Different Sizes Stainless Steel with Rubber Handle Household Scissors

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Product Description:

Different Sizes Stainless Steel with Rubber Handle Household Scissors

Product Description


Different sizes stainless steel with rubber handle household scissors


Stainless steel


Any color is available (as customer request)


Customer Design, OEM welcome




5000 PCS


You can choose tie on card, hangtag, color box, display box, PVC box, Or as your requested


We can send samples before order confirmation for quality reference.





Place of Origin

 China (Mainland)


1) Sharpness, Rustless, Antiwear and comfortable grip

2) Eco-friendly, tasteless, hygienic, harmless for your body

3) Easy to use and have long service life.

4) Anti-oxidant, acid and alkali resistance, and no chemical reactions with the food

5) As Customers' Logo or designs/samples are welcomed.

6) Reasonable direct factory price, high quality & fast delivery.

Different Sizes Stainless Steel with Rubber Handle Household Scissors


*We have good and professional team

*We accept any drawings or your samples to develop new product

*Any small problems will be solved at the most prompt time

*We always offer relative technical support,quick response,all your inquire will be replied within 24 hour

Different Sizes Stainless Steel with Rubber Handle Household Scissors

Packaging & Shipping

Packaging Details: Each pc tied on a card or Each pc with a hang tag, 24pcs in inner box, 96pcs in master carton. Or as your requested.

Delivery Details: 28days after confirming order

Different Sizes Stainless Steel with Rubber Handle Household Scissors

Sample delivery:

Different Sizes Stainless Steel with Rubber Handle Household Scissors

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In simple terms, the shear phenomenon requires shear stress, i.e., there are two opposite directions of stress at one side of the plane. The resultant forces of the external forces used on the two sides of the component (nail) are transverse forces of equal magnitude, opposite directions, and very close lines of action.

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