Yuchai YC4D Series Marine Engines

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Yuchai YC4D Series Marine Engines

· High performance combustion chamber and intake swirl contribute to lower fuel consumption

· Yuchai sealing technology in piston ring and valve oil seal reduces the lube oil consumption

· High fuel efficiency and low maintenance cost

· Compact size facilitates installation, maintenance and repair

· Operator and nature friendly with low noise, rapid start ability and low emissions

· Major overhaul period is more than 10000 hours

· Good for medium size cargo ships and fishing vessels








Vertical in-line, 4-cylinder, 4-stroke, direct injection, water-cooled

Bore ×Stroke                                          (mm)

108 ×115



Turbocharged & inter-cooled

Displacement                                            (L)


Compression ration


Rated power/Speed                (kW(hp)/r/min)





Fuel consumption                            g/(kW·h)



Oil consumption                              g/(kW·h)



Counterclockwise ( facing flywheel )

Starting method


Dry weight                                             (kg)



Engine dimension (L×W×H)                 (mm)

986 × 730 × 948

1311 × 746 × 962



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Q:What are the dangers of overheating the engine?
Due to overheating caused by the crankshaft side rod reducer bearing seizure, piston ring fracture, cylinder, cylinder hold, shorten the service life of the engine, endanger motorists driving safety.

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