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Q:What is engine drag braking?
Engine drag braking, that is, the use of the braking system to slow down the speed at the same time, gear stalls down to reduce the load on the braking system, in order to reduce the possibility of braking failure.. It can make the vehicle more safe and prolong the life of the brake system." This driving learning material on the record has been regarded as we strictly follow, not golden laws and precious rules, contrary to. This has led to the idea that a drag is a brake; a pull will certainly reduce the use of a car. Is that so? Whether the brake can be effectively used to brake and to improve the safety factor depends on whether the driver knows how to pull the gears. Either automatic or manual gear vehicle deceleration during driving, the driver only needs to press the brake pedal, the car will have deceleration under your control.
Q:The car has been insured. Can you insure the car engine again?
1, as a rule, the engine, as a major part of the car, has been included in the risk of car damage. In case of losses caused by collision or overturning, the insurance company shall pay compensation under the limit of compensation according to the proportion of liability. But there is also a special exemption from liability provisions, such as the damage of the engine in the case of wading alone, you can turn to the insurance company exclusions.
Q:What is the four stroke engine?
The gasoline engine runs through a cycle of four processes: intake, compression, combustion, service, and exhaust. During this period, the piston moved four strokes reciprocating between the upper and lower dead centers. Accordingly, the crankshaft rotated for two weeks
Q:What about SQR484F?
Because it is an early production of independent research and development model, more attention to reliability and peace of nature, so in the power adjustment aspect is more conservative, at present the engine is already very mature, is Chery's flagship 2.0L engine.
Q:The car engine includes insurance against all risks?
All risks including compulsory insurance, third party liability insurance, vehicle insurance, car insurance, car damage vehicle liability insurance, glass breakage, body scratch insurance and non deductible insurance.
Q:What's the difference between a turbocharged and an ordinary engine?
What is turbo charging? First of all, let's find out what turbo is. The English name for turbo is Turbo, and generally speaking, if we see Turbo or T at the end of the car, it means that the engine used is a turbocharged engine. I believe everyone on the road have seen many of these models, such as Audi A6 1.8T, Passat 1.8T, Bora 1.8T, and so on.
Q:How long will the car engine be maintained?
Car maintenance should be the most maintenance of oil and oil filter, car maintenance most often do is car wash, car maintenance most often check the location of the tire surface and pressure, oil scale, cooling water level, brake oil level.
Q:The type of car engine?
According to the structure of a car engine has more than 3 cylinders, the main engine for classification is based on the layout and arrangement of the cylinder to divide. There are several general line, V type, W type and flat. The inline engine (LineEngine), which are all in the same cylinder side by side angle arranged in a plane, the utility model has the advantages of cylinder block and crankshaft structure is very simple, and the use of a cylinder cover, low manufacturing cost, compact size. Inline engine with high stability, low speed torque characteristic and the fuel consumption is less, but the drawback is that the power is low, and is not suitable for the more than 6 cylinders with the engine.
Q:What is the driving function of the brake and the engine? What do they mean?
3) second brake system - a set of devices that ensure that the car can still slow down or stop when the train brake system fails. Second brake system is also necessary for the car. Also called emergency brake and safety brake.
Q:The new Regal 2.0T engine and MAGOTAN 2.0T engine which is better?
First look at the data of the new Regal 2.0T maximum power 162kw/5300rpm, maximum torque 350Nm/2000-4000rpm MAGOTAN 2.0T maximum power 147kW/6000rpm, maximum torque of 280Nm/1800-5000rpm, GDI technology new Regal 2.0T dual-mode gasoline direct injection SIDI, using stratified combustion mode and homogeneous combustion mode (not MAGOTAN 2.0TSI Audi TFSI), just the basic cylinder straight the jet technology and material Regal 2.0T is double VVT, the Aluminum Alloy MAGOTAN 2.0T, no VVT is the ease of use of cast iron
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