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Q:What's the effect of soapy water used to soak stainless steel wire?
If you look carefully, the bubbles will be colorful in the sun. This is because the sun is actually a colorless: seemingly complex light consists of red, orange, yellow, green, green, blue, purple and other seven kinds of monochromatic light, if somewhere in the soap film that two shares of the reflected light offset, in this place can not see the red and blue green. The same way, in the other part, a light has been strengthened, showing is another color. Soap bubbles are made of a thin layer of transparent cellophane, and when the sun shines on the soap film, it reflects both inside and outside.
Q:What stainless steel screws are best?
Selection principle of stainless steel screws:The choice of stainless steel material mainly from the following five aspects to consider.Stainless steel outer six angle bolt1. Requirements for mechanical properties, especially strength, of stainless steel screws;2. Requirements of the working conditions on the corrosion resistance of the material;3, the work temperature on the material's heat resistance (high temperature, strength, oxidation resistance) requirements;4, the production process of material processing performance requirements;
Q:How can stainless steel and copper wire be welded?
If it can be used for brazing, silver based solder solder with high temperature for welding of copper and stainless steel, but this is the need for flame welding, but if it is the relatively thin copper wire should be used with caution, so as not to burn the wire.
Q:What is the difference between the spring stainless steel wire, the fog and the bright surface?
Bright stainless steel wire is usually drawn by cold drawing. The stainless steel wire is made by cold drawing and then treated by chemical passivation, so the price is higher.
Q:The manual work with stainless steel wire to die of
Can the head chamfering screw to threaded down the larger set of wires, plus people eat vinegar, attack it is still relatively good attack, but not to die soon, you don't have to use as sets of silk is very strenuous.
Q:When polyurethane insulation, why should use stainless steel wire or steel band fixed?
When the pipe is cold, the pipe protection layer may have condensed water, and the wire is easy to rust.
Q:What is brushed stainless steel?
Wire drawing is a method of surface treatment of metal materials, the surface of the treated metal material has very fine linear pattern, this kind of grain can be seen, but can not be touched
Q:How to distinguish between 302 stainless steel screws and 304 stainless steel screws?
302 stainless steel and 304 stainless steel are suitable for food processing, storage and transportation. It has good processability and weldability. Plate type heat exchanger, corrugated pipe, household appliances (1, 2 kinds of tableware, kitchen cabinet, indoor pipeline, water heater, boiler, bath), auto parts (windshield wiper, muffler, mold), medical appliances, building materials, chemical, food industry, agriculture, marine parts, millet mobile phone etc.. 304 stainless steel is a nationally recognized food grade stainless steel.
Q:Stainless steel tapping easily broken wire attack, how to do?
In tapping, to tap with people's daily consumption of vinegar, tapping the silk will be quite a lot. In addition, if the tap is not too sharp, do not use it reluctantly, so it is easy to break tap.
Q:What are the advantages and disadvantages of wire drawing stainless steel?
Mirror stainless steel plate making principle is stainless steel plate raw material, with grinding fluid through the polishing equipment in the steel plate surface polishing, make the board surface is smooth and the brightness is as clear as the mirror. Stainless steel mirror panel products are widely used in architectural decoration, elevator decoration, industrial decoration, facilities decoration and other decoration projects.
It is a comprehensive enterprise which specialized in melting of stainless steel, manufacturing of seamless steel pipes/tubes and stainless steel wire rod and sale. Our products mainly contain stainless steel ingot, round steel, tube blank, parcel, finished pipes, wire rod, etc, which are of series 200 and series 300. We have most advanced equipment including 12-Ton intermediate frequency furnace, 15-Ton AOD Vessel, SPECTROMAX desk-top automatic spectrograph and ITON XLTXRF hand held type spectrogragh.

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Location Zhejiang, China
Year Established 2005
Annual Output Value Above US$1.6 million
Main Markets Europe, North America.
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Nearest Port Shanghai
Export Percentage 40%
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Language Spoken: English, Chinese
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Factory Size: Above 5000 square meter
No. of Production Lines Above 6
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Product Price Range Average