High Purity Silicate Calcium Board

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1) 100% non-asbestos
2) Density: 1,000 - 1,400kg/cbm
3) Coefficient of thermal expansion: 0.24W/MK (JC/T54)
4) Bending strength: over 13MPa (GB/T7019-1997)
5) Linear expansion rate: 0.1%
6) Water absorption rate: less than 0.19% (GB/T7019-1997)
7) Water penetration rate: 0%
8) Water content: 10%
9) Incombustibility according to CNS 6532 and BS 476
10) Two point five three hours of fire rating for (6mm wall system with W-CSP concrete)
11) Radioactivity: standard (GB6566-2000)
12) Characteristic: nonflammability A grade (GB-8624-1997)

1) Heat insulation, stability, damp-proof, sound insulation, fire resistance and
light weight
2) The wall is solid and firm inside, and resistant to impact pressure
3) Painting, tiling and nailing is possible in the new system .
4) Noise reduction can be up to 46dB
5) Good efficiency
6) Working environment can keep it dry and clean for better management
7) Certificates with 2.53 hours of fire rating.

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Q:What kind of ceiling does the open kitchen do?
Personally think that the kitchen and the living room to distinguish between the use of aluminum buckle board a little better, no matter how good the hood or smoke, aluminum plate is relatively good
Q:Calcium silicate is afraid of high temperature
High temperature almost no decomposition
Q:What is the difference between calcium silicate board and cement pressure plate?
Is not the same thing, the cement board is cement as the main condensate material through the formation of natural conservation, high strength, but the deformation coefficient. Calcium silicate board is made of siliceous material and calcareous materials such as lime and quartz sand through high temperature and high pressure to form terrestrial monolithic inorganic crystals. Although the strength of cement board, but also generally more than 11 MPa, to meet the requirements. Deformation coefficient is small, fire rating for the highest "non-flammable". It is far more than the resistance of the cement fiberboard to the deformation resistance of the calcium silicate board. Because the calcium carbonate board cement content is not high, while the latter are basically cement. Cement is easy to deform. Please add points.
Q:Ceiling gypsum board and plastic plate which cheap?
Gypsum board cheap, you can consider calcium silicate board, is currently based on the gypsum board based on a fortified gypsum board, tolerance is better than ordinary gypsum board. Do not you know if you want to do the bathroom ceiling? If you want to choose a waterproof gypsum board. The market is well-known brand is "can be resistant" In addition, you said to do the ceiling of the plastic plate, is the aluminum plate? Supplementary description - downstairs № ethereal cents cents, do not understand do not pretend to understand Oh, will not float the first person Ju Ying angle nail hair caused by troubled ~ ~ ~ you said that the aluminum plate is now large Part of the home kitchen and the most commonly used materials, generally square and rectangular two, square about 300MM, it is clear that the landlord does not need this. Landlord, your construction team said gypsum board plus glass, probably they are calculated according to smallpox, which to possession of light, if not, only hanging flat, then they are flicker. Bathroom with aluminum plaster board than the gypsum board to be durable, I used the project, but the specifications for the 1220MM * 2440MM, if your bathroom is not structured, we should pay attention to the hook. You'd better let the workers take the board to give you, or take you to see the site to do, they have a few :)
Q:Double layer 12 mm thick calcium silicate board with what keel ceiling
Double 12mm is not suitable for the ceiling, hanging ah,
Q:Gypsum board moisture?
Gypsum board is not moisture! It is recommended to use calcium silicate board (Pod plate). It has a light weight, heat insulation, fire, moisture, impact resistance, easy processing, easy decoration and other fine features
Q:Calcium silicate board does not paint it
Oil is not the main paint is that you want to use the board there, indoors and outside there is a difference
Q:Export of calcium silicate board or gypsum board, which one shipping cheap?
One is a chemical goods is a stone class on the ordinary shipping container freight is the same difference is that the number of tons of each container is not the same
Q:Calcium silicate board irregular split how to do
Is it 600 * 600? Light steel keel hanging, or wire? Sinking is usually caused by a long deformation of the keel. If it is the basic wire hanging will appear this situation. Because the wire for a long time will slowly straighten with the weight, so it will sink. Cracking is normal. Generally the life of this plate for a few years. The wet place will change for two or three years. This plate is highly absorbent. There was water soon bad. It is recommended to change the time to choose aluminum, but the price will be much higher.
Q:Seam method of effective calcium silicate board ceiling
Do not know what you say is a large board ceiling or small board ceiling

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