Backhoe Loader C Wz30-25 heap for Sale

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Product Description:

Backhoe Loader C Wz30-25 heap for Sale

Product Details

Basic Info.

Model NO.:WZ30-25


Type:Small Loader

Usage:Universal Type


Scraper Type:Pull Scraper

Transmission:Power Transmission


Walking Mode:Wheeled

Load and Unload Method:Front Discharge


Engine Power:<74kw

Certification:CE, ISO9001: 2000





Overall Dimension:8000 X2200 X3350 Mm

Overall Weight:9500 Kg


Bucket Capacity:1.0m3

Digger Capacity:0.3 M3


Max. Digging Depth:4400mm

Engine Model:Yc4b90


Wheel Base:2600mm

Dumping Height:2650mm


Engine Rated Speed:2200 R/Min

Dumping Reach:930mm


Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.






Origin:Jiangsu, China

HS Code:84295100


Production Capacity:500 Units/Month

Product Description

 Backhoe Loader in Chinese home, people calls its figure land generally " both ends is busy " .



Cab can be replaced independently,Indoor with a strong air-conditioning system, during hot and cold environment,

Comfortable working, multi-band car radio, mp3 players, car stereo allows you to work more enjoyable.

Easy to operate the hydraulic tank, fuel tank, they are also independently replaceable, and are in low places,


Whole frame

The machine adopts special backhoe loader frame, using the whole welded structure, high strength characteristics.

H-leg straight leg, during mining, crushing, lifting heavy objects, the operator can feel the stability of H-type super straight legs, independent control of left and right legs can make the machine on slopes or rough terrain easily get on the horizontal position.


Working device:

Load-side adopts a unique eight-bar linkage that automatically keep the bucket level when the loading arm lift bucket . According to need, you can also add some attachments, such as a multi-bucket, fork, log grappler and so on.


Travel System:

Travel System adopts hydrostatic drive. Using German technology shift driven front axle.


Hydraulic System:

Main pump adopts Germany Rexroth pump technology, Chinese wellknown enterprises produce the pump.

All excavators adopts open hydraulic system, with good micro performance, and make the operation much stabler,


Power system

It adopts Cummins engine is optional, B3.3T-C80, power is 60 kw.

Model WZ30-25
Overall Dimensions(LXWXH)8000×2200×3350 mm
 Overall Weight 9500kg
 Bucket Capacity 1.0 m3
 Dumping Height 2650mm
 Dumping reach 930 mm
 Digger capacity 0.3 m3
 Max. digging depth 4400 mm
 Engine model YC4B90
 Rated power 65 KW
 Rated speed 2500r/min
 Wheel base 2600 mm
 Tread 1700

Backhoe Loader C Wz30-25 heap for Sale

Backhoe Loader C Wz30-25 heap for Sale

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