MTU4 Diesel Generator set

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Control panel options:

1. Manual starting system with low oil pressure, high water temperature, over speed,

emergency stop and re-install protections.

2. Automatic starting system with LED display and auto-connect to Main power after outage.

3. Parallel control system

4. Remote control, measure, communication control system.

Test Before Shipment
1. Each Generator Set shall be put into Testing more than 4 hours totally, tested on idleload, fully

   load and 10% overload.
2. Noise level shall be tested.
3. All of the meters on the control panel shall be tested.

4.The appearance of the Set and the label, nameplate shall be tested. "Voltage available:

   50Hz: 380-400-415V/ 220-230-240V; 60Hz: 220-380-416-440-480V/ 110-208-220- 240V.

   Any special voltage is also available as client's request.

Packing & Warranty
Packing: Wooden, Plywood or Metal Case.
Delivery Time: Less than 15 working days after receiving prepayment.

One year or 1, 000 hours from the date of shipment
(15 Months or 1, 200 hours for Alternator Part).

Payment Terms:

L/C & T/T ( 30% deposit and 70% balance before delivery)

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Q:Is the engine good or is it good?
From the point of view of the use, the advantages of the cast aluminum cylinder are light weight and fuel saving by reducing weight. In an engine of equal displacement, the use of an aluminum cylinder engine reduces the weight by about 20 kilograms. With a reduction of 10% of the car's own weight, fuel consumption can be reduced by 6% to 8%. According to the latest information, foreign auto weight has been reduced by 20% to 26% compared with the past. For example, Fawkes used a full aluminum alloy material, reducing the weight of the body, while also enhancing the engine cooling effect, improve the efficiency of the engine, and longer life. From the point of view of oil saving, the advantages of the cast aluminum engine in fuel saving have attracted much attention
Q:The type of car engine?
The traditional domestic diesel engine has been given to the heavy volume, large vibration and noise and pollution serious impression, so the domestic car basically using gasoline engine, but in recent years, some well-known foreign car dealers will begin the new diesel engine technology is introduced into the China, greatly improve our prejudice of the diesel engine, for example FAW Volkswagen Bora has just launched the TDI diesel engine, its environmental protection, power and comfort are not inferior to the gasoline engine and diesel engine has unique large torque and low fuel consumption, the market is very promising.
Q:Is the car's engine arranged in L or V?
In addition, as the piston crankshaft moves in the left and right, the vibration is counteracted each other, thereby achieving low noise and low fuel consumption. There are horizontally opposed 4 cylinders and 6 cylinders at present
Q:Engine oil leakage
Engine oil spill is one of the common faults, do not have to panic!
Q:What is the impact of the knock on the engine ah?
The engine power is slightly increased when the knock is knocked down, the power and speed are reduced, the operation is unstable, the engine is jittery and the engine is overheated and smoky.
Q:Doosan engine model
Kobelco's car, generally more than Hitachi but also garbage, the name of the import of the brand, in Japan, a small factory production, not a grade.
Q:Passat, Teana, Reiz which car V6 engine is the best
If the new Passat 3.0V6250 horsepower engine, the new Teana; engine is VQ series, but the rear car Teana subsidence, let his ass with the rear wheels only connected; Reiz V6 is also good, but 3 power seems as the new Passat, this is your hobby, love front or rear drive.
Q:Is there any obvious difference between the J20 engine of ws10b and the F22 engine in the United States?
In simple terms, is a small thrust, thrust weight ratio is small, but not too much difference, ws10b afterburner thrust of 15.5 tons, has surpassed Russia's al41, is still very good, the thrust weight ratio of around 9
Q:What kind of engine is the gold cup S30?
Although the maximum power is 75kW, the maximum torque is 135Nm, in the same level vehicle is not outstanding, and even some back, but in the VVT-i technical assistance, according to the continuous change of the working condition of the engine, constant control valve overlap angle, engine cylinder intake air quantity change curve, so that the engine can output the maximum power and maximum torque stability in wide range.
Q:How to solve the car engine light
, If you can not clear the need to repair the factory Please repair the master with a decoder to read the fault code!

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