CCE WOOL high density non-asbestos silicate calcium board

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Product Description:


Asbestos-free Boards Calcium Silicate

Size and Specifications




Common Calcium Silicate (650°C)

Standard Calcium Silicate (1000°C)


On top of light weight, low thermal conductivity, high rupture and, compressive strengths, calcium silicate won’t distort even in contact with water, with other features like long service life, sawing-worthiness, easy processing, non-toxics, non-corrosiveness to piping and equipment, etc..

Typical Use

Mainly used as insulation for thermal equipment and piping in the power, chemical, metallurgy, petrochemical, textile and light industries, as well as insulation for building, ship and train.

Working Temp

650 °C, 1000 °C


The size, density, chemical composition can be customized.


25 cubic meters

FOB price

150-300 USD/cubic meter


Qingdao Port

Payment terms

L/C, T/T, D/A, D/P, Western Union, MoneyGram, Cash


Within 15 days after received the delivery


By carton or pallet


ISO 9001:2000, CE, REACH

Technical Data&SPEC

Technical Data of CCE FIRE Calcium Silicate Board
Classification temperature(oC)650 calcium silicate board1000 calcuim silicate board
Density (kg/m3)170220300170220300
Moisture   (%)

Cold Crushing Strength

( Mpa)
Modulus of Rupture ( Mpa)
Conductivity (W/(m.k))0.0550.0620.070.0580.0620.07
Work Temperature (oC)650650650100010001000
Liner shrinkage ( %)222222
Size  (mm)600x300x25~100mm; 500x500x25~100mm;1000x500x25-120mm

Specification of CCE FIRE Calcium Silicate Board


Width( ± 2mm)

















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Q:Calcium silicate board ceiling need to do the bottom plate
Should not be used. Calcium silicate board ceiling is based on silicon oxide (quartz sand, powder, silicon, algae, etc.), calcium oxide (also protect the child pole twisted pony ghost Creek Gong Lou useful lime, carbide slag, etc.) and reinforcing fiber Calcium board is a new generation of "green" building materials, in the excellent moisture, fire performance based on the unique environmental protection function.It is based on silicon powder and calcium powder as the main substrate to hot wood fiber as a reinforcing material, Auxiliary materials, through the flow slurry molding, in the high temperature, high pressure maintenance of a new type of fire board building materials.
Q:Is it possible to paste gypsum board or plywood on tiles?
Can be sealed with gypsum board on top, first in the tile surface drilling into the cork, the interval with 305m 粻 chicken class lesson wine tao Mo Mo * 305mm, and then 3 * 25 flat head tapping screw to the gypsum board fixed Tile surface, if you worry about wet, you can switch to 6% calcium silicate board (recommended use, but also cheaper 12% gypsum board). The simplest can be a single tiles chisel, keep the paste of the cement layer, and then leveling the cement slurry, you can paint the dust
Q:What is the density of calcium silicate board and fiber reinforced calcium silicate board?
Calcium silicate board density and your thickness is not related. Only the weight and thickness of what a relationship.
Q:What is the use of high-temperature calcium silicate board?
Calcium silicate board is used for decoration, interior decoration. You said that this material should not be calcium silicate board. Haha.
Q:Silicon calcium board ceiling can be used in home improvement bathroom? why?
Can not be summed up in the home improvement is often used silicon calcium board silicon calcium board with light weight, high strength, moisture, corrosion, fire, another significant feature is that it is easy to re-processing silicon calcium board mainly composed of gypsum, there is a call Calcium silicate, calcium silicate is composed of quartz, mica, wood fiber and other ingredients. Followed by the use: calcium calcium board is mainly used for indoor ceiling, and it also high-grade, mid-range, low-grade distinction, the best is solid silicon calcium board, moisture, fire, pollution, low carbon, clean surface, durability it is good. The calcium silicate board can be used for indoor and outdoor partitions, ceiling, surface decoration, firewall, fire ceiling, steel fire, high temperature insulation and many other environments, calcium silicate board also has good or bad points, Harmless to the human body, poor raw materials sucks, containing asbestos, carcinogenic.
Q:Calcium silicate board can do outdoor waterproof wall directly?
Calcium silicate board, including fiber cement pressure plate can only say that not afraid of water, is not able to waterproof. Indoor and outdoor wall with what waterproof material? It is recommended to use nano-silicone waterproofing agent. This is a national patent product, specifically for the inside and outside the wall of the waterproof, spray use, simple and convenient, reliable quality. Can also be used for large-scale new kitchen bathroom Erlang jump on the foot of the foot of the Dan project, as well as dry porous inorganic building materials on the surface of the waterproof. For example: the concrete wall, the ground, brick surface, natural stone surface, lime wall surface, spray after the formation of colorless permanent waterproof layer.
Q:Seeking expert advice: Tuoba Mullite, snow xanthanite, hydrated calcium silicate is a thing?
See add the question and answer, want to say is the calcium silicate board itself is mainly composed of tobermosite and hard silicate stone composition. Cement and quartz sand by mixing plate after forming, in the high temperature and pressure reaction, the formation of tobermosilite and calcium silicate stone. So no factory specifically to do this thing to produce calcium silicate board ~ ~ logically out of the problem.
Q:What is the difference between calcium silicate board and cement board?
It is the largest difference between the cement content, calcium carbonate board is cement quartz sand and fiber through the autoclaved out, but the main raw material of cement board is cement
Q:Ceiling silicon calcium board and mineral wool board which is better
Silicon calcium board is better than gypsum board
Q:Ceiling gypsum board and plastic plate which cheap?
Gypsum board cheap, you can consider calcium silicate board, is currently based on the gypsum board based on a fortified gypsum board, tolerance is better than ordinary gypsum board. Do not you know if you want to do the bathroom ceiling? If you want to choose a waterproof gypsum board. The market is well-known brand is "can be resistant" In addition, you said to do the ceiling of the plastic plate, is the aluminum plate? Supplementary description - downstairs № ethereal cents cents, do not understand do not pretend to understand Oh, will not float the first person Ju Ying angle nail hair caused by troubled ~ ~ ~ you said that the aluminum plate is now large Part of the home kitchen and the most commonly used materials, generally square and rectangular two, square about 300MM, it is clear that the landlord does not need this. Landlord, your construction team said gypsum board plus glass, probably they are calculated according to smallpox, which to possession of light, if not, only hanging flat, then they are flicker. Bathroom with aluminum plaster board than the gypsum board to be durable, I used the project, but the specifications for the 1220MM * 2440MM, if your bathroom is not structured, we should pay attention to the hook. You'd better let the workers take the board to give you, or take you to see the site to do, they have a few :)

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