CMAX Light Single Axle Shredder For PE/PP/PVC

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Product Description:

Certification: CE,SGS,UL,TUV
1.High capacity
2.Good quality and reasonable price



Single Axle Shredder

1.Siemens PLC controlling System 
2.Automatically reverse and forward Rotation 
3.Overload Protect 

WANROOETECH PNDS Single Axle Shredder:

Single Axle Shredder Product Description:

This model Plastic Shredder with small nibble type ripping teeth on the rotor assembly is one of the new applications being applied to the recycling industry for shredding high volume bulk materials, such as wood pallets, furniture parts, cardboard, plastic waste, garbage and many other reusable materials. Unique adjustment method for rotor and stator blades could double or even quadruple their life-span. Material is fed through the hopper in front of a hydraulically operated drawer, which pushes the material load-controlled onto the turning rotor. The material is shredded between the rotor knives and a fixed counter knife. The screen hole with different perforation diameters determines the size of shreds. Produced shreds can drop from the machine through the screen perforation directly or be removed with the optional suction device or spiral conveyor.

Single Axle Shredder Product Features: 

1)Precisely processed combined frame made of extra-thick plates; Lange-angle, hexagon prism of power slewing axis; Big hopper with big caliber for feeding big material 
2)PLC control system with automatic overload protection and auto reverse switch 
3)Unique hydraulic pushing system accelerates the shredding speed, for light material particularly 
4)Each dynamic blades has four cutting edges which enable reutilization after being abraded, by rotating 90 degree 
5)Each fixed blades has two cutting edges which enable reutilization after being abraded, by rotating 180 degree 
6)Quiet operation at low speed 
7)Screen perforation is adjustable according to customers' requirement 
8)The shredders can be adjusted according to customer specific requirements for throughput volume, material to be processed, etc.

Light Single Axle Shredder Technical

CMAX Light Single Axle Shredder For PE/PP/PVC


To protect environment and suit for different output requirement.CNBM produce LIGHT AND HEAVY AXLE shredder.This kind of shredder is solid and wearable.It is suitable for crushing wood,different kind of plastic,plastic film and paper. Low speed rotor blade ,low noise ,high output and high save energy.


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Q:How many units should be taken for processing polyethylene granules? It is better to introduce them in detail,
Third to have a drainage exhaust plastic extruder, used to contain water, exhaust, old plastic heating plasticization, melt extrusion plastics; the fourth to have a simple plastic extruder, after first extrusion of molten plastic after two extruded into the thin; fifth to the cooling water tank and a cutter the filament, cooled and cut into particles. The technological process is as follows:Selection, classification and cleaning of waste plastics: extrusion, plasticization, cooling, cutting and packingIf a set of extrusion granulation equipment has 20~30 square meters, the workshop is enough, but the outside of the site requires a little bigger, and at least one hundred square meters
Q:How many kinds of crusher are there? What are the main differences? Please explain them in detail
Jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, hammer crusher, impact crusher, to roll crusher, composite crusher etc..
Q:How to calculate the crushing capacity of a coal crusher?What's the formula?
What are the main factors that affect the work of the jaw crusher?Generally, the main factors affecting the operation of jaw crusher are meshing angle and RevolutionIs the angle between the meshing angle of moving jaw and fixed jaw. According to the 32 degree calculation of the maximum meshing angle up. The actual use are less than 25 degrees, generally 1820 degrees. The meshing angle is too large, would break up the ore out of the cavity, sand production line, resulting in injury or damage to other equipment. At the same time as the meshing angle increases (crushing ratio increase) decreased productivity. Adjust the size of the mouth of discharge, will change the size of the nip angle. In real life, to adjust the size of the mouth of discharge according to the ore granularity requirements. Therefore, to ensure product size requirements, as far as possible amplification of discharge mouth is reasonable. Gape size can be adjusted by adjusting the block, on the relation between the regulation of discharge should pay attention to broken mouth size ratio and productivity.
Q:Plastic crusher is slow to eat. Why?
Fixed, then remove the fixed knife grinding, so as to better the fixed knife.
Q:How to dust the plastic crushing material?
Negative pressure dust collector. Downdraft design, sink dust in the ash bucket does not rebound, low resistance material with high quality and full automatic pulse compression air deashing device, the dust removal efficiency is more efficient,
Q:What's the price of used plastic crushers?
Like Shanghai Donglong good what. Good performance and high output. We do machine maintenance in our factory
Q:What are plastic particles? What's the use?
Hardened than polyethylene. Mainly used for pots, barrels, furniture, thin film, woven bag, packing belt, bottle?, bumper. PE recycled plastics: Polyethylene (PE) - no coloring milky white translucent, waxy; touch smooth feeling, soft and tough, slightly can pull long. Low density polyethylene is relatively soft, good transparency, high density polyethylene hard. Mainly used for plastic film, bag, water pipe, oil PS is a polystyrene plastic, easy coloring, good transparency, and more for the production of shades, toothbrush handles, toys, electrical parts and components. It is resistant to acid corrosion, but soluble in chloroform, two chlorine ethylene, bananas, water and other organic solvents. PVC is a PVC, bright color, corrosion resistant and durable. Due to an increase in the manufacturing process of plasticizer, anti aging agent and other toxic and auxiliary materials, so its products Foods and drugs are not stored. ABS is made from acrylonitrile and butadiene
Q:How many categories are there in the cutter type of plastic crushers?
Chip knife plastic crusherBetween the knife structure between plastic crusher claw and flat cutter blade, suitable for crushing ordinary sheet, pipes, profiles, sheets and packaging materials such as plastic products, raw material. Universal plastic crusher, using sealed bearings to keep good bearing rotation for a long time; the knife type design is reasonable, the product into a uniform particle knife; heat treatment, elegant appearance design.
Q:How to operate a plastic crusher correctly?
Ji made machinery for you to answer your questions.I wish you a happy life!!
Q:Plastic grinding machine mainly grinding PVC grinding material thickness of about 20 silk finger cover size, which kind of pulverizer is suitable for this purpose?
Overview of plastic grinding machine compared with the same type of milling machine, under the same power output is greatly improved (increased by 20%-50%), saving about energy consumption of the dust collector is added to effectively reduce dust pollution, the discharging of the main fan reduces the labor intensity of workers and open the door cover of the host can be replaced, which is convenient for maintenance and the tool windand watercooling system reduce the working temperature inside the machine body, the grinded material uneasy degeneration

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