Brass Steel Welding Wire/ Strip for Construction

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Brass Steel Welding Wire/ Strip for Construction


Main Structure for Brass Steel Welding Wire/Strip

AWS A5.18 ER70S-6 
1) Copper coated 
2) All position welding 
3) Shield gas : CO2

4)Material: Carbon Steel

5)Diameter: 0.8mm-1.6mm

6)Weight: 15kg/spool, 100kg/barrel, 250kg/barrel

7)Flux Content: Without flux

8)Shield GAS: CO2


ER70S-6 is a coppered low alloy steel wire with all position welding.The wire has a very good welding performance and the weld metal shows lower temperature impact toughness. It is mainly for butt and fillet welding structures made by shipping steel and low alloy steel, such as ships , containers, as well as vehicles,engineering and construction machineries, bridges etc.


Datas of Brass Steel Welding Wire/ Strip for Construction:

































All products of welding wire were produced by German equipment. 
Advanced technologies with advanced equipment. 

Main Features for Brass Steel Welding Wire/ Strip for Construction:

Gas-shielded welding wires utilize Co2,argon-rich gas and argon gas as the shielding gases with high production efficiency.Large current may be used during welding to achieve droplet transfer,wiht large melting coefficient of wire, excellent depth of welding penetration on material, little melting residues,high-density current, concentrated heat, small heating area, little distortion of work pieces after welding, etc.

Because of low content of hydrogen in the seam,cold cracking is rare. Good visibility of electric arc facilitates full-position welding and welding at other positions.


Main Applications for Brass Steel Welding Wire/ Strip for Construction:

Welding of various 500Mpa structural steel components;welding of various 500Mpa plates and pipes;full-position welding with a wide range of current.


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Brass Steel Welding Wire/ Strip for Construction

Brass Steel Welding Wire/ Strip for Construction

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Q:Stainless steel wire directly outside (one end of the end of the wire), what is appropriate?
If your problem is the process piping installation, the stainless steel outer thread can be used on the process line, and the casing can be installed and welded with argon filling protection.
Q:What is the difference between stainless steel plate, matte surface and wire drawing surface?
The surface looks, drawing and called straight grain sand, sand lines clear, has been connected to a relatively long distance, and snow sand is relatively short sand lines, SB sand is not a lot of sanding factory can do, the appearance is also difficult to distinguish.
Q:Is the water heater hose braided with stainless steel wires or with a PPR pipe?
My family of these three kinds of tubes are useful, 10 years, the steel wire braided hose first damage, plastic hose can be more than it used 1---2 years, stainless steel bellows is still in use. It is recommended that you use plastic hose.
Q:Is stainless steel drawing panel stainless steel?
Stainless steel drawing panel is made of stainless steel, drawing is a process of stainless steel surface treatment;
Q:What's the difference between stainless steel screws and carbon steel screws?,
Stainless steel screws are mainly used in food, medical instruments and equipment, and some corrosion resistance and other special environment, and use carbon steel screws on the other hand, of course, sometimes in order to look outside, some machinery or equipment will also use a small number of stainless steel screws, but the effect is not the same, what difference. But the stainless steel screw is more expensive than the ordinary screw, so when you choose, you can master it yourself
Q:What's the meaning of the 3 Series 4 series stainless steel wire?
Austenitic stainless steel is marked in figures 200 and 300,Ferritic and martensitic stainless steels are represented in figures of 400 series.
Q:Is the inner and outer joint of the water pipe good with copper or stainless steel?
Choose between these two materials. Use stainless steel as well.
Q:Stainless steel wire drawing faucet, OK?
Now most of the market is copper bibcock, the price is low, very popular, but the cost is low, not environmental protection, lead, long-term use of the human body is certainly harmful, and long-term test rate or choose stainless steel head, reliable. Brushed stainless steel leading beautiful significant level, the price will be high, but also the leading decoration will be a new, or suggest a change in the selection of good quality products, reduce the menace from the rear you can go to find out, Wei Jerome or Bullock America leader, they are in the field of stainless steel professional brand,
Q:Stainless steel wire drawing plate, matte stainless steel is the same
Stainless steel wire drawing generally has several effects: straight silk, snow pattern, nylon pattern. Straight silk is from top to bottom continuous lines, usually fixed wire drawing machine, workpiece before and after movement. Snowflake pattern is the most popular one now. It is made up of a little bit of good points and can be done with insect sandpaper. Nylon lines are composed of different lines, because the soft nylon wheel so rough grinding parts to nylon lines.
Q:Which is good, brushed stainless steel or plain stainless steel?.
Mirror stainless steel is polished and polished on the surface of stainless steel. It looks shiny and bright.

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