Cumins Diesel Generator Set 50 KVA Best Price

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1.Structure of Diesel Generator Set

Generator set adopts Y&C Engine high-quality engine as power, selects name brand alternator .It has advantages of compact structure, high degree of automation, smooth and reliable operation, low fuel consumption, low emission, low noise, etc. Mainly parts were made from high strength Vermicular cast iron, this make 15% weight lighter than traditional engine.Emission standard reach national standard third class,higher than the national non-roadway standard.The engine was finished 50000 hours reliability testing, more than 90% mass production engine life over 125000 hours .Within 2,500 hours don't need to adjust valve clearance.

2.Main Features of Diesel Generator Set

European brand Engine 
Low Fuel consumption 
OEM, Good Price 
Global Warranty 
CE, ISO, Son cap Certificate

3. Diesel Generator Set  Images 


Cumins Diesel Generator Set 50 KVA Best Price

Cumins Diesel Generator Set 50 KVA Best Price

4. Diesel Generator Set Specification   


Genset ModelEngine ModelPrime Power
Standby PowerBore*StrokeDisplacementOil Capacity DimensionWeight





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Q:L4 engine and V6 engine performance relative to what is the difference?
Inline engine English translation is Line Engine, as the name suggests, all of its cylinders are the same angle shoulder to shoulder in a plane, the cylinder and crankshaft structure is very simple, and only use a cylinder head.
Q:BMW x3 sudden driving in the engine failure lights with what is the reason?
Under normal circumstances, the knock is divided into sensory detonation and no sense of knocking, in the absence of detonation circumstances, the engine computer will be adjusted according to the situation to adjust the engine control parameters, to avoid greater adverse effects, but
Q:What are the dangers of overheating the engine?
A water-cooled engine normal working temperature should be 80 - 90 degrees (of course there will be nothing difficult than the home air) the temperature of boiling water will wait for parking, open the front cover for radiator, when boiling stop after add cooling water, let the engine working temperature drop.
Q:What is the engine broken cylinder technology
Most of the reason is the cylinder spark plug problems, such as circuit failure, the electrode gap is not correct, electrode ablation, electrode carbon deposition and so on.
Q:What is the engine with the dragon loader
The engine is suitable for both the power generating device and the entire machine including the power unit (eg gasoline engine, aero engine).
Q:Engine oil leakage
Engine oil spill is one of the common faults, do not have to panic!
Q:What is the engine ECM?
So, the working state of the engine is a closed loop control, and here are a few simple examples: ECU by setting the working law of the engine, MAP. Then add the oxygen sensor in the exhaust pipe, judge the operating state of the engine by oxygen sensor, oil and more or less in the cylinder; adding knock sensor, ignition timing is judged ahead or delayed; join at the outlet water temperature sensor can determine the engine combustion chamber temperature is normal to correct the amount of oil, protect the engine and so on. These basic data are sent to the ECU via a wire harness, and the ECU constantly adjusts fuel injection and ignition timing based on their feedback.
Q:What brand of the Geely imperial GL engine
At home, there is no technology, strength of the enterprise. Old brand, FAW and Dongfeng have fallen into joint venture base camp. Profit is not a symbol of strength, influence is. Perhaps Chery, Geely, BYD and so on in the minds of the people is a good brand, but can not go abroad, not foreigners do not like cheap goods, is still far from the quality of standards. To look at the secondary market car, ran 200 thousand kilometers, but also sell cars than centenarians are rare. Hundreds of thousands of kilometres of joint ventures or imported vehicles are available. That's the gap.
Q:What is the working principle of the balance shaft of the engine?
In the working cycle of the engine, the piston moves very fast and the speed is very uneven. At the top and bottom of the center, the piston speed is zero, while the top and bottom stops at the middle of the position, reaching the highest speed. As the piston moves repeatedly in the cylinder at high speed, it is sure to exert great inertia force on the piston, piston pin and connecting rod. The counterweight arranged on the connecting rod can balance the inertial force effectively, but only a part of the counterweight of the connecting rod is involved in the linear motion, and the other part is involved in rotation. In addition to the upper and lower stopping points, all kinds of inertial forces can not be completely balanced, resulting in vibration of the engine
Q:What is the engine of BJ486EQV4?
Beiqi Futian Europe 4 environmental standard gasoline engine BJ486EQV4 series gasoline engine is developed with the British Lotus company in Europe Ⅳ gasoline engine ~ BJ: Beijing 4: 4 cylinder 86: air cylinder diameter 86mm

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