Loader ZL15 Payloader With High Quality Shovel Loader

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Loading Port:
China main port
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1 unit
Supply Capability:
50 unit/month

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Product Description:



(1)    With integral frame and box-type structure, it has strong carrying capacity and good stability.

(2)    It has split-type power output and it’s easy for maintenance.

(3)    As it has large turning corners and small turning radius, the machine is more flexible.


Technical Index:


Rated Load Capacity(T)


Max. Bucket Capacity(m3)


Max. Dump Height(mm)      


Max. Breakout force (kn)


Bucket Width (mm)


Min. ground clearance (mm)


Overall Dimension(mm)


Total Weight(kg)


Tyre Type


Engine Model


Rated power (kw)

























Kaida wheel loader is very popular for high quality and best price all over the world. Now we have more than 200 dealers in China mainland and also many dealers oversea, such as Iran, Saudi Arabia, India, the Philippines, Brazil, etc

1.Are you a trader or manufacturer?

We are manufacturer,we have own factory

2.Can you accept OEM or ODM?

Of course,Logo is also acceptable.

3.What is the delivery time?

About 15-20 days after order place.

4.What is your payment methods?

T/T    L/C   Paypal   West Union 

5.What is your order procedure?







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Mountain forest loader, I personally feel good, with a frame hard, big arm up, down fast.
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Can, no problem, we are here for short distance transport reinforced with 50 forklift transport, the premise is you have to place the rope. Steel can not be tilted, long distance, it is better to use a truck, there is no basis, as long as the end of the forklift move on the line
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Q:does the Tippmann 200 Rd. Loader Hopper work for A-5?
Since the A-5 has a Cyclone feed, the loader you get needs to specify either A-5 or Cyclone in the description. A-5 comes with its own loader, anyway, dunno why you'd need a new one unless it was a low profile one.

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