China Three Layer Coextrusion Film Blowing Machine

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China Three layer coextrusion film blowing machine
1. Rotary die head

2. Fast screen changer
3. Double winder. Automatic winder flying knife after changing roller
Can do 2inch size paper roller,
Need any specification. Just feel free to contact with us.

Performance and Characteristics
This machine set is to satisfy the customers requirements of high quality, high output film blowing equipment. It adopts the extruder with force feeding function, precision type ceramic heaters, precision type double vents air ring, horizontal type rotary traction system, IBC inner cooling system, fully automatic surface friction type double cut double winders, computer concentrate control system ect. Advanced technique and equipments. Compare with kindred equipment, it has the advantages such as more compact structure, higher output, better produce quality, less energy consume, easier operation. It can be widely used into various kind of high transparence packing film manufacture, and crate the considerable economic benefit for you.

Suitable materialLDPE LLDPE HDPE
Film width800-1300mm800-1500mm1200-2000mm1500-2500mm
Film thickness0.028-0.18mm0.028-0.18mm0.03-0.18mm0.05-0.15mm
Screw diameterΦ45/50/45mmΦ50/55/50mmΦ55/65/55mmΦ65/70/65mm
Screw materialSACM-645/38 CRMOALA
Barrel materialSACM-645/38CRMOALA
Barrel cooling370W×2370W×2550W×3550W×4
Main motor power15/18.5/15Kw18.5/22/18.5Kw22/37/22Kw37/45/37Kw
Barrel temperature control3444
Total power58Kw70Kw90Kw130Kw
Die part
Die sizeΦ250/200mmΦ300/250mmΦ350/400mmΦ600mm
Temperature control zone4444
Air ring1
Fan power5.5Kw7.5Kw11Kw11Kw
Traction part
Traction rollerΦ165×1400mmΦ165×1600mmΦ180×2000mmΦ220×2600mm
Traction width1300mm1500mm2000mm2500mm
Traction speed10-65m/min10-65m/min10-65m/min10-40m/min
Traction power1.5Kw1.5Kw2.2Kw2.2Kw
Winding part
Winding motor1.51.5kw2.2kw30N.m
Winding speed10-65m/min10-65m/min10-65m/min10-65m/min
Machine size7.5×5.5×7m8.2X5.8X7m9.0×6.4×8.2m8.5×7.2×10

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Q:What's the difference between a purifier and an oil purifier?
In addition to the impurities in the oil, the purifier can also separate the moisture in the oil. The oil filter is only a simple filtration of impurities.
Q:What is the accuracy of 300*300 oil filter paper for LY-100 plate and frame pressure oil filters?
The filtering accuracy of filter paper is independent of the filter paper area, and the filter paper has a large area, but it only increases the filtration area and improves the filtration efficiency.
Q:Operation of centrifugal oil filter
2. separation(1) open the water sealed water valve and seal the water to the outlet of the sewage.(2) slowly change the valve, add the dirty oil to the drum.(3) adjust the oil inlet valve and mediate the proper handling capacity.(4) adjust the pressure of the net oil outlet and enter the normal separation state.
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Because it is located in a position similar to that of the steam seal, it is easy to enter steam (steam condenses into water in the oil). Cause there is middle water cut,
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Turbine oil vacuum oil filters are based on the amount of oil, usually to estimate the amount of oil or oil used
Q:Who knows what the vibration of the oil filter is?
Generally, the vibration of oil filters is very harmful: vibration, noise, accelerated wear of bearings, shortening of mechanical life, and serious damage accidents.There may be four reasons:1, the anchor screws loose. Solution: just tighten it2, the uneven thickness of sludge. Solution: clean the residue
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We must remember that ultra-high voltage transformer oil for 500KV ultra high voltage transformer and a similar demand for electrical power equipment for insulation and cooling medium, oil detection by SH0040-91 industry standards, test items include appearance, color, density (20 degrees Celsius), viscosity, aniline point, freezing point, pour point, flash point, and value, corrosive sulfur, water soluble acid and alkali, oxidation stability (precipitation, acid), breakdown voltage, dielectric loss factor (90 degrees Celsius), interfacial tension, trace water, condensate gas ratio dispersion. Hope to help
Q:Oil filter ZLA-20! During the test process! Foam
Who should have cheated you on this return?. Recommended ZYAXD-100 two-stage vacuum, automatic defoaming, definitely better than any ZLA

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