High-Pressure Laminates for Decorative HPL Formica Sheet

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Product Description:

1.Description of HPL:
Fireproof board, fireproofing veneer) also known as fireproof board, formerly known as layer is a thermosetting resin impregnated paper, high pressure decorative veneer, English abbreviation for HPL, surface decoration with refractory building materials a, rich surface color, decorative pattern and special and convenient processing. It is widely used in interior decoration on the surface of the material
HPL are high quality decoration material , which are widely applied to furniture,kitchen cabinet,cupboard, countertop, window, door skin, wall lining, partition, ship lining ,ceiling, lift lining, shop fitting,shelving, etc .
Fireproof board / refractory plate is base paper after melamine resin and phenolic resin processing, main physical properties is unfolded by the characteristics of the resins. After the melamine resin thermosetting moulding have luster good, good transparency, high surface hardness, wear-resisting, withstand high temperatures, impact resistance, surface pores small is not easy to be contaminated, chemical resistance, water resistance, resistance to solvent, flame resistance and other excellent performance, mechanical strength, electrical insulation, resistance to arc good and is not easy to aging. Phenolic resin thermoset molding after heat and hard performance. Two kinds of resin combination, fireproof board / refractory plate contains both the performance.

2.Feature of HPL:
1)  Finishied via impregnating the decorative paper and kraft paper in melamine,drying and high temperature and presure
2)  Outstanding resistance to abrasion,high tempreature,dirty,shocking,cigarette ignition and open flame
3)  Exceptional mould proof performance ,has very wide application and very big market potential
4)  Decorative surface material for both indoor and outdoor use
5) Widely used in surface decoration of rooms, offices, compartments, partitions, kitchens, sideboards, furniture and laboratory table tops
6) wear-resistant, fire-resistant, anti-static, chemical resistant
7) Acid resistance and alkali resistance
8) Abrasive resistance
9) Amazing colors and rich in colors. High glossy and matte is available.
10) Easy to clean
11) Healthniness and environment protection
12) Easy be cut, easy be edge-covered in machine
13) Fireproofing
a) Abrasion-resistant, scratch-resistant, ray-resistant (depigmentation-resistant),
    stain-resistant, impact-resistant and heat-resistant
b) Waterproof
c) Easy to be processed, without oil paint and waxing
d) Easy to be washed and cleaned
e) For interior decoration, suitable for kitchens, cabinets, teapoys, table boards,windowsills, ben doors and interior wall panels
f ) Any our standard HPL can be made into postforming HPL, anti-static HPL, anti fungus HPL and fire-resistant HPL
g) We also guarantee that under the temperature of 150 - 200°C, the postforming HPL's radii can reach 8mm.
3.Images of HPL:

High-Pressure Laminates for Decorative HPL Formica Sheet

High-Pressure Laminates for Decorative HPL Formica Sheet

4.Specifications of HPL: 
1. size
1220mmx2440mm     1220mmx3050mm     1310mmx2440mm      1310mm x3050mm
2.  thickness
Standard HPL:  0.5mm~1.0mm.
Post-forming HPL: 0.5mm~0.6mm.
Metallic HPL: 0.7mm~1.0mm
Compact: 1.0mm~12mm.
3.  color
Solid/plain color, fantastic color, wood grain color, metal, wooden veneer or customized color
4.  surface finishing  Glossy, Matt, Texture and some other special surfaces.
5. packing  Wooden case for HPL/ wooden Pallet for Compact Laminate
0.5mm: LOAD: 14 cases per 20ft container, 600pcsX14cases=8400PCS
WEIGHT: 2.2KGX8400PCS+80kgX14cases=19.60TON
0.6mm: LOAD: 14 cases per 20ft container, 500pcsX14cases=7000 PCS
 WEIGHT: 2.7KGX7000PCS+80kgX14cases=20.02TON
0.7mm: LOAD: 14 cases per 20ft container, 450pcsX14cases=6300 PCS
       WEIGHT: 3.1KGX6300PCS+80kgX14cases=20.65TON
0.8mm: LOAD: 14cases per 20ft container, 400pcsX14cases =5600 PCS
       WEIGHT: 3.6KGX5600PCS+80kgX14cases=21.28TON
 1.  What kind of certificate do you have?
 2.  What color can you produce?
Solid color  wood grain color or according to customs' requirements.
 3.  How about the samples?
For the samples, it will be prepared ASAP.
 4.  Do you charge for the Samples?
According to our company policy, we will charge you the express fee in the first time but the sample will be free. While we start our business, we will reimburse the money for you
 5.  Can you produce according to customer's design?
Sure, we are professional manufacturer, OEM are welcome. While the beginning you need to pay the moulded open fees and Orders meet the minimum ordering quantity of special products

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Q:Fire safety knowledge
Fire ruthless, in the event of a fire, the students want to keep a clear head, race against time, quickly leave. If the fire was besieged, but also to be contingent, trying to escape. (A), how to escape the cottage fire 1, sleep when the smoke to wake up, should quickly get out of bed leaning out of the room. Do not wait for the clothes to run out, the moment is life. 2, if the whole house fire, to crawl crawling into the door, it is best to find a wet towel cover your nose and mouth. If the fireworks closed, do not go out! Should be changed to other exports, and readily put you through the doors and windows closed to delay the spread of the fire to other rooms. 3, if you are surrounded by fireworks in the house, the application of water wet blankets or bedding, put it on the body, in particular, to wrap the head, with a wet towel Mongolian live nose, do protective measures and then rushed out, so The odds of injury are much smaller. 4, do not lie under the bed, under the table or drill into the closet hiding. And do not risk the return of the burning room for the relief of the valuables at home.
Q:CCTV reported from the fire self-extinguishing polyurethane insulation board is A pole fire insulation material?
Polyurethane insulation board after flame retardant treatment up to B1 level, is unable to achieve A pole fire conditions. Polyurethane is a good performance of synthetic materials, it has a higher strength, thermal conductivity, etc., mainly used for thermal insulation materials, followed by structural materials. Combustion performance for the A-class insulation materials: rock wool, glass wool, foam glass, foam ceramic, foam cement, closed-cell perlite and so on. Combustion performance for the B1 level of insulation materials: special treatment of extruded polystyrene board (XPS) / special treatment of polyurethane (PU), phenolic, powder polystyrene particles. Burning properties of B2 grade insulation materials: molded polystyrene board (EPS), extruded polystyrene board (XPS), polyurethane (PU), polyethylene (PE) and so on.
Q:Information on fire safety
Several common fire fighting methods: 1, furniture, bedding and other fire: the general use of water fire. With water around the items such as the basin and so on to the flame on the water, but also the water pipe connected to the faucet sprinkler fire; at the same time the burning point near the combustible humidification. But the oil, electrical fire can not use water to fire. 2, electrical fire: household appliances or lines on fire, we must first cut off the power, and then dry powder or gas fire extinguisher, can not directly splash water to prevent electric shock or electrical explosion wounding. 3, the TV fire: TV in case of fire, never water, you can cut off the power, with a quilt to cover it. Fire, only from the side close to the TV, to prevent the camera tube explosion wounding. If the use of fire extinguishers fire, should not be directed to the TV screen, so as to avoid the sudden cold after the heat and explosion. 4, the pan fire: the oil pan should quickly shut down the stove gas valve, directly cover the lid or cover with a wet cloth, but also to the pot put the chopped vegetables to cool the fire, the pot smooth from the fire, After cooling to open the lid, do not pour water to the oil pan. 5, gas tank fire: use wet bedding, clothing and other cover fire, and quickly close the valve. 6, the body of the fire, do not run around, can be used to roll or heavy clothing to suppress the flames. Wearing a wet towel, handkerchief and so cover your nose and mouth, try to make the body close to the ground, bending or creeping forward.
Q:What is the fire door made of the material
Steel fire doors, wooden fire doors.
Q:Gypsum fire?
Gypsum fire performance is very good, you can rest assured that use!
Q:Can the interior cement board be used? Is it a fireproof material?
Does not belong to fireproof material
Q:Do you need to do floor fire isolation? There are those regulations for fire protection
6.2.9 The shaft of the elevator shaft in the building shall meet the following requirements: 1 The elevator shaft shall be set independently. No combustible gas and A, B and C liquid piping shall be laid in the well, and no cables and wires shall be laid. In addition to the installation of elevator doors, safety escape doors and ventilation holes, should not set other openings; 2 cable wells, pipe wells, flue gas, exhaust, garbage Road and other vertical shaft, should be set independently The The fire resistance of the borehole wall shall not be less than 1.00h and the inspection door on the wall of the shaft shall be of Class C fireproof door. 3 The cable wells and pipe wells in the building shall use non-combustible materials not less than the fire resistance of the floor at each floor Or fire blocking material plugging. The construction of the cable wells, pipe wells and rooms, walkways and other connected pores should be used to block the fire blocking material; 4 buildings within the garbage should be set by the external walls of the garbage should be directly open to the outdoor, Garbage bucket should be made of non-combustible materials, and should be able to shut down; outdoor billboards should not be blocked the construction of the window, should not affect the external fire rescue operations.
Q:Indoor to do with the gypsum board or good or good use of fire board board, fire board is made of what material ah how environmental
Gypsum board can, low cost Of course the best for wood. Fire board is a particle board or density board paste the skin, which contains plastic, formaldehyde content of course, it is difficult to distinguish the quality of good or bad.
Q:Basement ceiling extrusion board insulation material fire rating What are the requirements?
Belong to the flammable material is absolutely can not be used in the ceiling, to use the flame retardant material Caixing, fire technical specifications are required.

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