Wholesale Stainless Steel Scissors with Good Quality

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Wholesale Stainless Steel Scissors with Good Quality


 Item name

Wholesale Stainless Steel Scissors with Good Quality

 Item No.CNBM-002
 MaterailStainless steel 
 ColorsAny color 
 Blade styleone blade 
one blade & line cutter
Serrated top edge
SHEARS length3.3"
Overall length 8.4"
 pouchif need webbing pouch pls contact our sales 
 Package1.poly bag and paper box  2.as requested
Advantage1.  Swivel clip attaches directly to BC
2. Locking blade is half serrated
4. Can print LOGO
shipping wayby sea, by air, by express

Wholesale Stainless Steel Scissors with Good Quality

Wholesale Stainless Steel Scissors with Good Quality

1. The scissors isHigh quality & practical,fashion design. Good function make the nail smooth and comfortable.

2. The scissors is convenient to carry.Can be used at home or outdoors.

3. The scissors for clothes cutting , Can give away as bussiness gift. Good for promotion.


Pinking Scissors,Sewing Scissors,Kitchen Scissors,Office Scissors, ,Stationery Scissors, Student Scissors ,Safety Scissors,School Scissors,Household Scissors,Barber Scissors,Tailor Scissors,Hair scissors,garden scissors,herb scissors and so on.

Wholesale Stainless Steel Scissors with Good Quality


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Wholesale Stainless Steel Scissors with Good Quality

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Q:The difference between AI scissors tools and knife tools
The scissors are cut and cut for the smaller ones, such as yarn, cloth, tissue paper and so on. Usually use the knife tip part of normal use, cutting (such as paper, film, wire etc.) carving, RBI is main function. But the knife body is crisp and can not be used out of long blade, and blade hardness and durability (knife in this is the concept of the two) but also because of the blade texture vary. The selection of the handle should also be selected according to the hand type, as well as the grip and gesture, usually with instructions at the back of the package. Also note that, now a lot of knife in order to facilitate the break will do in line process, but these treatments for left-handed people would be dangerous, use should be more careful.
Q:What's the air cut for?
The air shear is made of tough alloy steel blade, suitable for cutting iron sheet, aluminum skin, plastic and so on. Aviation scissors, left elbow, right elbow and straight head. According to the air quality of shearing edge is different, different, I am using the Ingram, and the quality can also be almost Sata
Q:Is sheep's hair firm or soft?
How to grasp the contradiction between softness and firmness is indeed a technical problem, but generally reliable brand-name products are better.Of course, as long as the proper maintenance problems encountered the ball out of the way. Xie Lingshan said, cashmere sweater at the beginning of wear, usually will have a slight pilling, can be gently cut off with scissors, and should not be pulled by hand, so as not to damage the fiber, there is a hole. The manufacturer will spare box with a yarn, such as touch hole or line etc., available spare yarn to manufacturers or store customer service repair service.
Q:How do you prune an orange tree? What season is it trimmed? (
Shaping: that is, trimming the tree shape, resulting in a reasonable shape and tree structure, so that the physical fitness of the tree reasonable use of space, and make full use of light energy. Shaping must be done by pruning and controlling the branches.
Q:The more you use the scissors, the tighter. What do you do?
Attention, 1, the purpose of the pad iron is to put a rivet on the head, if the iron is not thick enough to pad 2, must be empty, or the more knock more tight; 2, can not knock too heavy. Knock on it and try it on. OK, if it doesn't work, knock again.
Q:What does "heavy cut" mean?
Heavy pruning is mainly used when transplanting big trees. Because of the big tree transplanting, the root is severely damaged, if not the heavy cut, it will cause the root shoot ratio imbalance, moisture and nutrient deficiency will lead to severe late germination, vigor drops, and even cause death of trees. When transplanting big trees, the amount of pruning is usually about 1/2 of the total branches. If the root system is not big, the amount of the branches is about 1/3, the survival rate can be guaranteed.
Q:What is the difference between frame shear structure and frame structure?
The frame structure of the mechanical components of beam column, frame shear force structure is beam column and wall frame structure is mainly used in multi-storey buildings, the utility model has the advantages of flexible layout, but the lateral stiffness is small, frame shear wall structure is made up of frame structure defects, good seismic performance, widely used in the high-rise buildings that is the main leadership of the construction industry.
Q:How do I clean scissors glued to both sides of the tape?
Pour some medicated oil or white oil, then can be cleanly removed.
Q:Can you cut your nails for the dog?
The dog's nails are tough, and the last cut should be decisive. Because when the dog finds out that you want to cut your nails, you shrink back. Never use a pair of scissors to hold a fingernail under your dog's paw as it shrinks. It makes him feel very uncomfortable.
Q:How to store medical scissors and forceps?
Can be sterilized with alcohol.

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