
TJV32YJLV32XLPE-insulated cable with steel tape armor and PVC sheathTo be laid underground( deeper than 0.7m);Bearable of mechanical force and pulling power.

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Q:Can connecting a PoE powered cable cause a surge?
No, the PoE switch will initiate the connection with a low voltage signal to determine if the device at the other supports PoE or not. If not, it doesn't apply a current.
Q:Do data cables for dvd drives/hard drives ome with the drive or psu or motherboard?
Data cables usually come with the mother board.....if you buy on OEM hard drive and optical drive they don't come with cables. The PSU has all the power cables you need. IF you buy a good mother board you usually get two or more SATA cables you only need one for the hard drive and one for the optical drive....so you don't have to buy any other cables separately.
Q:What kind of pcie power cables do I need for my graphics card?
Your power supply is a poor one for that video card. Put it this way (simply): If you PSU does not have the proper PCIe 6 and 8 pin video power connectors, then that PSU is not good enough for your video card in the first place. Time to upgrade the PSU. Get a good name brand one, and one that has a single +12V rail design (not dual rail like your old PSU)...
Q:What type of computer power cable is needed to support a 400W PSU?
minimum watt PSU could desire to be ok given which you do no longer plan on including any peripherals as nicely the basics (a million no longer elementary tension and a million optical tension) and that video card... yet once you have 2 no longer elementary drives or connect a super variety of extra desirable USB units that leech ability out of your device, then you definately will want to have somewhat extra desirable overhead just to be risk-free. 500W or extra useful could desire to be lots. Get one with a minimum of two 12V rails and you may desire to be advantageous.
Q:Will ps2 power cable work on ps3?
No, you can use the power cable for a computer on the PS3. It is a standard shape and can be purchased from any good computer shop. The PS2 uses a transformer and the pin alignment is different. Just get a proper cable, they are really cheap anyway.
Q:Does this PSU have 6 SATA Power Cables attatched to it?
SATA Power Connector: 6 - YES it does have. If your spending $750 on a computer i'd suggest you get a branded power supply, they last longer and will supply your video card with enough juice to get the job done. what kind of video card are you getting? depending on what card your getting 500 watts may or may not be enough, as the new nvidia cards are very juicy :)
Q:Does nvidia gt 520 require any power supply cables attached to it?
for low end cards, you dont need an additional 6 pin or 8 pin power cable for it. It is only for mid range and high range cards that need additional cable for it. For GT 520, you don't need it.
Q:PS3 Slim, hanging then yanking the power cable?
If pulling the power cord was the *only* way to turn it off, that's ok, you just don't want to do it frequently. As for the game itself, the only thing I can think of is to make sure other games work. If so, then something about the game itself is causing the fault, but not sure what. If anything, I would say contact Sony for assistance in that regard.
Q:How to connect the power cable pre-branch connector
In the pre-measured size cut out the jacket and insulation, according to the different cross-sectional size of the cable cut the size of the jacket and insulation different; with C-shaped tube corresponding to the corresponding color sequence crushing the trunk and branch lines, crimping attention to crimping The strength of the clamp, can not be too loose or too tight, too loose will cause the cable crimping off, resulting in open circuit, crimping too tight will break the conductor or cause the conductor stranded in the contact with a good conductor with polytetrafluoroethylene With the winding baking transparent, and then wrapped waterproof tape (tiger belt) can be used after the wooden hammer shrink the cable core to facilitate injection molding in the injection process should choose the appropriate mold and injection molding machine injection mold injection, the mold is too large cost Waste, the mold is too small caused by defective, bad seal at both ends of the running coke, affecting the injection effect
Q:Can you identify this power cable?
maximum all DVD drives drivers are geared up into residing house windows. you are able to examine the producers internet site to ensure if there are any extra drivers accessible. The IDE cable is the flat one a pair of million.5 inches in width and could be plugged into the midsection. skill could be a tannish white looking cable with 4 wires out of it on the left hand ingredient ofpersistent looking from front ofpersistent. Audio cable if there is one is a small oblong cable with a clip to hold in place on the splendid ingredient of thepersistent. Alot of cases interior the previous as quickly as I even have seen this mistake thepersistent has long gone out and had to get replaced. desire this permits

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