DGZDW Microcomputer-controlled DC Power Panel

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The DC power supply panel serves in power generation plants and substations to function as power supply needed for opening & closing of high-voltage switch in case of normal operation or emergency state relaying protection automatic protection emergency lighting and sound project. It also serves as power supply in such occasions as metallurgical industry railway mine petrochemical industry post telecom hospital bank hotel tall building and computer network etc.

1. Input voltage: AC380V ±15%;50HZ±5%;three-phase four wire,two way put in,
2. Output voltage: DC220V,DC110V,DC48V;DC24V.
3. Output voltage: controled busbar (KM)5~200A,closing busbar(HM)5~3000A      4. charge storage capacity (AH): 10~ 3000;
5. regulation accuracy: ≤ 0.5%; steady flow coefficient: ≤ 0.5%;
6. ripple: ≤ 0.5%; system efficiency: ≥ 92%;
7. Noise: ≤ 50dB;
8. Dielectric strength: 2000V/min no flashover and breakdown

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Q:battery choice and power consumption?
what i can't believe is that you've found a gyroscope, microcontroller, and bluetooth circuitry to fit in there - please tell us the manufacturer and part numbers for your parts - i would love a microcontroller that small - not to mention bluetooth
Q:how can i ship my households(1 container containing 10 pieces) from ontario to san diego california via train?
put it onto a container . the container will be transported by train then. your better off just renting a truck and driving there yourself. the cost will be enormous by train.
Q:whats the difference between Electronics and electrical engineer?
A tech is somebody who wants to be an engineer.they know what a resistor is but do not know why there is resistancethey know what an op-amp is but not why it has its typical operation. An engineer does the complicated work and tells the tech to solder on the parts. Truth is though most EEs do not even understand EEyou can ask them QA on simple EM topics and they cant answer them.
Q:What are k2 or Kii meters originally used for?
K2 is a brand name for a type of electromagnetic field detector used for measuring fields induced by power lines and electrical equipment.
Q:Difference in electricity voltage and frequency?
From okorder
Q:Electrical Shock?
It does not cause electrical shock but the salt can burn or irritate their paws. Walk her, just make sure you clean her feet off afterwards if she walks where salt has been put down. Edit: What the article is saying is if there's water laying over a defective electrical line, salt will help conduct the electricity. That's kind of far fetched, how often do you come across exposed electrical wires? Just walk your dog on the sidewalk and keep it away from puddles and construction areas. Common sense stuff.
Q:Manual or electrical? Which is better?
Get the Electrical one you will like it more.
Q:Household wiring question?
You want a NEMA 5-30R receptacle but they're hard to find because virtually no one uses them. You occasionally see one on an RV. These receptacles aren't compatible with normal 15- and 20-amp plugs, so I'm not seeing what you're trying to accomplish. I'd just run more 20-amp circuits if you really need a lot of power.
Q:my negative and ground pin is live with current when the power is switched off why?
Wow. It sounds as though you have lost your neutral and have what is called multiwire circuits in your house. Basically what is happening is you have 120 Volts on both the hot and the neutral/ground of your house. If you most of your equipment isn't working, you really have an issue you need to get looked at. Obviously I'm not standing in your house with a volt meter in my hand so I'm taking your word that the neutral and ground have volts, not current, on them. But if what you say is true then this is the most likely scenario. I strongly recommend you get a professional there quickly.
Q:Is use of electricity really a violation of the Sabbath?
There's a difference between changing your opinion and changing your position. Not all electrical devices create a spark when they are turned on, but some do (incandescent light bulbs, for one obvious example). But because it has become accepted practice that observant Jews don't turn any electric devices on or off on the Sabbath, I am pretty sure that barring a new technology replacing electricity, it will continue to be prohibited. A parallel example is that of kitniyot on Passover. There is absolutely no Torah basis to conclude that corn, rice, etc., are chametz. The reason that they were classed along with chametz as forbidden grains had to do with the way mills worked at the time of the Talmud - that since they could all be ground into flour, and mills often ground every type of flour, they could become corrupted with chametz. Nowadays, it is rare to find a mill that grinds all types of grains into flour indiscriminately, and beyond that, FDA regulations require flours to be properly labelled - especially in this era of severe allergies. So there is no longer any logical reason to forbid eating kitniyot on Passover. And Sephardic Jews (depending on the community) do eat many of them. But even though this is accepted wisdom and has been for years, nevertheless, the laws are not being negated. After a certain period of time, the practice becomes the law. And once it's the law, it stays that way.

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