Stainless Steel Herb Scissors Made in China

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 High Quality Stainless Steel Herb Scissors Made in China



Model NumberCNBM0002








each in a pp bag then 12pcs in a paper box or in according to customer's reqirement.


as your requiremnt.




different colors are available.


Blades of stainless steel 420,handles of ABS.

Sample time

within 5 days after request

Production time

45 days after deposit

Payment terms

T/T with deposit 

Stainless Steel Herb Scissors Made in China

Stainless Steel Herb Scissors Made in China

How to Care:

1.Sharpen little and often to retain the sharpness of the blade.

2.Hand washing is advised using warm soapy water and dry with a soft cloth.

3.Handle with care.

4.Cut on wooden or plastic chopping boards to avoid blunting the knife edge.

4.Best stored in a block, on a magnetic knife rack or in a canvas roll where the blades are prevented from knocking against one another and causing damage.

5.Tip are sharp, store out of the reach of children


Stainless Steel Herb Scissors Made in China

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