High Speed Film Blowing Machine

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It's an extruder, both the cylinder and screw rods are made of high quality alloy steel, that have been azotized and processed in a precision way. Hence it is sound in

Hardness, durable in corrosion resistance. The specially-designed screw is sound quality in plasticizing, which helps increase the production capacity. It is applied to blowing the plastic films like low-high density polyethylene (L-HDPE) and linear low density polyethylene (HDPE) films, etc. It is widely applied to producing the packaging bags for food stuff, clothing, rubbish bag and vest ones in both civilian and industrial packaging.
Screw DIA50mm55mm60mm
Screw L/D RatioL/D28:1L/D28:1L/D28:1
Screw Rotary Speed10-120r/min10-120r/min10-120r/min
Main Power11Kw15Kw18.5Kw
Extruded Volume35kg/h40kg/h45kg/h
Filnm Max folding Dia600mm800mm1000mm
Single Film thickness0.006-0.10mm0.006-0.10mm0.006-0.10mm
Sub-master Machine Lift Scope800mm800mm800mm
Total Power23Kw25Kw30Kw
Overall Dimension(L×W×H)3000×3000×3800mm3000×3000×4200mm 3000x3000x4800mm

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Q:Transformer oil filter can be rented there
Rent used machinery, may go to your local mechanical and electrical market, the secondary market, ask, perhaps there will be information. In addition the use of transformer oil filter is generally the power company substation, power transmission engineering, power plant, transformer production enterprises, in addition to large industrial and mining enterprises have owned power plant will be used, the precision industry slightly.
Q:The vane filter and the centrifugal oil filter are good
The principle is not the same, the centrifuge is filtered by centrifugal force, and the relative processing capacity of the same model may be better
Q:How to use the centrifugal oil filter properly?
Installation requirements and preparation prior to use1 mounting dimensionsSee overall performance and overall dimensions of the main technical parameter table.2 installation1) the basis for the installation of centrifuges must be firm and smooth, with a flatness of less than 1mm per square meter, and easy to operate and maintain. All pipe connections that are connected to the mechanical centrifuge shall have flexible joints.
Q:How to select flow rate for turbine oil vacuum oil filter?
Yes, turbine oil is also called turbine oil, so the turbine oil vacuum oil filter is actually a turbine oil vacuum oil filter
Q:What is the trouble with the vacuum pump used in the oil filter? How can it be removed so that the oil filter works properly?
The vacuum pumps used in oil filters usually do this:1. the exhaust of the vacuum pump is smoke;2. vacuum pumps, oil spills, oil spills;3. vacuum pump noise exceeds standard;4. vacuum decrease;5. vacuum pump, hot and so on;
Q:Peanut oil centrifugal filter and vacuum oil filter which is good?
To make the machine longer to use, you need a clean oil system that will minimize the loss of lubricating oil and maintain a high degree of cleanliness, so that your maintenance costs can be reduced. Now you will have the best oil purification system in the world: that is a true centrifugal purifier.
Q:Selection criteria of oil filter for power plant
How much oil do you need to deal with?;What kind of oil filter is needed? This can be chosen according to the budget;Look at the strength of supply, reputation, etc., in line with the requirements of the company.
Q:How to choose insulating oil vacuum filter
3, the safety interlock protection system, interaction of oil inlet and heating device and infrared liquid level control system, pressure protection device, thermal protection and safety shut-off valve, to avoid the adverse effects caused by misoperation, protect the safety of the machine.4, on-site insulation treatment of insulating oil, purification of all types of degradation of insulating oil has special effects.5, environmental protection chassis structure design, reduce environmental pollution. Good mechanical strength, acid and alkali resistance, long service life. Satisfy the indoor and outdoor use environment.6, according to the needs of the design, the use of PLC automatic control, with touch-screen dynamic display, can be networked with the computer to operate, to achieve high intelligence.
Q:Why is there a load switch, no oil filter?
It is connected to the transformer, and has been working online, as to some of the switches
Q:How often do you change the oil filter when the turbine is in oil?
Hello In fact, these things is not a fixed pattern, because it is with a barrel of oil, from all above and below, and you are a group of oil? This is what we do on the machine. Add a pressure controller to the pressure filter and automatically remind you that you should change the filter paper by proper debugging

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