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With cylindrical roller bearing is designed to withstand heavy loads. In the same width, thebearing and the bearing is compared with the traditional type, has the advantages of high load capacity, the radial section is small, can save a space, but the speed is relatively low.In order to make the normal working of bearing, in continuous operation, bearing must be subjected to a certain minimum load, namely C/P<25. Otherwise, due to lack of lubricationand high-speed operation aggravates wear. All multi row cylindrical roller bearings with alubrication groove and lubrication holes in the outer ring.

NNF... ADA2LSV/SL04 type double row full complement cylindrical roller bearings with inner ring, two, two inner ring is composed of a clamping ring are connected together, can not be separated, the outer ring has a rib, can bear axial load bidirectional, used for locating bearing. Between the two rows of rollers of the distance is large, can also withstand overturning moment. The surface of the outer ring has two stop groove, can the axial positioning. This type of bearing is installed on the two sides of the contact seal ring, built-in lithium grease, the operating temperature is limited to 40 to +80 DEG C. Under certain conditions, this type of bearing no maintenance, but when running with water vapor orpollution, and often for medium or high speed operation, it must add lubrication. In the use of oil lubrication occasions, need to remove the sealing ring, and the cleaning grease in the bearing, 30% increase in oil lubrication by turn.

2NNC/SL01 series of full cylindrical roller bearing


NNC/SL01 series of full cylindrical roller bearing, no seal bearing, the outer ring is integralsplit, which is connected with the lock piece is fixed together, so the outer ring can not bear the axial load, the split outer ring is exactly the same, each with a rib, an axial positioningcan be made in two directions. The inner ring with three rib. Outer ring with oil groove andthree lubrication holes, this series of bearings are usually oil lubrication.

3NNCL/SL02 series of full cylindrical roller bearing


NNCL/SL02 series of full cylindrical roller bearing, for the non sealed bearings, no outer wall, with oil groove and three lubrication holes. The inner ring with three rib. The outer ringis provided with a fixed ring in the center between the two rows of rollers, the roller canprevent fall out, keep the bearing as a whole. This series of bearings can allow the shaft with the axial displacement in the bearing and the bearing seat between occurrence.Because can be used as a floating end bearing

4NCF... V/SL18 with cylindrical roller bearing


NCF... V/SL18 with cylindrical roller bearing, the outer ring with a single flange, without ribsside of a lock ring, can be used for one-way positioning of the shaft, the axial gap "bearingthe internal S" ensure the shaft relative to the bearing axial positioning box shift.

5NJ... V/SL19 type full cylindrical roller bearing


NJ... V/SL19 type full cylindrical roller bearing used in heavy load and low speed,occasions, with self-locking roller group, even remove the inner ring, the roller will not be scattered, so the bearing installation and disassembly are convenient, can bear axial load,as one-way positioning.

Dimensional tolerances and geometric deviation with cylindrical roller bearing shall be in accordance with GB/T307.1-94 (ISO492- 1994) P0 level tolerance levels, and normal initial radial clearance of CO, may also request C2 to the original C4 radial internal clearance of bearing. But when ordering in the bearing designation after the need to increase the corresponding suffix. The general choice of group C3 clearance rubber screw extruder.

Fit tolerance selection principle of bearing seat tolerance can be reference and selection principle of shaft tolerance limit.

Bearings allow bear certain axial load. Adequate lubrication is a prerequisite to bear axialload. One-way positioning bearing and locating bearing the bear axial load retaining sidemust be fully supported by.

The installation and disassembly, when installing or removing cylindrical roller bearing must pay special attention, mounting or dismounting force can not be to pass directly through the cylindrical roller and ring rib.

6 roller bearing classification


The basic structure of single row full complement cylindrical roller bearing

Single row full complement cylindrical roller bearings can bear radial load greatly, can alsoendure single direction axial load, axial positioning can use similar bearing a symmetrical arrangement of guarantee. NCF 29V and NCF 30V series bearing inner ring with two fixedflange, the outer ring has a rib, they can only bear the axial load retaining edge toward thedirection of the outer ring is fixed. NJ23VH series bearings can withstand axial load effecttowards the inner ring rib direction, their roller is fixed in the outer ring, inner ring will not emerge even removed. So the two rings all adopt the tight fit, easy to install and disassemble respectively.

The basic types of double row full complement cylindrical roller bearing

Double row full complement cylindrical roller bearings can bear large radial load and axial load, also can withstand overturning moment, therefore, long used as a fixed bearing. NNC49V series bearing outer ring with a lubrication groove and a plurality of oil holes, in the process of work can also be carried out in the shaft lubrication. NNF50B.2LS.V and NNF50C.2LS.V series at both ends of the bearing adopts the contact type seal, the sealingcircle filled with grease. Application in good condition, grease can reach the bearingservice life. The lubricating oil on the outer ring groove and lubrication oil hole can belubricated. If several bearing the same mounted on a shaft, the outer ring of the inner ringis because than narrow outer ring, so the speed can be different. This is a good fit for the pulley mechanism, in order to make the pulley easily fixed to the outer ring of the bearing,annular grooves on the outer ring of the bearing can be installed on both ends of the elastic ring.

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Q:how to replace wheel bearings on a 92 toyota celica 2.2 GT?
Those bearings are pressed in you need to take the spindle to a machine shop and have the old ones pressed out and the new ones pressed in I have used my air chisle to get them out and my bench vise to install them but its a pain in the a$$ good luck
Q:should you replace axle bearings too if your replacing leaking axle seal?
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Remove the front wheels, calipers and rotors. Then change the bearings..............easy!

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