Beautiful Scissors with Multi-function and Good Looking

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Beautiful Scissors with Multi-function and Good Looking

Product Specification:

Item No.:S003                                         
Discription:Student Scissors
Size(mm): 133
Material:Stainless steel 2CR14,Blade 1.5mm,PP+TPR handle
Packing:Each pc in a polybag
FOB Port:Tianjin
Sample Time:7 days
Lead Time:40 days after the confirmation of the order
Payment Term:T/T,L/C
Price Validity:30 days

Beautiful Scissors with Multi-function and Good Looking

Beautiful Scissors with Multi-function and Good Looking




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FDA Standard Multifunction Kitchen Scissor

How to Care:

1.Sharpen little and often to retain the sharpness of the blade.

2.Hand washing is advised using warm soapy water and dry with a soft cloth.

3.Handle with care.

4.Cut on wooden or plastic chopping boards to avoid blunting the knife edge.

4.Best stored in a block, on a magnetic knife rack or in a canvas roll where the blades are prevented from knocking against one another and causing damage.

5.Tip are sharp, store out of the reach of children


1. Bandage cutter, nurse scissors, utility shears

2. Quality Baldes for Nursing use and military first aid using

3. Mutli-Function Powerful scssors available to cut Leather, Plastic, Sheet Metal,Wire , Aluminum, Seat Belt, Cloth..etc.

4. Sharp blades with  teeth to be accurately cut and prevent sliding

5. High quality guaranteed    

6. Delivery:   35-50      days    

7. Place of production : China/mainland

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Q:Who knows what kind of scissors special for paper cutting?
The construction of scissors includes: blade, tip, back, off (axis), the five major parts. Each part in the paper cutting different roles: "edge" sharp or not, determined to end paper and paper cutting edge speed uniformity; "tip" decision into the paper direction and line smoothness; back width and sawtooth knife seam thickness; "off" the tightness, decided to cut sharp degree; the shear strength of the size of decision.
Q:How can I cut the curtain hole with scissors?
Are you talking about the hole in the ring at the top of the curtain? First, you draw each point, then fold the cloth diagonally, and use scissors to cut the size of the hole you need
Q:How to teach children to use scissors safely?
The scissors to easily open and close, don't be too blunt blade can not be too, the scissors tip must be round and blunt,
Q:What is paper cutting?
The paper cutting originated from the ancient activities of worshipping ancestors and praying for gods. It was rooted in the extensive and profound Chinese traditional culture. The development history of two thousand years, so that it concentrates the traditional concept of Chinese culture, in its history, and the pottery art, rock art and other art intertwined, humanistic spirit and thoughts with ancient peoples deferred. Become an integral part of the Han traditional culture, is the epitome of traditional beliefs and ethics, but also to observe a nation's folk customs, cultural heritage of the window.
Q:How do you distinguish between the load wall and the scissors wall?
We have some knowledge of mechanics, at least learned physics in high school, bearing wall is the pivot to the floor for structure design, called the support for a floor, in the middle of the plate and bearing force is not the same, which reinforced with, upper and lower are reversed, down walls the floor, no support, terrible consequences. Once the floor cracks appear, they will continue to develop, and the cracks will become bigger and bigger until they break. The actual stress situation will be more complex.
Q:The characteristics of Chinese paper cutting
Paper cutting is a hollowed out art and the most popular folk art, visually giving people a feeling of empty and artistic enjoyment. Its carrier can be paper, gold and silver foil, bark, leaves, cloth, leather, leather and other sheet materials.
Q:What are the structures of the scissors? What are the names of the scissors?
There are many kinds of scissors. The material is mainly alloy steel. It is usually made up of two parts - the thumb controlled moving blade, the ring finger controlled stationary blade, and the two part with a screw.
Q:What about the ratio of the shear bearing capacity of the interlayer to 0.65?
1, the program adjustment: in SATWE adjustment information in the specified number of weak layer "in the floor layer number, the floor force is defined as the weak layer, SATWE in accordance with the provisions of the 1.15 times the floorseismic shear force amplification.2, artificial adjustment: if still need manual intervention, which can improve the strength of this layer components (such as increasing stirrups and wall horizontal distribution reinforcement, improve the strength of concrete or enlarging section) to improve the shear bearing capacity of this layer wall column and anti lateral force components, or appropriate to reduce the shear capacity of the upper floor the wall and column lateral resistant member.
Q:How to cut the wire joint?
First of all, prepare a number of crystal head, crystal head, that is, RJ-45, crystal head in the ordinary computer store can be bought at random, but also not expensive, a 50 fen.
Q:Why do you use scissors to cut your nails? Why do you cut them with nails instead of cutting them?
In simple terms, the shear phenomenon requires shear stress, i.e., there are two opposite directions of stress at one side of the plane. The resultant forces of the external forces used on the two sides of the component (nail) are transverse forces of equal magnitude, opposite directions, and very close lines of action.

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