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Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:Crimping pliers tool J40 poly bag, blister packing, head card, according to customer's requirements.
Delivery Detail:15 - 30 days according to the order


We are professionally producering any plier
Standard: CE, RoHS, Reach, PaHS
Provide OEM & ODM

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:Crimping pliers tool  ploy J40 , blister packing, head card, according to customer's requirements.
Delivery Detail:Within 7-10 days accoeding to the order

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Q:What is the meaning of clamp meter
Clamp ammeters referred to as clamp meter.
Q:What are the main aspects of choosing a steel plate clamp?
In the opening range can be used; three is the point plate direction, that is to consider horizontal hanging or vertical hanging or need to flip the like, do not know you can search for "steel plate clamp, steel lifting clamp mall".
Q:What are the contents and requirements of elevator safety tongs?
Elevator safety gear is in the manipulation of the speed limiter, when the speed exceeds the speed limit of the elevator elevator speed limiter set, or the occurrence of fracture and relaxation in the case of suspension rope, a safety device will car emergency stop and clamped on the guide rail.
Q:Is how to meet? How to welding wire welding clamp?
Handle sleeve wear into the cable holder, loosen the screw angle six. Strip the wire into the electrode holder and tighten the six corners screw.
Q:Can you carry the appliances in the nail clippers by plane?
In accordance with the announcement issued by the General Administration of civil aviation of china:Passengers who take domestic flights are prohibited from carrying liquid goods, but they can be checked in. The packages shall be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the civil aviation transportation.Passengers carrying a small amount of travel cosmetics, each with a limit of cosmetics, its container volume of not more than 100 milliliters, and should be placed in an independent bag, subject to open bottle inspection.
Q:Do not use thread holder to make crystal head
Continue propping cable and crystal head, first use the word play to press the plastic block in the groove of the crystal head, cable will be fixed, and then use another vise (also available hard things will all end flat) the first crystal metal sheet and press until flush with the surface of crystal head, finally a word from one metal pad to press the fixed date, a little attention here, not under the pressure of vertical tilt, press 4 or 5, the two line generally does not use, you can try the handle, then the interval root pressure, do not tilt.
Q:Can you use the same kind of pliers for making wire and telephone lines?
The telephone head and the wire head are two kinds of jointsThe phone is RJ11 crystal head, there are 4 core. The phone line has only two lines, inserted in the middle of the RJ11 phone head, two core, the head on both sides can be made as the same;
Q:Can you bring a train with an old vise or something like that?
No, these are control instruments and are unable to take the train. Better not take the advice.
Q:How to correctly use the Binjiang brand BM822A clamp meter
When the jaw is closed in the measurement, if the noise is closed, the jaw can be opened once again. If the noise is still unable to be removed, the joint surface shall be checked whether it is bright and clean and clean when there is dirt or dirt.
Q:Application and working principle of the clamp current meter
Usually when measuring current with an ordinary ammeter, the circuit needs to be cut off and the ammeter can be switched in to be measured. This is very troublesome, and sometimes the normal running motor is not allowed to do so. At this point, it is much more convenient to use an ammeter to measure current without disconnecting the circuit.

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