Brass Steel Welding Wire/ Strip for Construction

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Brass Steel Welding Wire/ Strip for Construction


Main Structure for Brass Steel Welding Wire/Strip

AWS A5.18 ER70S-6 
1) Copper coated 
2) All position welding 
3) Shield gas : CO2

4)Material: Carbon Steel

5)Diameter: 0.8mm-1.6mm

6)Weight: 15kg/spool, 100kg/barrel, 250kg/barrel

7)Flux Content: Without flux

8)Shield GAS: CO2


ER70S-6 is a coppered low alloy steel wire with all position welding.The wire has a very good welding performance and the weld metal shows lower temperature impact toughness. It is mainly for butt and fillet welding structures made by shipping steel and low alloy steel, such as ships , containers, as well as vehicles,engineering and construction machineries, bridges etc.


Datas of Brass Steel Welding Wire/ Strip for Construction:

































All products of welding wire were produced by German equipment. 
Advanced technologies with advanced equipment. 

Main Features for Brass Steel Welding Wire/ Strip for Construction:

Gas-shielded welding wires utilize Co2,argon-rich gas and argon gas as the shielding gases with high production efficiency.Large current may be used during welding to achieve droplet transfer,wiht large melting coefficient of wire, excellent depth of welding penetration on material, little melting residues,high-density current, concentrated heat, small heating area, little distortion of work pieces after welding, etc.

Because of low content of hydrogen in the seam,cold cracking is rare. Good visibility of electric arc facilitates full-position welding and welding at other positions.


Main Applications for Brass Steel Welding Wire/ Strip for Construction:

Welding of various 500Mpa structural steel components;welding of various 500Mpa plates and pipes;full-position welding with a wide range of current.


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Brass Steel Welding Wire/ Strip for Construction

Brass Steel Welding Wire/ Strip for Construction

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