yuchai YC6B 120'165'kw-2300rmp marine engine

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Product Description:







Vertical in-line, 6-cylinder, 4-stroke, direct injection, water-cooled

Bore xStroke  (mm)

108 x125


Turbocharged & inter-cooled

Displacement  (L)


Compression ration


Rated power/Speed  (kW(hp)/r/min)





Fuel consumption  g/(kW·h)


Oil consumption  g/(kW·h)



Counterclockwise ( facing flywheel )

Starting method


Dry weight  (kg)


Engine dimension (LxWxH)  (mm)

1415 x 877 x 1025



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Yuchai slogan:Outstanding Quality Global Yuchai

Designed and developed with many famous brand engine makers and research  center in the world, such as YAMAHA, AVL, FEV Germany, MAN

Joint Venture with Wärtsilä for two stroke and four stroke engine

Power range covering 32-900 kW for YC series, 1450-4500 kW for NY series, 3475-25000 kW for RT-Flex series , for main & aux. engine

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Q:What's the function of the engine oil?
Engine oil for the engine. Since the machine used for that we can imagine it should be used to lubricate the machine. A relatively large effect of engine oil is to reduce the friction between the activities of engine components, ensure the flexible operation of the engine. We call this lubricating role. In fact, in addition to the engine oil lubrication, there are clean cooling and sealing, anti-oxidation, anti rust, buffer and so on.
Q:What are the dangers of overheating the engine?
1) the heat of the engine can not be circulated in time; 2) the machine can not be fully lubricated. 2) the driver in driving, to observe the instrument, it is necessary to prevent the engine boil water tank, to prevent low temperature operation. In short, both summer and winter, the engine must keep the normal water temperature of 80 degrees to 90 degrees celsius.
Q:What is the Changan SUZUKI shinotaku engine
SUZUKI shinotaku engine is equipped with in-line DOHC small displacement K10B SUZUKI latest development. SUZUKI K10B engine is SUZUKI company to design the new Alto this global strategy car embodies the SUZUKI company in the small displacement engine to develop the valuable experience and the latest technology, in terms of power and fuel consumption, environmental protection and remarkable performance.
Q:GDI different from the ordinary engine of the three technical means is what?
GDI engine in the work of the uniformity and performance under full load have excellent performance, but also the gasoline engine cold work instability problem has also been significantly improved. GDI engine and general gasoline engine is the main difference between the location of the gasoline jet, was lit work, this form and direct injection diesel engine similar
Q:How about the Zhonghua V5 engine?
China V5 has a total of 1.6L naturally aspirated and 1.5L turbocharged two engines, the initial listing of only 1.6L models, and 1.5T models also need our patience to wait for some time.
Q:What is the best material for the engine guard
Advantages: light weight, low price, there is a certain resilience, does not affect the engine sink. Disadvantages: limited protection, easy to damage.
Q:What does engine knock mean?
The knock phenomenon is mostly in improving the compression ratio at the same time, the ignition advance angle is too large or mixed gas burning too fast but also prone to detonation. Due to these factors is an important means to improve the engine power, so the knock is an obstacle to technological progress in this area.
Q:The earliest engine
The current application of the aluminum engine is already very wide; the pollution of the automobile is inevitable, so the new energy technology, including the high pressure common rail of diesel engine, fuel cell, hybrid, pure electric, bio-fuel
Q:What's the difference between front and rear of a car engine?
And where are the benefits of using pre - drive? The structure of the pre drive, the engine power is directly transferred to the front wheels, thus eliminating the need for a drive shaft conveying power from front to back, so that the central interior floor would not have a protrusion, increased legroom. And the front engine can be arranged transversely in front, transmission and differential can be connected into one, with respect to a rear wheel drive car, manufacturing technology is relatively simple, and the parts should be less, it can also reduce the manufacturing cost of car.
Q:What kind of engine is oil efficient?
The engine parameters -- generally the same engine cylinder number, full combustion is more efficient; and the four valve engine will be more than two valve more fuel-efficient, DOHC engine fuel-efficient than single overhead. In addition, the engine of a good linear - power increased evenly, the maximum torque appeared early, the car will be more fuel-efficient.

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