DGZDW Microcomputer-controlled DC Power Panel

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The DC power supply panel serves in power generation plants and substations to function as power supply needed for opening & closing of high-voltage switch in case of normal operation or emergency state relaying protection automatic protection emergency lighting and sound project. It also serves as power supply in such occasions as metallurgical industry railway mine petrochemical industry post telecom hospital bank hotel tall building and computer network etc.

1. Input voltage: AC380V ±15%;50HZ±5%;three-phase four wire,two way put in,
2. Output voltage: DC220V,DC110V,DC48V;DC24V.
3. Output voltage: controled busbar (KM)5~200A,closing busbar(HM)5~3000A      4. charge storage capacity (AH): 10~ 3000;
5. regulation accuracy: ≤ 0.5%; steady flow coefficient: ≤ 0.5%;
6. ripple: ≤ 0.5%; system efficiency: ≥ 92%;
7. Noise: ≤ 50dB;
8. Dielectric strength: 2000V/min no flashover and breakdown

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Q:Can I use American electrical equipment in Ireland??
In America: 110V 60Hz in Ireland 240V 50Hz. Don't just plug in there. See first if it ranges from 110-240 V and it accepts 50 - 60 Hz.
Q:If I plug a 110v electrical equipment in to a 230v outlet, will it fry?
Only if it is not automatically switching.
Q:how to select the rating of voltage in electrical equipment.?
Motors are designed for the lowest voltage that is practical based on the wire size required at a given power level. Wire size is an issue from the standpoint of the wire feeding power to the motor and the wire used for the coils inside the motor. Since it is inconvenient for users to have factories and other facilities wired for several different voltage levels, there is a market demand for motors designed for higher voltages than would be necessary based on wire size. Therefore, there is considerable overlap of the motor power ranges offered for sale at any given voltage level.
Q:What is the day like for an electrical engineer?
Q:how we can design the power rating of any equipment.?
The power rating of most power components and devices is limited by thermal considerations, since the life of them is a strong function of temperature. A rule of thumb is that for each 10 degrees C increase in temperature the life is cut in half.
Q:Would an EMP affect Solar, Wind, Thermal, or Nuclear energy?
The EMP has the capacity to damage electrical equipment regardless of the source powering the electrical equipment, especially now that power generation devices depend heavily on sensitive microelectronics.
Q:what equipment is needed to set up macbook when playing music live?
In order to get the most from your Mac as sound generator use a reasonably good audio interface (like the E-mu 0404 usb or something from M-audio). This should be connected to a mixer and this one to the PA system. You also should connect your microphone and guitars to the mixer too, so you can control the volume of each instrument, including the Mac. Although you can connect the mac directly to an Amp I won't do that in order to get control of volume and have better sound. Computers generally don't like live performing. Electric voltage can be unstable (heavy power consumption and lights on-off pattern). Use the appropriate electric equipment to make sure the computer always receive the correct amount of voltage. If not, it can fail and ruin your performance. Make a test where possible.
Q:How can I strengthen a magnet?
Some products use magnetism in their construction. Magnetic earrings or aquarium cleaning products, for example, often employ two strong magnets to hold parts of the product together, allowing them to cling to the ear or slide up and down an aquarium wall. When permanent magnets become too weak to function, something must be done. Fortunately, there are a few ways to make your magnets stronger.Test your magnet. Place it on a vertical metallic surface, if it starts to slide down the metal, it is weak. Try to pull it off--if there is very little resistance, it's weak. The harder it is to pull off the metal, the stronger the magnetism. If you have a weak magnet, it has either always been weak or has steadily weakened over time. If it has always been weak, there is very little you can do. Discard it and focus on strengthening any magnets that have grown weak over time.
Q:what are things that harm the environment?
Wood fires are one of the worst polluters, and ironically they are what environmentalists approve of, shows just what they know about the climate! Carbon is sequested into timer, so burning it just releases the carbon again.
Q:Hi all , I'm creating an Inventory system .?
You need multiple tables. Using int() auto_increment primary keys for linking each section of data you want something like : stock_codes ( id int(6) primary key auto_increment, stock_code varchar(45) unique key, stock_description varchar(45), stock_qty int(6), suppler_id int(6) ) stock_movement ( id int(6) primary key auto_increment, in_date date, out_date date, moved_qty int(6), stock_id int(6), ) It helps to have tables of suppliers details, client details, sales person details, department details etc. If items have possible alternative suppliers you dump the supplier_id from the stock codes and use a link table for the stock id and supplier id to identify each inward transaction. Add tables for any additional information using links from the other tables to co-ordinate the data.

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