Copper Clad Aluminum Bus-bar

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Product Description:

1.Product Description:

Our copper clad aluminum bus-bar is produced with our unique all-in-one metal processing technology that coating a copper layer over the aluminum conductor to create atom bonds between the two metals.  We offer products of all size CCA bus-bar for buyers .  Ours bus-bar is the perfect replacement for copper bus-bar.


2. Product Characteristic:

1. High & low-voltage distribution cabinet conductivity bus-bar ( Copper clad aluminum bus-bar )

2. High & low-voltage bus-bar , converge bus-bar , slide wire (copper clad aluminum bus-bar)

3. Transformer , shunt reactor and other winding wires ( copper clad aluminum flat wire )

4. All type copper –aluminum bimetal connectors .





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Q:The wires in my ceiling fan don't match the wire in my ceiling?
These are all probably hot-side wires. If you have the knowledge and the tools, find out which wire or wires is/are hot in the box with the switch off. If you have no idea what I am talking about, you REALLY need to find someone who knows electricity. BTW, the wires in the fan are quite simple to decode. The green wire is the ground and attaches to either the box or a ground wire in the box. The white wire is the neutral and attaches to the white wires in the box. The black is the hot lead for the fan and the blue is the hot lead for the light. These two can be combined if you have only one wall switch. Where they attach in the box will be determined by which hot lead is switched. I can probably guess how the box and switch are wired but I may be wrong and that would be dangerous. Call an electrician so you don't burn your house down.
Q:Three Way Switch wiring connection question.?
This article will describe it better than I could, and it has pictures! ... It sounds like your situation is the same as the second method. Bert
Q:what is Bank wire and bank transfer System?
A bank wire is a telegram wiring cash money to a third party, usually directly into the bank account of the receiver. It is expensive, costing about $30 for a domestic wire and $45-50 for an international wire. The bank transfer system is a pre-approved electronic bank transfer from your account to the receivers account and is almost instanteneous and cheap (pennies, not dollars).
Q:1995 blazer speaker wiring?
Q:Soldering Headphone wire?
wire is metal and metal is orange or silver . The fussy stuff is string
Q:Nowhere to connect stock orange/black wire (Illumination wire)?
they are there merely in the adventure that your automobile has a characteristic to dim upload-ons. you dont want them connect them everywhere in maximum circumstances, thy are in basic terms a luxury in the adventure that your automobile has that characteristic.
Q:2G Mitsubishi Eclipse spark plug wires?
Buy the stock wires. Make sure there is no oil on the old wires or you will need to replace the valve cover gasket and the 4 plug tower seals that are inside the valve cover. The motor came with Champion plugs, don't use Bosch.
Q:4 Flat wire trailer wiring?
If it has an existing plug (6 or 7 Pin round) just buy an adapter. If the truck was equipped with a towing package but you do not have a plug of any kind look under the truck near the rear bumper you should find a bundle of wiring that is not connected to anything. this bundle should include the following colors of wires (red, blue, green, yellow, brown, black with a green line, and White). Go to Auto Zone ot Wal-Mart and get a 4 flat truck side kit. Strip and splice the wires together color to color. Green being your right turn signal, yellow- Left turn signal, Brown-Taillights/Marker lights, White-Ground. If the bundle of wiring is not there then you will need to find the wiring that goes to the tail lights on the truck and splice in to them. Splice into these wires using the same color code i just stated above with Scotch-Locks then for the White wire on the kit just put a ring connector and use a self tap screw to mount it to the frame of the truck or the tow hitch.
Q:Question about rca & 12v wires?
if you have an rca tv which works with 12 volts.......if the wires not connected to battery...there no problem. if connected to battery....the fuse blows.(close to battery on wire)....if there is no fuse....wires burn...risk of not forget...every device works with car battery MUST and MUST be eouipped fuse .
Q:Spark Plug Wires?
If you want the best spark plug wires get a set of Belden wires. They are the best without modifications such as enhanced coil,etc. While Motorcraft wires are OE, the Beldens are by far better and will last longer. Good luck.

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