Balck and Yellow Color Hand Tufted Polyester Shaggy Rug

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Product Description:

Hand Tufted Polyester Shaggy Carpet

Specification of Hand Tufted Polyester Shaggy Carpet :

- 100% Polyester  (1200D Viscose or 150D Viscose)

- Pile weight: 1400-1800G/SQM

- Pile height: 2.5 -7.5cm;

- Grey cottong backing, matching background, grey cotton border;

- 1x20'GP = 1800SQM for various size loading;

- H.S.: 5703300000

Feature of Hand Tufted Polyester Shaggy Carpet :

-  Long pile of 5.5cm brings thick & reliable touch feeling;
-  Luxury & high quality product;

-  Durable & non-shedding;
-  Popular in South American market;
-  Special quality acceptable: different pile length, weight, color etc, make your product different from others & more competetive.

-  OEM is welcome;

Pictures of Hand Tufted Polyester Shaggy Carpet :

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The trick is to flatten the rug out on the floor the opposite direction up, carry the front of the rug the two fringe of the neck beginning. Swing the rug up and over the pony so as that the rug lands the basically right part up. This needs to be finished on the basically right velocity so as that the rug sails over the back of the pony and lands interior the middle... think of of a matador's cape.

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