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Q:Where is the lining of the engine located in the engine?
Then the fault for idle speed control valve and its fault or intake pipe leakage, if the pedal to the middle position of opening, still won't start, should be the next step to check the visual inspection. Check the air inlet for leaks; check the hoses and their connections for good condition; check the crankcase ventilation, hose leaks, or
Q:W12 engine and V12 engine which strong? The
V-type arrangement: the cylinder was two columns, installed in a crankshaft, two cylinders for the V-shaped arrangement, hence the name, a little bit for the small size, but the higher cost.
Q:Why is some engine displacement unit CC?
It is the displacement of the motorcycle, because it did not reach 1 liter in milliliter, CC = ML (ml) ml unit, the main unit is liters (L), 1L = 1000mL CC. 1cc = 1 ml cc
Q:The role of soundproof cotton in automobile engines?
The cold season outdoor parking, can delay the engine cooling speed, a relatively long period of time to ignition easily, also greatly shorten the warm-up time, and is conducive to the protection of the engine, to prevent cold car ignition wear. 2, can effectively absorb the engine or other parts of the oil mist, make the engine room cleaner. 3, if the sound insulation cotton is not conducive to heat dissipation, then the top of the machine plastic cover is also superfluous
Q:How about the mechanical efficiency of the turbofan engine?
, The gasoline engine is a piston engine, the piston engine can only output shaft power, which means that it can only drive the propeller to do the work, the use of propeller, then the aircraft is beyond the speed of sound, and the turbine engine can output thrust, all with the turbine
Q:What is the normal value of the engine intake manifold vacuum?
Demolition of the cylinder head and found the second cylinder into the row of rod bending deformation, resulting in the cylinder into the exhaust valve closed lax.
Q:What is the role of the engine timing belt?
The timing of the timing belt is to maintain the "synchronous" operation at the moment when the engine is running, the stroke of the piston (up and down movement), the opening and closing of the valve (time)
Q:Car engines: what does V12 mean?
Generally speaking, the displacement of 1 liters following the 3 cylinder engine used, such as 0.8 liters and Folel Alto car. Displacement of 1 liters to 2.5 liters, usually 4 cylinder engines, the common economy car and mid-range car engines are basically 4 cylinder. 3 liter engine is 6 cylinder, such as the displacement of 3 liters and the new Regal sedan.
Q:Is the engine oil burning normal?
Turbo engine tips: 1. after the start, not anxious to step on the accelerator pedal, should be idle for three minutes, the turbocharger get sufficient lubrication; 2. engine long time high-speed operation, can not immediately shut down; 3. choice of oil, in addition to the provisions of the best use of original oil, also can use synthetic oil, synthetic oil of high quality lube oil; 4. engine oil and filter to keep clean, to prevent impurities entering; 5. often check the sealing ring of the turbocharger is sealed; 6. periodic inspection of the turbocharger has no vibration or noise, preventing oil leakage
Q:What kind of engines does the airplane have?!
The piston engine (generally used for small aircraft, such as aircraft movement, can be used in low speed, high shock resistance to real-time propeller tip) turboprop engine (fuel, but can only be used for low speed (and piston like) are generally used for short-range airliner)
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