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Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:Crimping pliers tool J40 poly bag, blister packing, head card, according to customer's requirements.
Delivery Detail:15 - 30 days according to the order


We are professionally producering any plier
Standard: CE, RoHS, Reach, PaHS
Provide OEM & ODM

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:Crimping pliers tool  ploy J40 , blister packing, head card, according to customer's requirements.
Delivery Detail:Within 7-10 days accoeding to the order

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Q:How many kinds of elevator safety tongs?
Composition of safety tongs:The safety tongs device is composed of two parts: a safety clamp, a control mechanism and a safety clamp body. That is, when the safety tongs mechanism moves, first, touch the electric appliance mechanism to make the elevator safety circuit break and stop the elevator. If the brake stops without legal system, the safety tongs will further move, and make the elevator stop on the guide rail.
Q:How to use the pressure line pliers, which one is broken behind, which is peeling, which is the head of the pressure ah?
The crimping tool consists of three head and two wire mouth, finally there is a shear line with scissors. The pressure head has 8p, 6p, 4P points, 8P is used for pressure cables, 6P is pressed telephone lines, and 4P is used for pressing telephone receiver wires.
Q:How do you measure current with a pliers universal watch?
1 before measuring, should first check whether intact core rubber insulated clamp. The jaw should be clean and free of rust, and there is no obvious gap after closure.2 when measuring, the current should be measured and the proper range should be chosen. If you can't estimate, you can select a larger number of courses, then reduce the number of files to the appropriate gear. When converting the range gear, it must be done in the case of no electricity or under the opening of the jaw so as not to damage the meter.3 measurement, the measured wire should be placed in the middle of the jaw with jaw, face such as noise, should be re opening and closing time, still have the noise, should handle the joint surface, in order to make accurate readings. In addition, not at the same time around the two wires.4 measurement of the electric current is less than 5A, to get more accurate readings, when conditions permit, the wire around a few more laps, into the jaw measurement, the actual current value should be put into the meter reading divided by the number of jaw root wire.
Q:How to measure the AC voltage with digital clamp meter
General clamp ammeters have test voltage function, generally can be measured up to 600V,
Q:How to use a measurement of three phase current
The three-phase current needs to be detected by one phase and one phase. After all, there is a phenomenon of unbalanced three-phase current.
Q:Precautions for steel wire cutters
Never touch, damage, or burn the insulated handle during the use of wire cutters, and be careful of damp proof;
Q:What is a chain wrench?
A chain plate hand, also known as a chain clamp, comprises a clamp handle and a chain hinged at one end with the clamp handle, and the front end of the pliers handle is provided with teeth meshed with the chain
Q:Length of wire pliers?
Wire cutter: it is a tool that breaks a hard thin wire. It has different kinds. It is commonly used in process, industry and life.
Q:What is a water pump pipe wrench?
Pipe wrench: the jaw is forged by high quality carbon steel, and the toughness is excellent. The clamp body is made of ductile iron, and the clamping object is not easy to deform. Special upper and lower occlusal jaws are designed to ensure strong clamping effect.
Q:What's the tool used to bend the line in the distribution box?
The utility model relates to a bending pliers, comprising a handle, an upper jaw and a lower jaw, wherein the utility model is characterized in that the upper jaw is in a cuboid shape, and the lower jaw matches with the bottom part and the side part of the upper jaw;

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