bathroom SINK ! ceramic pedestal basin

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ceramic pedestal basin washbasin,wash basin with pedestal,CE certificate basin with pedestal

ceramic pedestal basin

1.sink,wash basin pedestal MHP-29

2.HIGH quality,low price

3.CE certificate




Drainage wayS-TRAP





2.FACTORY,IN THE MIDDLE OF CHINA,LOW LABOUR COST,our province have around 94,023,567 people

3.BIG:105,000 square metres ,1200 workers

4.21 years production  experience



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Q:My bathroom bathroom counter pots every time the switch when the ceiling will be issued bang sound is how is it?
It is recommended to keep the total valve a little smaller ~
Q:How do I get rid of the little black bugs near my bathroom sink?
With every day pass, our country is getting into more and more trouble. The inflation, unemployment and falling value of dollar are the main concern for our Government but authorities are just sleeping, they don’t want to face the fact. Media is also involve in it, they are force to stop showing the real economic situation to the people.
Q:How to make my bathroom sink not smell?
take the trap off and remove all the black gunk that I'm sure is in there
Q:What is the difference between the basin and the basin basin faucet
The only difference between the basin and the basin basin faucet is the height, mainly with the corresponding basin.
Q:What is the best way to clear a clog bathroom sink drain?
Most bathroom sinks clog with hair, however kids have a unique way of losing items down the sink. If you have a waste pop-up stop than mostly likely you have a build of hair. To remove the pop-up you have to unscrew the rod keeper just above the trap under the sink and slide the pop-up rod back far enough to be able to pull the stop out. At this point you will find the hair ball most likely hanging from the bottom of the stop. If this doesn't appear to be the problem, place a bowl beneath the waste trap('u' or 's' shaped pipe under sink) and unscrew the connections to visually inspect the trap for small items that may have lodged in the trap. Most likely if your sink fills quickly and drains slowly or doesn't drain at all, than the clog will most likely be in the pipes just under the sink. Goodluck!
Q:What is the maximum size of the basin?
As long as people feel good in which OK ah
Q:best method for updating bathroom sinks?
Im not sure about updating it, but I guess you can remodel it, my parents put tile on there old one and it looks really good..
Q:Toilet pots are white with what color silicone is good
Generally used transparent anti-mildew, can also be used porcelain white.
Q:I would like to ask where to buy this basin sink ah, do not OKorder, because do not want to wait
Hardware store there
Q:Clogged Bathroom Sink! NEED HELP?
you need to run a drain snake into the pipes in the wall to unclog them something like this sounds like your whole drainage system is not draining properly and may be backing up causing the pipes to fill up and get blocked. p-traps under sinks get blocked but pipes in the wall never get blocked unless you have serious drainage issues. you would be surprised the things that end up in pipes, toys, trinkets, paper products, underwear, people flush some strange stuff and at some point it can get stuck and stop proper drainage. assuming you have a regular sewer line and not a septic tank or private sewer system: to check the sewer lines, start by checking your sewer cleanout and run water in there (full pressure open water hose) it should not have water backing up. then flush all the toilets and see if you have good amounts of water flowing by. next to check the drain lines, you need to get on the roof and stick the water hose in each roof vent pipe for a good 5 minutes. run water in there (full pressure open water hose) it should not have water backing up in any sinks or drains and you should see clean clear water running past when looking into the sewer cleanout where the sewer line exits the house. this ensure the drains are clear and any blockage you have would be found between the sink or drain and the pipes in the wall and that can easily be snaked to clear the blockage. if you find your drain lines are blocked, you should have all your main drain and sewer lines cleaned out, it does not cost that much to have it done and lasts for 20-30 years.

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