Copper Clad Aluminum Bus-bar

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Product Description:

1.Product Description:

Our copper clad aluminum bus-bar is produced with our unique all-in-one metal processing technology that coating a copper layer over the aluminum conductor to create atom bonds between the two metals.  We offer products of all size CCA bus-bar for buyers .  Ours bus-bar is the perfect replacement for copper bus-bar.


2. Product Characteristic:

1. High & low-voltage distribution cabinet conductivity bus-bar ( Copper clad aluminum bus-bar )

2. High & low-voltage bus-bar , converge bus-bar , slide wire (copper clad aluminum bus-bar)

3. Transformer , shunt reactor and other winding wires ( copper clad aluminum flat wire )

4. All type copper –aluminum bimetal connectors .





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Q:stereo connection wires help.?
the ground wire black is connected to -ve of battery the red wire is connected to ignition wire so when you turn on the keys the radio starts the yellow wire is connected to +ve of battery, but radio will not switch on till red is connected. good luck
Q:Differentiating two low voltage wires?
1. At one side of the building mark the two wires. 2. Connect a battery to the two ends noting which is positive. 3. Go to the other side of the building and use your voltmeter to determine which wire end is positive. Mark that one the sameas you did the other end of the positive wire.
Q:how to wire a 240v 12.5amp forklift charger?
wire colors are green is ground the black and white wires are you load wires look at you 240 volt plug and determine which terminal is the ground this one is where the green wire goes the black and white wire go to other two terminals this should do it
Q:house thermostat light-green wire used for?
green wire is 24 volts from the t-stat to the indoor fan relay, i promise! unless it's a trane. trane has their own wiring codes and i don't remember trane wiring at this time. i can look it up but don't want to. green goes to the indoor fan relay, for real. the fan relay energizes 110 volts and turns the indoor fan on. be careful jacking around with that stuff. remember, you have low voltage from the transformer and t-stat and high voltage everywhere else. the outside stuff is 220 volts. ZZZZZZZZZZZZ!
Q:Question Regarding Spark Plug Wires?
The wires the same except for the length, and the fact you have six and only need four. If you can find four that match the length of your old wires, they will work fine. You can also ask if the shop where you bought the wires will allow you to return the set you have and purchase the correct set. The set you need probably costs less than the one you have.
Q:Light fixture wiring problem?
Get a volt meter and check the voltage in each wire with the switch on and the switch off, will tell you which wire is getting power from the switch. This wire will then attach to your black. I would try black to red, white to brown and green to green.
Q:Does the color of 12v electrical wire matter?
Color in electronics wire does not matter. It is simply so you can trace that the blue wire goes from here to there. Generally the Black is ground and Red is supply. In house AC wiring the black is hot, white is ground or neutral and green is earth or frame ground.
Q:Electrical wiring help!?
Maybe an electrician would have done it better and stopped you almost killing yourself or starting a fire!
Q:old appliance with two hot wires and one neutral 220 volts, new wiring, has ground, neutral, and hot?
How 220v works with 4 wires: (one wire to each) 1 Black wire carries 110v (L1) 1 Red wire carries 110v (L2) 1 White wire acts as a common (neutral) 1 Green wire acts as a ground How 220v works with 3 wires: 1 Black wire carries 110v 1 Red/White wire carries 110v (if you use white flag it with red electrical tape) 1 Green wire acts as a ground/common (Do not actually ground this) If you have 4 wires in the wall, but you are wiring them to a 3 prong receptacle, connect the green wire to the green ground screw on the receptacle or if no ground screw is present, attach this wire to one of the receptacle mounting screws. That way if the common fails, you still have the added protection of a ground. Some wiring installations may use different colored wires, this doesn't change how anything works. If you have any doubts, get a voltage tester and make sure.
Q:Wheres my stereo power wire?
ok wait hold up. so the only wire that should be hooked from the amp to the headunit is your speaker wires, remote turn on wire, and your rca cables. ....What you need to do is get the power cable(usually red) run it from positive on the battery to the POS on your amp. next put your ground wire from the GND on the amp to bare metal on your cars chasis.

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