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Q:How to maintain the car engine
If the engine is not maintained for a long time will affect the life of the car.
Q:Why is a solid rocket engine smaller than a liquid one?
Third question: can not. For the rocket engine (except for fireworks), grain shape is very important, it determines the rocket engine thrust, working time and thrust change. Not a little shake on the loose
Q:The type of car engine?
According to the structure of a car engine has more than 3 cylinders, the main engine for classification is based on the layout and arrangement of the cylinder to divide. There are several general line, V type, W type and flat. The inline engine (LineEngine), which are all in the same cylinder side by side angle arranged in a plane, the utility model has the advantages of cylinder block and crankshaft structure is very simple, and the use of a cylinder cover, low manufacturing cost, compact size. Inline engine with high stability, low speed torque characteristic and the fuel consumption is less, but the drawback is that the power is low, and is not suitable for the more than 6 cylinders with the engine.
Q:The engine is out of order. What should I do?.
The so-called "piston knocking cylinder" abnormal sound, refers to the piston side tapping cylinder wall generated abnormal sound. Generally speaking, when the piston top produces the axial force direction, as the piston changes from the compression stroke to the power stroke, the piston knock out the cylinder. In other words, every time when the piston passes TDC moves downward, the piston will be forced to hit the wall, causing the piston knocking fault. The piston knocking the decisive factor is the clearance between the piston and cylinder wall, piston clearance is what we say normally (Figure 5). As for the specific effect of the clearance between the piston knock, the main show the following features: when the piston clearance is too large, prone to knock, the reason for this phenomenon, is decided by the material and working characteristics of the piston. Its intuitive performance is that when the engine is cold, the piston gap is large and the knocking is loud. But as the engine temperature increases, the piston clearance will become smaller and the knocking sound will be reduced accordingly.
Q:How does the engine start?
When a stroke is near the end of the compression stroke, in under the action of high pressure oil pump, diesel oil to about 10MPa by high pressure injector into the cylinder combustion chamber, in a very short period of time is mixed with the air immediately after self ignition combustion. The pressure of the gas in the cylinder rises rapidly, up to 5000~9 000kPa, and the maximum temperature is 1800~2 000K. Because the diesel engine is ignited by compression, it is called a compression ignition engine.
Q:What is the NA engine?
The internal combustion engine can be divided into a naturally aspirated (non supercharged) engine and a forced intake (supercharged) engine in accordance with whether the intake system adopts a pressurization mode. The gasoline engine often adopts natural suction; the diesel engine adopts supercharged type to increase power.
Q:How about the mechanical efficiency of the turbofan engine?
But also the efficiency of gasoline engines than turbine engines to high, but the gasoline engine in the aviation field was eliminated the main reason there are two:
Q:Kart engines are
What is really professional is the two stroke, and some professional outdoor venues are available. That is, YAMAHA kt100 engine, the original 17 horsepower, with different frame brand, can be regarded as an entry, go line, brakes must be professional, in order to guarantee non pro tire wall. Although not measured, but the absolute bending reached more than 1 G. In addition, there seems to be a 80 stroke of two for children, which I don't know very well. In the mainstream, there are X30 and ROK engines, 30 horsepower and 28 horsepower, which is a professional kart racer, which can adjust the gear ratio, one hundred kilometers, 3 seconds and 5 seconds, depending on the track. However, the kart has no direct connection with the 100 kilometer acceleration time, and does not run a straight line acceleration. Just to say, there is a concept.
Q:Why doesn't the train drive directly?
Well, no matter what kind of motorcycle, and ultimately comes from the traction motor shaft to drive. Except for only a few of the rail cars, and cars as they are, need to gear, a clutch, as the golden eagle is one such heavy rail vehicles.
Q:What is the meaning of the rear of the car engine?
When the engine speed increases, the exhaust gas discharge speed and the speed of the chaos also increased faster, the impeller to compress more air into the cylinder, the air pressure and density can burn more fuel, the corresponding increase in the amount of fuel can increase the engine
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