100% Right-hand Scissors with Good Quality

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100% Right-and scissors with good quality





Cuticle, Nail

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Stainless Steel

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Right-Handed Scissors



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China (Mainland)

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professional cuticle scissors




pvc box




100% Right-hand Scissors with Good Quality

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100% Right-hand Scissors with Good Quality

sample delivery:100% Right-hand Scissors with Good Quality

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100% Right-hand Scissors with Good Quality

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Q:What's the difference between cut and copy?
Cut is to put your selected information into the clipboard, and then click "copy" and then add one more copy. After cutting, there is no information in the original place.
Q:What are the types of paper cutting?
Some people believe that the classification should be based on the use of paper, which can be divided into:(1): decorative affixed to its substrate for appreciation or increase its beauty of the paper-cut, such as window(2) custom categories: for worship, prayer, a disaster, cowardly evil, poison paper-cut, such as door(3) die type: used for stencil, printing and dyeing of paper cutting, such as embroidered manuscript(4) design class: to increase the beauty of things, or to promote its paper-cut, such as film or television titles
Q:What's the difference between a flat cut for haircut and an ordinary pair of scissors at home?
Two kinds of scissors lever fulcrum is different, scissors open angle, the area is not the same,
Q:What does "heavy cut" mean?
Heavy pruning is mainly used when transplanting big trees. Because of the big tree transplanting, the root is severely damaged, if not the heavy cut, it will cause the root shoot ratio imbalance, moisture and nutrient deficiency will lead to severe late germination, vigor drops, and even cause death of trees. When transplanting big trees, the amount of pruning is usually about 1/2 of the total branches. If the root system is not big, the amount of the branches is about 1/3, the survival rate can be guaranteed.
Q:Method for making paper-cut of Chinese traditional culture
Then, the middle half of the lantern was folded up and down, and we saw that the lantern had been folded into a 1/4 circle, so that we could cut a curve, several broken lines, and the decorative pattern of the lantern mouth would be cut out.
Q:The scissors are stuck with 502 glue. What should I do?
You can use wet hot towels at sticky 502. After ten minutes, the cured 502 will become soft, and then it can be removed. Also, you can drop a drop of 502 in 502 of the place, and 502 of the cured will become soft, so you can remove it with a towel.
Q:What is the number of shear planes in the ordinary bolt problem of steel structures?
Steel bolt is a kind of high strength bolt, and it is also a kind of standard component. Fastening performance is better, used for steel structure, engineering, so that the role of fastening. The general steel structure, steel structure bolt requirements are more than 8.8, and level 10.9, level 12.9, all steel structure high strength bolts, sometimes bolt on steel structure is not required for electroplating, the use of color OK.
Q:Why do you use scissors to cut your nails? Why do you cut them with nails instead of cutting them?
In simple terms, the shear phenomenon requires shear stress, i.e., there are two opposite directions of stress at one side of the plane. The resultant forces of the external forces used on the two sides of the component (nail) are transverse forces of equal magnitude, opposite directions, and very close lines of action.
Q:Mobile phone card you can change calories, cut?
Yes, you can, but try to use a card cutter, mobile phone shop in general, and do not have to spend money
Q:Information about Chinese paper cutting
It is generally popular because of its easy availability, low cost, good effect and wide range of adaptation. It is also suitable for the leisure production of rural women. It can not only be used as a practical tool, but also beautify life. Paper cuts can be seen all over the country, and even different styles and schools have been formed. Paper cutting is not only the aesthetic interest of the masses, and include a deep psychological ethnic society, is one of the most unique folk art China, worthy of particular features of its shape...

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