Plastic crusher machine plastic crusher plastic grinder shredder

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Plastic crusher machine/plastic crusher /plastic grinder/shredder 1.Recycle hard plastic
2.Made of imported steel

Plastic crushing machine/plastic crusher /plastic grinder/shredder      

Product Description

Application: Suitable for recycle all kinds of hard plastic, like bottles, containers,pellets   plastic,sheets, ends from injection molding machine and extruder.

Advantages:*The cutter stand is designed as a step-shearing style which can resolve the force      

                         bored by cuttings, and increase the force of cutting greatly.

                       * Good looking in surface, color coordination, spray-painted solid

                       *Hopper, crushing room, misreported is disserted, easy to dumpster gate

                       * The crushing room use noise arrester, to lower noise.

                       * Pulley with guards, so it is safe and reliable.
                       *Cleaning and insurance
                       *The motor has a protective device and power chain protection system.
                       *The using life of the alloy blade is much longer than the ordinary one, moreover, it is


                       *suitable for smashing high-densely plastic.


Modelchamber(MM)Diameter(MM)ability(KG/H)Blade (PCS)Blade(PCS)(KW)HP

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Q:The crusher can not be broken. What happened to the stone?
Within a certain range, increasing the eccentricity of the eccentric shaft can increase the capacity of the crusher, but it also increases the energy consumption of the crushing unit weight of the ore.. The speed is too large, will have been broken in the crushing chamber of the ore to discharge, and blockage phenomenon, but to reduce production capacity, power consumption increases, therefore, there should be a jaw crusher optimum rpm.
Q:What kind of material is used for plastic hairpin?
If you use recycled plastic, then in the larger plastic market there, if you need raw materials, then go to that kind of special plastic particles sold inside the shop.
Q:Plastic crusher does not eat what is the reason?
You can check the rotation direction of the rotor is correct.
Q:I want to make a plastic lid will use what machine?
I would help you estimate the lid weight about 500~600 grams, barrel diameter is 58cm, the forming area of fand 2642cm. Although the cap weight is small, but the forming area is large, in the selection of plastic injection molding machine is to be considered the largest area of injection equipment,
Q:Why plastic crushers are closely related to environmental protection?
Because there is a good plastic crusher, which means that the plastics recycling industry market will be better development
Q:PVC how much is a plastic crusher?
About fifteen thousand, I do this, welcome to ask or see my space
Q:Plastic crusher blade clearance600 plastic crusher
Plastic crusher blades, also known as plastic machinery blades, a wide variety of high quality steel, with good sharpness and abrasion resistance. It is mainly used in plastics, rubber and other industries. As with other blades, it requires precise geometric tolerances to ensure good assembly quality.
Q:What are the key words in plastic machinery?
Plastic granulator, plastic granulator, plastic extruder, plastic crusher, plastic crusher, plastic granulator, foam machine, sheet material processing machine,
Q:How much does a small plastic crusher cost?
Small several thousand blocks, medium-sized ten thousand or twenty thousand, big thirty thousand or forty thousand have
Q:How often does the plastic crusher get rid of the knife?
After the machine is used for a period of time, the screw is often removed, it may hurt the thread, the pressure plate is not tight, it is recommended to replace the big steel cap screw.

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