MTU4 Diesel Generator set

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Control panel options:

1. Manual starting system with low oil pressure, high water temperature, over speed,

emergency stop and re-install protections.

2. Automatic starting system with LED display and auto-connect to Main power after outage.

3. Parallel control system

4. Remote control, measure, communication control system.

Test Before Shipment
1. Each Generator Set shall be put into Testing more than 4 hours totally, tested on idleload, fully

   load and 10% overload.
2. Noise level shall be tested.
3. All of the meters on the control panel shall be tested.

4.The appearance of the Set and the label, nameplate shall be tested. "Voltage available:

   50Hz: 380-400-415V/ 220-230-240V; 60Hz: 220-380-416-440-480V/ 110-208-220- 240V.

   Any special voltage is also available as client's request.

Packing & Warranty
Packing: Wooden, Plywood or Metal Case.
Delivery Time: Less than 15 working days after receiving prepayment.

One year or 1, 000 hours from the date of shipment
(15 Months or 1, 200 hours for Alternator Part).

Payment Terms:

L/C & T/T ( 30% deposit and 70% balance before delivery)

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Q:What is the reason for the decrease in engine power?
The working principle of solar term door is the intake control engine, a angle it is a standard value, if not up to the standard value will affect the amount of fuel injection is abnormal, resulting in power down or power is not stable. It is recommended that the throttle be removed while the car is in service and that the air filter needs to be replaced.
Q:How about wiki engines?
Compared to centrifugal turbojet engines, axial flow has the advantage of small cross section and high compression ratio, but requires higher quality material which does not exist around 1945. Today's turbojet engines are axial flow type.
Q:Automobile engine power shortage, and refueling, accompanied by blasting and other phenomena, what is the cause of accelerated weakness?
I did not guess wrong, should spark plug gap or cylinder line leakage, will affect the car speed of weakness. The air flow meter can be viewed by computer, then there is an oxygen sensor! It's better to look for professionals and analyze them based on your models. They have more experience!
Q:Where is the lining of the engine located in the engine?
Working conditions of fuel pump switch in the air flow meter on the work; to check the cylinder spark plug; check the ignition timing. If the ignition timing is not correct, should further check the ignition timing control system of the power supply;? B11? And check ECU, determine whether the failure of ECU.
Q:BMW x3 sudden driving in the engine failure lights with what is the reason?
When the no sense of knocking has exceeded the engine computer can adjust the range, the engine fault light will light up the alarm.
Q:Is China really a country that doesn't build an engine?
At present only made a very top engine, to reach the ideal state. But now it has touched the threshold, look at it, not a few years, will advance in this field, developed the top of the engine, and then there is no known Troll what happened, they can wash sleep.
Q:Why do diesel engines vibrate with noise?
We also know that in the gasoline engine, knock is fault phenomenon. To produce motion power and engine piston in the opposite direction is called detonation combustion of combustible gas, not only bad detonation engine damage, increased fuel consumption, and will have a lot of noise. In the EFI gasoline engine, with a knock sensor, through the critical point ECU ignition timing control for engine knock and knock out. And in the diesel engine, the fuel itself is by compression ignition, the gasoline engine and compression ignition detonation conditions when the same, so inevitably will produce a lot of noise.x0d in addition to the combustion of different causes more than noise. The other mechanism of diesel engine will produce more noise, such as the fuel pump of diesel engine. Unlike gasoline engine, the compression stroke when the gasoline engine is A mixture of oil and gas compression, while the diesel engine is a compression of pure air. Because, in order to make the diesel in cylinder combustion more fully, and will not cause unnecessary knock, the diesel engine is a piston in nearly reach the start vertex of the injection compression. You want to in such a high pressure environment, must choke a very large supply pressure to ensure the normal operation of the engine.
Q:What kind of engine is the GDI?
The research and development of GDI engines can be described as flowers in Germany, but fruits in japan. The development of Mitsubishi Motor Co GDI engine to make the success of the world's car manufacturers and engine manufacturers to fall far behind, so the world car off a GDI engine developed by boom. Since then, the development of the gasoline engine has taken a new step, which will also promote the development of the world auto industry.
Q:What is the engine basic machine?
Including the variable gears, the engine and the drive shaft, etc., it can be seen that the engine is only part of the whole engine, but it is the core part of the whole engine. People are constantly developing various types of engines, which can be divided into three categories: internal combustion engines, external combustion engines and motors.
Q:What are the advantages of Audi's TFSI engine?
It is true that turbocharging does improve the power of the engine, but its shortcomings also have a lot, the most obvious of which is the power output response lag.

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