Backhoe Loader 630 New Model Hot Sale

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China main port
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11 PCS/month

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Rated Loading Capacity: 7600KG Type: Backhoe Loader

Product Description:

Product Description:



Feature: Backhoe Loader

Condition: New

Model Number: 630

Place of Origin: China (Mainland)

Brand Name: CMAX

Certification: ISO, CE

Warranty: 1 Year

Application: Building, Construction, Industrial


Main Features


1. Equipped with reliable genuine Cummins engine
2. 4 forward & 4 reverse synchromesh mechanical shift transmission
3. Combined seal cylinder obtains high seal performance and more reliability
4. Improved loader and backhoe performance
5. CARRARO wet type rear axle with multi-disc brake& CARRARO front axle
6. New-type cab with more space, increases comfort and visibility
7. With 2 wheel driving or 4 wheel driving for option



Backhoe Loader 630   New Model Hot Sale


Images of Product


Backhoe Loader 630   New Model Hot Sale

Backhoe Loader 630   New Model Hot Sale

Backhoe Loader 630   New Model Hot Sale



Q1: How to control the Backhoe Loader 630?

A1: The control system has two control modes for the user's selection: wireless remote control, and panel control.

Q2: If we can produce some Backhoe Loader 630 according to customers request?

A2: Yes, we can produce Backhoe Loader 630 according to the difference country situations to make it suitable to the market and customers. We have very professional technical team to make the design.



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