Vokes® NPS (Nanoporous insulation felt) The core material fumed Silica board and noncombustible.

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Product Description:

Vokes® NPS (Nanoporous insulation felt)


Vokes® NPS is an evacuated micro porous thermal

insulating panel with excellent insulating properties.

Vokes® NPS

The core material

of Vokes® NPS is fumed Silica board and

noncombustible. It is sealed into a high gas barrier film

under vacuum.

Vokes® NPS 


Vokes® NPS is specially developed for insulation

applications where not much space is available but a

high thermal resistance is necessary. Mainly used in

high-temperature insulation Mainly used in hightemperature


Vokes® NPS 

Vokes® NPS is a successful insulation element in the following areas:

• Industrial equipment insulation 

• High temperature boiler insulation 

• Thermal packaging (Medicine transport boxes, etc.)

• Appliance (Water boiler, etc.)

• Automotive (train, ship, air plains, etc.)


• Insulation : Long-term application temperature reached -120℃-1200℃. Insulation at normal

temperature for 3-5 times the performance of traditional materials. Stable thermal conductivity at high

temperatures, Temperature at 300 ℃ insulation performance is 4-8 times that of traditional materials.

• Drastically reduced insulation thickness 

• Thermal resistance :Particles constituting unit having a three-dimensional network structure,

will form many nanoporosity avoid sintering deformation.

• All purpose VIP with a long service life 

•Corrosion resistant :Products made of an inorganic material, no soluble chloride ions, No

corrosion on equipment, pipe grassroots.

• Soundproofing/Seismic Performance :Acoustic noise reduction, buffer shock.

• Waterproof :Product nanoparticles themselves with super hydrophobic properties.

Product data 

Surface color whiter 


Rectangular shape (without protruding


Density  ≤300kg/m³

Thermal conductivity (Surface


50 0.016W/(m·k)

200 0.020W/(m·k)

300 0.023W/(m·k)

400 0.025W/(m·k)

500 0.033W/(m·k)

600 0.040W/(m·k)

700 0.050W/(m·k)

800 0.060W/(m·k)

Refractoriness  >800℃

cold crushing strength 

(Compression 20%) ≥0.40MPa

permanent change in dimension on heating

(800℃×24h) ≤1.0%

Standard dimension (L x W)(mm) 250x600/500x600/1200x600


10mm/15 mm/20


Size tolerance 

• 0 to 500 mm ±2 mm

Thickness tolerance  ± 1 mm

Service life : extrapolated, depending on application up to 50.

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Q:Glass curtain wall and floor between the gap how to deal with, seeking expert solution?
Figure, 1.5mm galvanized steel plate up and down. The middle of 100 thick fire rock wool.
Q:Outdoor steel ladder as a fire evacuation ladder has any requirements
Hello: If you are building high-level, then apply "high rules", if it is multi-layer, you should apply "rules." The requirements for the evacuation of the outdoor steel staircase should be strictly regulated, as follows: "High-rise civil building design fire safety regulations" 6.2.10: Outdoor staircase can be used as the anti-smoke staircase The minimum net width should not be less than 0.90m. When the tilt angle is not greater than 45 °, the height of the railings is not less than 1.10m, the outdoor staircase width can be included in the total width of the evacuation staircase. Outdoor staircase and each floor of the exit platform, should be made of non-combustible materials. The fire resistance of the platform should not be less than 1.00h. In the wall around the stairs around 2.00m, in addition to evacuation door, should not open other doors, windows, holes. The evacuation doors shall be of Class B fire doors and shall not be on the stairs. 7.4.5: outdoor stairs can be used as evacuation staircase when the following requirements: 1 railings should not be less than the height of 1.1m, the net width of the stairs should not be less than 0.9m; 2 tilt angle should not be greater than 45 ° ; 3 stairs and platform should be made of non-combustible materials. The fire resistance of the platform should not be less than 1.00h, the fire resistance of the staircase should not be less than 0.25h; 4 doors to the outdoor staircase should adopt Grade B fire doors and should be opened to the outside; Around the wall within 2m should not be set on the door and window openings. The evacuation door should not be on the stairs. Hope it helps you!
Q:How to brush fire paint
1, before the construction must be on the base (coated material) to clean up, remove the ash, oil and paint to be debris. Wood base should reach the natural dry state, water content <10%. 2, stir even after brushing to ensure the construction quality and product performance. 3, should be above 5 ℃, within 24 hours after construction to avoid rain. 4, the coating is generally coated with two layers, if necessary, can be coated with three layers, or cover the light again, Tu finished the first time, the natural dry after the next layer of construction. Every time the brushing surface shall not be leaked. Per square meter with the amount of ≥ 500g, to a fire safety standards. 5, brushing process using brush, spray or roller, brushing evenly. Brush the direction to be consistent, do not cross or repeatedly brushing. Note winter construction should be above 5 ℃, summer should be below 35 ℃, to avoid freezing or overheating.
Q:Is polystyrene color plate as a decoration fireproof material?
Absolutely no fire, I was selling this. If that is all bragging.
Q:What is the fire cut off?
Partition refers to the facade that is dedicated as a compartmentalized space. Fire cut off is the fireproof material to do!
Q:Composite foam cement insulation board, composite foam insulation board What is the level of fire insulation materials?
Class A. Poor thermal conductivity
Q:What is a decorative fireproof coating?
General fire retardant coating for fire, so after the coating is very beautiful, the surface of Barbara, but also very thick coating, on the provision of skin care can be transferred Jiu Xue snow mill is a very good impression, then the face of fire paint Can eliminate the above defects, the surface perception is very good, you can also apply a very thin, of course, also has a fire function.
Q:Gypsum board with fire performance is it?
Gypsum board with light, fire, heat insulation, sound insulation, convenient decoration, etc., but the general performance of the gypsum board fire less, fire gypsum board fire effect is good, generally more than 40 minutes, if accompanied by light steel Keel and fire rock wool produced by the wall of the fire time can be as high as one hour or more.
Q:What are the fireproof materials?
Water and wet cotton quilts
Q:Ventilation duct fan outsourcing fireproof material specifically what
8.5.6 Ventilation, air conditioning system piping, etc., should be made of non-burning materials, but contact with corrosive media duct and flexible joints, can be made of refractory materials. 8.5.7 Insulation materials, silencers and adhesives for pipes and equipment shall be non-combustible materials or refractory materials. Through the firewall and deformation of the duct on both sides of the 2.00m should be used within the scope of non-combustion materials and binders. 8.5.8 When the electric heater is installed in the duct, the fan shall be interlocked with the electric heater. Electric heater before and after the 800mm within the duct and through the fire source and other places with easy fire parts of the tube helium bite of the Guobao every double Fu Jing Road, must use non-combustible insulation materials

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