K Series Radial Needle Roller And Cage Assemblies

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100000 set/month

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k series needle bearing 

1. ISO9001:2008 
2 Any import brands 
3 Twenty-eight years' experience
4 OEM service

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:1. industry packing: industry paper or tube + carton+ pallet 2. individual packing: single colour box+ carton+ pallet 3. based on the customers' requirement
Delivery Detail:1. within 5 days for stock 2. 18-25 days for big quantity


Q:  I have a urgent order , and want to find a good supplier in short time ,what should i do ?

A: Please send your inquiry to me ,and tell me ,the model ,quantity ,material ,package ,precision ,you need ,i will give you a quick response.


Q:  How can i get a price with a discount ?

A:  Discount according to orders .Bigger order ,less money every bearing will cost ,then discount will be bigger . 


Q:  I have a trial order ,the quantity is little ,could you manufacturing it for me ?

A:  Please contact me ,i will tell you the MOQ.If you also need we design the single box for you ,we could make it for you ,and the extra cost of the order will return you by next official order.


Q:  I don’t know your factory before ,could you tell me which company you are cooperating now ? I want to get to know your factory?

A:  Sorry ,this is our company regulation :we should not let the information of our customer out ,in the same time ,we also keep your information confidential.If you want to know more information ,you could get some free sample from our factory or visit factory if you have the time .


Q:  Does your company could accept D/P or D/A payment terms?

A:  The payment terms of our company is :30% deposit by T/T or West Union ,70 % balance against the copy of B/L.


Q:Now i have a important order ,the quality must be good ,and my customer will test the goods when receive it ,the quality must be good ,can i trust you ?

A:Our manufacturing factory was founded in August 1998, with so many years professional experience,if you need some certificate to show for your customer ,please inform us ,we believe could help you to enlarge your market!



1.Industry package: Plastic paper+Kraft paper,10pcs or 5pcs/roll

2.Plastic tube: 10pcs/tube or 5pcs/tube

3.Single box: plastic bag+single box, OEM supply

4.Single wooden box: plastic bag+single wooden box

5.Carton: or as your need.

6.Pallet: Wooden

Application for needle roller bearing :

- Needle roller bearings are largely suitable for automotive transmissions

- Air-conditioner compressors

- Bulldozer blades

- Overhead traveling cranes

- Gearboxes

- Machine tool spindles

- Copying machines and many more



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Q:skateboard bearings problem?
Buying any new bearigns would fix this. Bones are the best brand and I recomend them always just because I've used them forever and they work better than any other brand i've used. There is no fixing the smashed one up you could fix it from being wet by taking them out and cleaning them and then relubing them. I lube my bearings at least once a week more if I skate everyday. Don't ever use wd-40 on bearings it leaves behind a residue that collect dust and dirt making your bearings even more crappy. If you buy some beaings get some lube for them also. Bones red and some lube would cost about $25 total at a skateshop and the lube will last years. If not then buy lube later bones bearings are about $15-20 online and at skateshops.
Q:What is the difference between Abec 3 bearings and precision speed bearings?
no it doesn't say it all. If you have what the industry calls precision specification bearings, they are garbage. I suspect that you have something else that has a brand name that may not be ABEC rated but they call precision. How hard would it have been to give the brand name and model of the bearings? There is really very little difference in bearings once you get to ABEC 1 and there is nothing in the spec that ABEC 7 rolls any better (the specs could cause them to be slower) or last longer. Most ABEC bearings are made by large industrial bearing makers and sold to various companies. Some of the larger companies that sell skate bearings (Bones, Zero Drag, Twin Cam) have created designs that are better for skating or boarding than the ABEC standards.
Q:what is the advantage and disadvantage of water-lubricated bearings?
The main advantage of a water cooled bearing is you can use the a portion of the water from the pump discharge to lube the bearings. That way you can always be assured of the lubricating fluid supply and do not have to relay on another pump. Some pumps do use another source, especially if the water being pumped is dirty, but it is still cheap and non-contaminating if some leaks into the pumped fluid. However, water is not always a good lube especially on pumps with high speeds and/or mechanical loads. Water is not very viscous and becomes less so with increased temperature. Even small 3600 rpm pumps will use oil for lubrication. Some large, high pressure pumps will have their own oil pumping and cooling system for the bearings.
Q:What are some cheap but good skateboard bearings?
buy lucky bearings they sometimes run for 14 to 20 dollar and they are ABEC 7's which is way better than 3's
Q:How do you clean your bearings?
Tools: X-acto knife or any thin sharp thing to get uder the rubber lid, Bottle with a 1 inch or bigger hole Paint thinner, towel, BONES BEARING OIL DO NOT USE WD-40!, and skate tool. First take off your wheels, then pop off your bearing, put the end of the X-acto knife under then up off the rubber shield, Fill your bottle with 1 cup of Paint thinner, SHAKE for about a minute, dispose solvent safely while holding cap un-screwed on the hole just letting the liquid out, put bearings on towel, wipe them to get any excessive paint thinner off, 2-3 drops off lube, put rubber shields back on then give the bearings a spin, Put them back in order on your trucks. REMEMBER do no use any Water and clean any dirt, dust, etc off your bearing before putting them in your bottle! Hope this helps!
Q:are cleaning skateboard bearings with eye drops a good way to clean them?
NO water? NO WAY. They are principally water with a few other ingredients. You are not cleaning them if you are putting the drops in and leaving it. You are lubricating them. Water works for a short time but will destroy greases or gels and if you use enough to destroy them completely (or if they were oiled) will eventually rust the bearings. Rusted bearings will never be as good as new. Cleaning involves flushing out old oil/grease/gel/dirt/etc. Water is a suitable cleaning material (but will not reliably remove many lubricants) as long as you dry the bearings before adding new lubricant. If you want to add a little material to free up bearings, just use a little light oil. It is cheap and most hardware stores carry it in small tubes with a needle tip so you can get it in small places. I haven't cleaned bearings in years because I find it better to just get new ones when they are really bad. When I do: I start with lamp oil (desented kerosene) because it will remove any old lubricant that is holding crud in the bearing. Next water with dish detergent to remove the lamp oil (some people just dry them out by draining and relube at this point) Followed by rinsing in water to remove the soap, drain, and rinsing in denatured alcohol to dry them. Then use whatever lube you like.
Q:Easy bearings please help?
If you carefully draw it out you will find that the angle YXZ is the difference in the bearings of 65 and 30. YXZ = 65 - 30 = 35 degrees as XYZ is a right angle or 90 degrees and we know the sum of interior angles on a triangle = 180 degrees, then XZY must = 180 - 90 - 35 = 55 degrees the length YZ can be found from the tangent function tan(XYZ) = opp/adj tan 35 = YZ/15 YZ = 15tan35 = 10.5 km
Q:cleaning skateboard bearings?
Unless you plan on throwing your bearings out the next day, DON'T USE WD-40. I would suggest 90%+ Rubbing alchohol, but if you can't find that, 70%+ is alright, but it could kill your bearings, but its not a big chance.
Q:do bones reds super bearings work good for longboards?
DO NOT listen to the other guy. Reds are known for being the best performing bearings in skateboarding and they are very inexpensive. I mean sure if you spent like $50+ on bearings you might get slightly better then Reds but really it's not worth it. reds are great. i've skated other bearings, always go back to reds. ask anyone at a local park
Q:What are exaust bearings and what do they do?
to define bearings is to say a component used to reduce friction. they are broadly classified due to the motions they allow. the donut gasket that seats your exhaust pipe to your exhaust manifold performs a sealing action but also acts in a micro manner as a bearing as it allows for the allaying of friction where these two metal pieces mate. by the same definitions your muffler and tail pipe hangers perform the same purpose as they, in sustaining the weight , allay , once again, the friction and the twist of the metal they support. i hope this addresses what you were looking for.

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